Meanings of the Auspicious Star of David and Their Significance
Meaning of Star of David
Did you ever notice that the Star of David is actually made up of two triangles that are superimposed on each other, resulting in a total of nine geometric figures! The Star of David has a very strong symbolism, specifically with...
A Well-detailed Discussion About the Founder of Judaism
Founder of Judaism
Judaism is one of the oldest religions that mankind has embraced. The story of Judaism is told in the Old Testament, or the Hebrew Bible, and reading this sheds some light on the founder and the origins of Judaism. Through years of...
The Religious Significance of the Wailing Wall in Judaism
Significance of the Wailing Wall in Judaism
The Wailing Wall, revered by millions and a holy site of pilgrimage for people worldwide, has a lot of historic and religious significance. Buzzle explores the various facts of this incredibly sacred place in Judaism.
List of Hebrew Months Along With a Compilation of Compelling Info
Hebrew months
How is the Hebrew calendar structured? Which months does it consist of? Here's a list of Hebrew months and some interesting facts about them.
An Enlightening Post Enumerating the Different Sects of Judaism
Major sects of Judaism
Religion in itself was founded to draw one closer to God. It is a faith that is instilled within us since the time we are born. But the differences in human ideologies led to differences in opinions, which also got reflected in the...
Similarities and Vital Distinctions Between Judaism and Christianity
Judaism vs Christianity
Religion is embedded in the very essence of man. Knowingly or unknowingly, it challenges and redirects every thought and action. Which raises the age-old question, did man make God or did God make man? Nevertheless, here, we'll...
Judaism Symbols and their Meanings
Judaism is one of the oldest religions of the world, and believes that there is only one God. Though there are many aspects to this faith, this Buzzle article discusses some of the main Judaism symbols and their meanings, that play...
Things You Should Know About a Bar Mitzvah
Fact about a Bar Mitzvah
If you've just been invited to a Bar Mitzvah, and you don't know what it is or what to do, this article will tell you about this ancient tradition, and the various aspects associated with it.
Interesting Facts About Judaism
Fact about Jewish belief
Judaism is one of the oldest monotheistic religions in the world. This Buzzle article states some interesting facts related to its history, origin, beliefs, and rituals.
Jewish Holidays 2012
Are you searching for all the Jewish holidays in 2012? Then what are you waiting for? Read the following article to get the information...
Yarmulke History
The yarmulke is a skullcap worn by Jewish men during prayers. Read on to know more about the yarmulke and its historical significance...
Kosher Rules
There exists a set of dietary rules in the Jewish tradition that are expected to be followed by all believers. The following Buzzle article sheds some light on the same.
Moses Maimonides - A Great Thinker
Within the context of the twelfth century and even without, Maimonides's reasoning and broad-mindedness are quite awe-inspiring. Equally respected by Muslims, Christians and Jews, he can be considered a precursor of the Renaissance.