14 Most Famous Statues of Jesus Around the World
Fact about Christ the King statue in Poland
Statues of Jesus Christ can be found all around the world, many of which are considered to be religious sites by the Christian community. However, some of these statues have gained more fame than others. Here are the 14 most famous...
What Does the Lion of Judah Represent? Know the Symbolism
The lion of Judah representation
The Bible is full of characters and symbolism. The Lion of Judah, for example, is an epithet used to refer to Christ.
A Precise Summary of How Lazarus Was Raised from the Dead
Summary of Lazarus Raised from the Dead
Our Lord, Christ Jesus, always said that he who will believe in Him will never perish, but will be granted eternal life. Standing true to His statement, Jesus performed many miracles during his ministry so that people may see for...
A Low-down on the Meaning and Summary of Sermon on the Mount
Meaning of Sermon on the Mount
During His ministry, Jesus taught on various subjects through many parables and sermons, guiding the people of this world to live life in a godly manner. One of His longest and essential sermon is the Sermon on the Mount, which...
Similarities and Differences Between the Egyptian God Horus and Jesus
Difference between the Egyptian God Horus and Jesus
Modern day conspiracy theorists have been linking Jesus to the ancient Egyptian God, Horus. There are many films and books flooding the market supporting their claims. Buzzle historically investigates the similarities and...
The Controversy Behind Jesus and Mary Magdalene Relationship
Fact about Jesus and Mary Magdalene relationship
The 'Grail' legends, the secret 'Prior of Sion' protecting the royal bloodline, the 'Lost Gospels', and the painting of the 'Last Supper' by Leonardo Da Vinci - all have created enough conspiracies and theories regarding the...
Jesus Christ's Family Tree
In His blood line, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, had many amazing personalities from kings to prostitutes, but they were all redeemed from their shame.
The Beatitudes
Jesus Christ the Son of God, the Great Teacher calls some people happy that we wouldn't think of as such, at least at first glance. Read the following article to learn about the Beatitudes, the set of his teachings.
Visit the Holy Land Without Leaving the United States
If you don't have the money or time to make an actual trip to the Holy Land, take heart; all you have to do is go to Florida for the spiritual experience of a lifetime.
The Pumpkin
A simple story of a pumpkin with a deep truth: Jesus Christ is the Core, the Light of Christianity. Without him, the whole Christianity has no sense.
Life on the Inside of the FLDS
We've all been hearing about the trials of the women and children of the Yearning for Zion ranch in Texas, but what exactly are they being "saved" from?
The Faces of Jesus
Kindness, pure love, and mercy, mixed with an accurate judgment and wholesome justice, are features that can all be found in Jesus Christ. How would His face have appeared like?
Lutheran Beliefs and Customs
Often seen as the more liberal cousin of Catholicism, Lutherans have a deep-rooted and historical faith that is all their own.
The Humility of Christ
Christ did not come to this Earth to be served; he came to serve. We are commanded to be like him, which means that we need to start serving others, just like he, the Son of God, did.
The Holiness of Christ
Guiltless and blamelessly innocent, the purity of Christ is the very nature of God: holy, which means to be separated from sin. Read the following article to understand the reasons and facts surrounding it.
Jesus Christ: The Antidote
No human has the perfect solution for a broken heart, or the power to mend a painful wound, nor the power to defeat death. Jesus Christ alone has the power over death and life; he is the antidote for all our sin and pain, and for...