How to Pass a Mouth Swab Drug Test

Mouth swab drug test is one of the most frequently used and trusted drug test. But many a time you may need some guidelines to pass it, specially when it comes to your job or academics. Scroll down to get some tips which may help you to clear such a test.
Sports academies, workplaces, schools, and colleges are nowadays very strict about the intake of drugs. Drug abuse has become very common and a very serious issue in workplaces and schools as well. To keep a check on this issue, institutions and companies use drug tests on people suspected of using drugs. A drug test is done using urine, blood or saliva of the person as a sample. A mouth swab or saliva drug test is one of the most effective and widely used drug tests. If you have recently used any drug and are looking forward for an important interview or a surprise inspection in the school then here we present few tips on how to get out of this problem clean.

Passing a Mouth Swab Drug Test

According to the Federal law, there are certain restrictions and limitations on the consumption of different drugs. To ensure that people follow the law and to find out illegal practices, these drug tests are very necessary. But if you are one of them who is looking for some tips to pass a mouth swab or saliva drug test, then read the following tips.
  • The easiest and safest way to pass a drug test is to stay away from them. Over consumption of drugs is very injurious to health and can be life-threatening. So in order to save yourself from the ill effects of drugs, you should avoid them completely. If you are informed about the date of the drug test then it is better to stop taking them at least 72 hours before the test is performed.
  • Brush your teeth, rinse it and gargle about 7 to 10 times a day. This will wash away the traces of drugs and may show negative results.
  • Poppy seeds in any form may end up giving false positive result. So, avoid them completely before the drug test. If it is a surprise test then make sure to inform the pathologist about your intake of poppy seeds.
  • Breath mints may be helpful in passing the saliva drug test. Just suck on the mints till the time of the test and it will mask the drugs and will not be detected.
  • Chewing ice till the time of the test may help in giving a negative result as it will keep on rinsing the mouth.
  • Rinsing the mouth with hydrogen peroxide may also help.
  • You can also get 'pass drug test kits' in the market which can give you guidelines on how to pass the drug test.
Negatives and Positives of Mouth Swab Drug Test

Though one of the most effective ones, this drug test has few negative points too. The best thing about this test is that it may be conducted any time and you can get the results immediately. The sample taken will have lesser chances of contamination and is capable of giving results for multiple drugs. Now if we talk about the negative points, then one is that it does not show the drugs taken more than 24 to 48 hours before the test. Which means a saliva swab drug test does not help in identifying a drug taken 2 days ago. Apart from this, the results can be very easily modified.

The tips given above have shown good results in most of the cases. But they are not 100% successful. So, it is better to follow the simplest way of passing the drug test by avoiding any kind of drugs. It is foolproof and 100% safe. Say no to drugs.
Last Updated: September 21, 2011
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The peroxide did Not help me. I failed for opiates and for weed. I don't even touch weed! - that girl. [June 22, 2014]
I'm going to take one tomorrow. I smoke green and by the time I take the test it will be real close to 48 hrs I've been brush my teeth/mouth like crazy and rinsing with water as often as I can. I'll let y'all know how it goes to help out. - Greg [June 4, 2014]
I have not smoked for 39 days and drank a ton of cranberry juice,then the job that I was hired for gave me a swab test, does anyone know if I will be ok, and will I pass the test - bill s [May 30, 2014]
I had quit smoking for 39 days, then the job that I applied for gave me a swab test. Will I be ok, will I pass the test? - bill s [May 30, 2014]
I have a mouth swab drug test in two days and I really need this job...I have suboxins and valium in my system I wanna to know wat I could do to pass - john doe [May 6, 2014]
good article it helped me a lot - janek [May 3, 2014]
I passed by rinsing my mouth with (UN-used) cooking oil... swish around mouth 15-20 mins. Rinse (lightly) with water YOU GOOD! (Your spit should be white) - Othello [March 18, 2014]
mouth swabs r easy to pass u can do watever the day before after u do just brush ur teeth real good and mouth wash every day and right before u go in swish some peroxide for a couple min and leave ur mouth real wet keep as much in ur mouth to where its not noticable - john doe [March 2, 2014]
I passed my mouth swab drug test in a 4 day time span of not smoking Mary Jane I was worried at first but I read a bunch of post and I used mouth Wash and brushed every day and it all went well - junior [January 18, 2014]
I hope three days for swab test is long enough - smoky [January 7, 2014]
can mouthwaxh and listerune strips taking it half hour before test work? - derek [December 3, 2013]
I took a mouth swab drug test I didn't no I had to so I went to the bathroom wash my mouth wit soap 3 times chew some candy will I pass I hit the blunt one time at 10:00 took the test at 2:00 will I pass - yj [November 6, 2013]
I took a ocycodone yesterday an i. Had a mouth swab today what is my chances on passing - mckinzee [October 3, 2013]
using can chew gum will it pass a drug test - JEREMY DEARMEN [September 21, 2013]
how can u stay away from them if u live in pain and have little pain tollorance - theresa [August 26, 2013]
Shelly anything with " dine " after the name will Cause a poss result for meth anphedimine over the counter vicks inhaler a stomach med over the counter tagament prilocex an one more will dk the name of it but all will cause a result in meth or stomach med will cause a pos result for maryjane this is from my own experience an my drs dognostics an expertise days the same an testified for this with documentation to show the judge so this may be the prob. For ya good luck on you journery. - social butterfl [August 22, 2013]
Ive taken a sub today an ive also taken a calotyipian yesterday I have a swab test tomorrow for a job. I really need this job not sure if im safe on passin this swab test please help me let me know how to pass this or im homeless - social butterfl [August 22, 2013]
I passed a swab test and used oxycodone 12 hours prior, all i did was brushed my teeth and gums, held water in my mouth for 5 minutes. then I made a rinse with 2 tablespoons of salt and garlic and a half a cup of water and held that in my mouth for 5 minutes, then rinsed my mouth with water. drank 2 cups of coffee, then went and took the test I held the sponge part of the swab in between my teeth, then on the last 5 seconds i placed it in my gums to get a little saliva on it. I believe i lucked out a bit... but I am sure all the processes had something to do with it. - wes [August 2, 2013]
can surejell mask a mouth swab test? - tinker [July 11, 2013]
I have recently tested positive to cocaine, methamphetamine , amphetamine and I have not used cocaine for 5 weeks and the other drugs I have never used? My future with my son depends on this and people don't believe me when I say I'm not using! What can I do ? Why is this happening to me ? - Caz [January 17, 2013]
Shelly I have heard over the counter meds ie. advil excdrine can cause a positive result. Do you know how long it takes to get results from the lab via mouth swab? - myrtle [September 10, 2012]
how long to get results from the lab done with a mouth swab? - myrlte [September 10, 2012]
I was given a mouth swab test and I failed for synthetic
Marijuana. I didn't smoke that or the other. I haven't smoked for over 7
Months. I take celexa I am on methadone and albuteral.
Sometimes I will take a pm med for sleep. I don't know
What it was ie: advil excdrine or another kind. I have been
Clean. And all my meds are prescribed to me by a doctor.
How could I fail while being clean? Do you have any
Thank you much,
- shelley [March 2, 2012]