How to Find a Good Child Modeling Agency

If you believe that your child has the talent and the cherubic face to become a child model, then you should definitely approach a child modeling agency. Unfortunately, with so many modeling agencies out there, it is difficult to find a good one. This article provides some helpful tips to help you find a good child modeling agency.
Tip to find a good child modeling agency
Even though you believe that your child should be a model, ensure that your kid is willing to try it out. No agency wants a pushy stage mom with a wailing kid.
Everyone says that your child is cute and should definitely be a model. If you feel that your child's cherubic face belongs to the billboards and magazine covers, and he/she is a definite head turner, then you should try to find a good modeling agency that will help your child find fame and recognition in the modeling world.

You might see the potential of the cute face that makes people go "Awww", but it is only with the help of a modeling agency that your kid can make a mark in the modeling industry. They not only give the child the right kind of exposure, but also help him or her get the desired fame and success. Unfortunately, not all agencies are out there to help, but rather thrive on conning eager and gullible parents. Hence, to find a good agency, you need to keep the following tips in mind.

Tips for Finding a Child Modeling Agency

Check Reputation of the Agency

The first thing to do is to check the website of the agency, and if you can, do try to gain reviews or feedback from parents whose children are in the industry. A reputable agency should be a registered company with a company number that should be listed on the website. When you ask for information, you should be presented with detailed information about the agency that you would want to know. This will include information about how they plan to represent your child, the costs involved, and the agency's terms and conditions.

Don't fall for "agencies" that approach you on the street and coffee shops. No reputable child modeling agency would do that, and avoid any "promotional" agency who promise to get you in touch with a good child modeling agency. With a little research, you should be able to do that without the need of a promotional agency. Moreover, no good agency have anything to do with such fake "promotional agencies".

Request a List of Current and Past Models

A list of the current and past models that have worked with the agency will help you evaluate the kind of work the agency has done. Information about the child models and their client list can provide an insight into reach and credibility of the modeling agency in the market. A good child modeling agency will have a regular influx of clients who need child models.


If your child is going to be modeling a lot, then you will have a full-time job of ferrying him/her around. Therefore, it is a good idea to find a good local agency with local modeling contracts rather than find an agency located so far away that traveling back and forth makes the child tired and unenthusiastic about work.

Check the Agency Commission

All genuine and reputable child modeling agencies earn their money by the way of commission. They usually charge a percentage of the model's earnings. Check the contract to ensure that the commission charged falls within the normal range, which is around ten to fifteen percent. Do read the fine print about payments, termination clauses, and length of contract before signing with the agency. You can take professional and legal advice before signing the contract.

Many agencies ask for a payment upfront without the child having done any work for them. Although this is not acceptable in the adult modeling industry, it seems to be quite common to charge 'membership' fee or 'administration' fee in the child modeling industry. However, if you are wary of paying upfront fees, then choose an agency that does not charge fees to have child models on their books.

It is a good idea to avoid agencies that ask you to pay for professional shots of the child. Most agencies require only two or three color snapshots of your child, and you do not need fancy photos of the child.

Check the Better Business Bureau Records

Better Business Bureau is a non-profit organization started in 1912 that is committed to finding and reviewing businesses, brands, and charities. While shortlisting the agencies, you can check on the BBB website to find out reviews of the agency in question and whether it is recommended by BBB.

Training and Guidance

Yes, your child looks adorable, but most modeling agencies want more than just looks. The child should have the temperament to handle the assigned task. Even if your child has the talent and skills for the job, he/she needs to be trained. Proper grooming and personalized training can help your child work better at the assignment.

Most child models are required for advertising for store catalogs, commercials, or for editorial work. It is important that the agency you choose is able to find the right assignment for the child. Some great child modeling agencies include Ford Modeling (New York: Kids) and Wilhelmina Models (Kids & Teens). However, there are many other genuine modeling agencies that you can find in your local area.
Published: December 17, 2013
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