How to Choose the Right Soap Dispenser

Tired of using traditional soap in your restroom? It is time you switched to savvy soap dispensers. Know what to look for in a soap dispenser through this Buzzle article.
Choosing the right soap dispenser
Must Know
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend liquid soap to be dispensed by a hand or foot pump because bacteria from one person can accumulate on a bar of soap and spread to someone else.

When it comes to personal hygiene, it is always better not to take chances. So to say, using soap dispensers is a better option than using traditional soap bars in public restrooms and washbasins. What about your home then? Well, you can obviously invest in a liquid soap dispenser even for your home to maintain healthy habits.

Soap dispensers are devices that when triggered yields a fixed amount of soap. They come in a variety of styles, colors, and designs, the most popular being the pump container that comes along with liquid soaps. Soap dispensers are refillable and can be made of either plastic, glass, ceramic, or metal. Outlined below are useful tips to choose a soap dispenser.

Types of Dispensers
The popular types of soap dispensers include manual dispensers, automatic dispensers, and pump dispensers. Manual dispensers can either have a pedal or a push button to release the liquid soap. In comparison, automatic dispensers come equipped with sensors that trigger the device, which, in turn, dispense the soap. The pump variety, however, is the most common manual style of pump that is widely used.

Automatic Soap Dispenser
Automatic Soap Dispenser
Manual Soap Dispenser
Manual Soap Dispenser
Pump Soap Dispenser
Pump Soap Dispenser

Material Concerns
While plastic dispensers are the cheapest and most popular style used, you will find containers made from ceramic, glass, and steel. Choose a dispenser to match with the bathroom décor, and also pay attention to the ones who would be using it. To be on the safe side, choose plastics or metal body dispensers for your children's room, while you can opt for a glass or ceramic one for the master bedroom.

The two prominent styles of soap dispensers include wall-mounted or counter-mounted models. Electronic or automatic models are generally wall-mounted, thus, leaving your counter space free. Manually operated models, however, can be either fixed to the wall using brackets or rings, or can be made to stand by themselves on the counter. Some manual-operated soap dispensers can also be hung with the help of a nail or a hook to allow ease of access.

Foam Vs. Liquid Dispensers
You can choose between foam and liquid soap dispensers. The only point that separates one from the other is the fact that foam dispensers have dual pumps that when triggered move both soap and air together to form lather.

Swivel Dispensers
You can choose between the above-mentioned types of soap dispensers or go in for the swivel dispenser. One of the older means of soap dispensing, swivel dispensers are fitted to the wall with a container holding the liquid, which when turned, releases the soap solution.

Weigh Your Options
While manual pumps are eco-friendly, do not consume electricity, and are convenient to use, automatic dispensers with its no-touch feature make a hygienic choice. Besides, both the main types of dispensers are just as easy to set up and clean on a regular basis. However, you would have to keep changing the batteries for the automatic variety to keep it in a working condition.

Price Concerns
You would rather opt for pump-operated dispensers instead of the automatic varieties if you are concerned about the price of this bathroom utility. Automatic dispensers, however, are suitable in high-traffic areas and for those who would like to make a definite style statement in their bathroom.

Best Bet

• Bradley 6315-00 Hands Free Touchless Soap Dispenser
• Bobrick B-2112 Stainless Steel Surface-Mounted Soap Dispenser
• Gojo GOJ 2740-12 TFX Touch Free Soap Dispenser
• Cuisipro Foam Pump Chrome
Published: December 20, 2013
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