You must have heard of "Lilo and Stitch", the little rambunctious duo created by Walt Disney Pictures. Lilo was a little girl from Hawaii who unwittingly adopted Stitch, who was actually an illegal genetic experiment of an evil scientist Dr. Jumba Jookiba in a far away world. Lilo and Stitch develop an unbreakable bond and meet many adventures along the way. They have won over our hearts with their mischief and sent the message of 'Ohana', the Hawaiian belief that family extends far beyond immediate relatives. This heartwarming movie has been shot in the beautiful Hawaiian backdrop.

Most of us have pets with whom we have developed a bond just like the bond between Lilo and Stitch. We can feel the warmth and beauty of Hawaii through Hawaiian pet names and recreate a similar bond between our pet and ourselves, similar to that shared by Lilo and Stitch. This article will help you choose names that will be different and unique from other popular pet names. The following table will cover these names and their meanings and will help you choose the perfect one for your faithful friend.

List of Names Meaning
Aloha A word used as a greeting for both 'hello' and 'goodbye'
Dano Name of a character in the Hawaii 5-0 series
Duke Named after the Duke Kahanamoko, one of the first Hawaiian royalty
Fleur Rhymes with flower
Honolulu Name of a city in Hawaii
Hula Hawaiian Dance
Aka Shadow
Akamai Smart
Akamu Red earth
Akela Wisdom
Alamea Precious
Alani Orange tree or fruit
Alana Awakening, offering
Alaula Light of daybreak
Alemana Warrior
Aliikai Queen of the sea
Analu Manly
Asera Lucky
Bane Long awaited child
Edega Wealthy
Eleu Alert and lively
Eneki Avid, eager
Etana Strong
Hae Fond remembrance
Hanai Adopt, lucky
Hiwa Choice or jet black
Hiwakea Black and White
Hoku Star
Iniki Hawaiian Hurricane
Inoki Devoted
Ipo Sweetheart, lover, darling
Iolana Soaring Hawk
Kalea Bright
Kalina Variant of Karen
Kona Lady
Koa Brave, fearless
Keanu Cool, mountain breeze
LeiLani Heavenly flower
Lilo Generous One
Loni Sky
Malia Calm
Malo Winner
Mano Passionate lover, shark
Miki Quick, nimble
Nani Beautiful
Nalu Ocean waves
Nana Name of star and a spring month
Nui Important, great
Okalani Heaven
Ole Fang
Palilia Bird
Pekelo Stone
Polo Fat, thick plump
Pilikea Trouble
Ulani Heavenly Inspiration
Waha Nui Big mouth
Wailana Calm waters
Weuweu Fluffy

These are just a few beautiful pet names and meanings that will help you choose one that suits your pet. You will find many more interesting Hawaiian pet names over the Internet and in many Hawaiian books. These names will always resonate with the feelings of happiness and beauty, tranquility and serenity. They will also signify the bond between the inseparable companions, Lilo and Stitch, and remind you to take good pet care. Just as Lilo and Stitch believed in 'Ohana', you too follow this ideology and make your pet your faithful and most trusted friend ever.