Little-Known Scientific Facts About Hallucinations in the Elderly
Treatment for hallucinations in the elderly
Hallucinations in the elderly occur due to several conditions ranging from dementia and delirium to side-effects of medication that are administered to treat infections.
Various Causes of Hallucinations While Sleeping and How to Treat It
Hallucinations while sleeping
Hallucinations could be caused due to a wide range of reasons. The following write-up explains why some people may suffer from hallucinations during sleep.
Traumatizing Facts About Hallucinations at Night
Hallucinations at night
Hallucinations at night are very scary to deal with. They can be traumatizing for the patient and for the family members too. Hallucinations while sleeping are a kind of sleep disorder which is also known as parasomnia. They can be...
Side Effects of Morning Glory Seeds You Must Know
Side effects of morning glory seeds
To experience a hallucinogenic effect, hundreds of morning glory seeds need to be consumed. This can lead to serious health conditions. This Buzzle article presents a list of side effects of eating these seeds.
Sleep Paralysis Hallucinations
Sleep paralysis hallucinations are hallucinations that occur when a person feels that he/she is immobilized in a semi-awake condition. Read on to understand the causes, symptoms, and treatment of this condition.
Tactile Hallucinations
One of the least known types of hallucination, tactile hallucination is the one wherein person's sense of touch comes into play. As you go through this write-up, you will get well-versed with the details of the same.
Auditory Hallucinations
Auditory hallucination in simple terms is the perception of sound in the absence of auditory stimulation. It is one of the most common form of hallucination. In this article we are going to discuss auditory hallucination in short.
Hypnagogic Hallucinations
Hypnagogic hallucinations are vivid sensations that involve visual, auditory or tactile experiences that occur when a person is trying to fall asleep or about to wake up. Let us go into the details of hypnagogia in the following...
Causes of Hallucinations
Having hallucinations or witnessing someone who has them is not a very mundane or normal thing. It can be quite scary, in fact. This article will talk about some of the hallucination causes.
Hallucinations Vs. Delusions
Even though most people believe otherwise, the fact is that hallucination and delusion are two different concepts. Going through some differences between the two will help you get a clear picture.
As the name suggests, hallucinogens cause people to hallucinate - to hear and see things that are not there, or are distorted. Here is some information on these psychoactive drugs.
How to Care For a Person Who Experiences Hallucinations
A hallucination is a sensory perception of non-existent events. The person who is hallucinating can see, hear, taste, smell, or feel something that is not real and is only a figment of his or her imagination. Further, the mind is...