A Brief Explanation of the Importance of Cori Cycle in Metabolism
Cori cycle process
The Cori cycle is an important metabolic process that helps our bodies produce the additional amount of energy required by the muscles to perform grueling activity. This Buzzle post provides a brief explanation about the Cori cycle.
Products of Glycolysis
Products of glycolysis
Glycolysis is the breakdown of glucose at the cellular level for energy-generating metabolic reactions. This article discusses the products of this process, which play an important part in body metabolism.
Lactic Acid Fermentation
Fermentation of lactic acid is a common cellular process, which takes place in many bacteria, yeast, and human muscle cells. This article provides information about lactic acid production, and how it helps to provide energy.
Glycolysis Steps
Glycolysis is the process of glucose breakdown at a cellular level. In this article, we explain every stage in this biochemical process, which is a part of cellular respiration. Going through the ten steps will give you an insight...
Anaerobic Glycolysis
All living organisms need energy to perform various functions. This energy is obtained by a process known as glycolysis. Scroll down to acquaint yourself with the process of anaerobic glycolysis.