Funny and cute picture of baby kittens
"It's so cute, I want to eat it!"

Scientific studies tell us that seeing something cute brings out a sense of aggression in humans. The next time you want to squeeze a chubby baby's cheeks or crush your pet dog with a big hug, you know where it's coming from.
Imagine a tiny little being with a big head, looking at you with large, innocent eyes. How can your heart not melt? Baby animals have always had that irresistible appeal to humans; come to think of it, it is probably how domestication of animals actually started.

I, for once, have never been able to resist the charms of these cute-as-a-button babies, with all their furry/feathery helplessness. One look at the following pictures, and you'll be floored as well.

*Click on the images for an enlarged view.

Funny Pictures of Kittens

Yawning kittenKittens in a basket

Fat Persian kittenCute kitten looking up

Party hat kittenCute serval kitten

Blue eyed kittenCute kitten on a towel

Newborn kitten

Kitten on feathersMarching kittens

Cute kittens huggingCutest black kittenSurprised kitten

Cute Pictures of Puppies

Beagle and Bulldog puppiesCute Labrador puppies

Dalmatian puppySurprised puppyRetriever puppies

Funny pug puppyPuppies in a basket

Five cute puppiesLazy puppy

Puppy making puppy eyesNewborn puppyMaltese puppy

Havanese puppies

Boston Terrier puppySweet Morkie puppy

Sweet Pictures of Chicks and Ducks

Baby chickensCute chicks

Colorful chickensFat chickenWhite chickens

Cute ducklingMarching duckling

Beautiful ducklings

Angry yellow chickSweet little yellow chick

Adorable Pictures of Bunnies

Rabbit in a boxRabbit in a palm

Sandy rabbit

Rabbits with a puppyChocolate bunnyShy rabbit

Sandy bunny wearing bow tie

Gray rabbit with chickenSad brown bunny

Two cute bunniesParty hat bunnyBunny on a bicycle

Gray bunny with strawberryScared little rabbit

Sweet Baby Owl Pictures

Cute tawny owletCute tan owlet

Cute gray owletFat gray owlet

Cute spotted owletOwlets on a branch

Cute owlet peeking outOwlet on a perch

Lovely Pictures of Little Rodents

Guinea pigCute squirrel

Little mouseCute hamster

Chubby guinea pigCute guinea pigs in a box

Peruvian guinea pigTiny white mouse

Cute Pictures of Big Cats

Wild cat kittenLion cubs

Cheetah cubs

Jaguar cubsTiger cub

Funny Pictures of Farm Animals

Cute lambFunny goat

Funny lambs walkingCute piglet

Piglet on a fence

Cute pig snortingCute piglets lazing on grass

Pictures of Baby Elephants

Baby elephant curling his trunkBaby elephant eating

Dancing baby elephant

Cute infant elephantMuddy baby elephant

Funny Pictures of Monkeys

Baby orangutan hangingFunny monkey poses

Whistling chimpanzeeFunny orangutan

Cute Pictures of Pandas

Baby panda eatingCute baby panda

Baby panda lounging

Baby panda sleepingStaring baby panda

Adorable Pictures of Other Animals

Sweet koalaBaby deer

Cute penguin chickFurry baby seal

Cute Fennec foxPygmy slow loris

If looking at these made you want to bear hug your pet, by all means do so. But do remember to be gentle. If you don't have a pet, we'd really recommend you get one right away.