The best way to keep yourself healthy is to have a healthy diet. It's not necessary that your healthy diet is bound to have the same fruits and vegetables all round the year. Every season has its own specialties. Although nowadays, we can get any fruit or vegetable throughout the year, but these are either stored or hybrid ones, which are not as tasty and nutritious as they are supposed to be. This is the reason why people should be aware of types of fruits and vegetables in season at different times of the year. Always get your produce fresh from the market instead of getting them in a canned or preserved form. You can observe the differences with your own eyes. The fact is that once you pluck something from its plant, it starts losing its nutritional value. Hence it becomes very necessary to eat the vegetables as fresh as you can to get maximum nutrition and taste.

Seasonal Produce

Every plant grows in a particular environment which is favorable for its growth, hence they are found only in that season which provides those conditions. The four seasons are, spring (March, April, and May), summer (June, July, and August), autumn (September, October, and November) and winter (December, January, and February).

Spring (March, April and May)

Vegetables Fruits
Asparagus Apricots
Radishes Avocado
Cucumber Fennel
Potatoes Celeriac
Sorrel Asparagus
Spring Greens Collards
Savoy Cabbage Jackfruit
Cauliflower Artichoke
Watercress Mango
Purple Sprouting Broccoli Strawberries
Spring Onion Rhubarb
Spinach Pineapple
Peas ~

Summer (June, July and August)

Vegetables Fruits
Aubergine Blackberries
Broccoli Raspberries
Broad Beans Blueberries
Garlic Peaches
Fennel Plums
Lettuce and Salad Leaves Watermelon
Radishes Currants - black, white, and red
Green Beans Loganberries
Cucumber Strawberries
Salad Onions Tayberries
New potatoes Cherries
Fresh Peas Fig
Courgettes Grapes
Runner Beans Apple
Beetroot Cantaloupes
Carrots Gooseberries
Tomatoes Jackfruit
Watercress Lychee
Sorrel ~
Corn ~
Zucchini ~
Eggplant ~
Okra ~

Autumn (September, October and November)

Vegetables Fruits
Beetroot Apples
Fennel Damsons
Marrow Elderberries
Lettuce Blackberries
Pumpkin Pears
Sorrel Plums
Squashes Quince
Tomatoes Sloes
Potatoes Pomegranate
Mushrooms Figs
Carrot Grapes
Celeriac Guava
Sweet corn Cape Gooseberries
Watercress Cranberries
Leeks Persimmons
Rocket ~
Broccoli ~
Cabbage ~
Cauliflower ~
Chilies ~
Garlic ~
Spinach ~

Winter (December, January and February)

Vegetables Fruits
Brussels Sprouts Apple
Beetroot Pears
Celeriac Kiwifruit
Cauliflower Orange
Cabbage Lemon
Kale Grapefruit
Artichoke Papaya
Fennel Cranberries
Chicory ~
Potatoes ~
Parsnips ~
Leeks ~
Red Cabbage ~
Turnips ~
Swede ~
Radish ~
Carrot ~

Fruits and Vegetables Available All Round the Year
Vegetables Fruits
Cabbage Banana
Mushroom Coconut
Broccoli Papaya
Carrot Apple
Onion Avocados
Potatoes ~

Benefits of Seasonal Foods

From this list you can make out the variety of seasonal foods available in the market. All these should be included in your daily diet according to the time of the year. Every particular item in the list holds its own importance in terms of nutrition and taste. Following are some of the benefits of having seasonal foods.
  • Researches have proved that these foods are more nutritious than the canned, frozen, or preserved versions.
  • It is more juicy, and tastier than the hybrid or preserved varieties.
  • As they are easily available in the market, you can get them fresh and at a comparatively low price.
  • The vitamin C content in the fresh food is higher as compared to a preserved food.
  • The fruits are fresh, hence, they reduce the risk of many infections which are caused due to the preservatives used in the canned and processed food.
  • Fresh foods have antioxidants which can prevent us from many diseases
  • You can get a variety of produce in every season which keeps the menu new and interesting and will help your body to get nutrition as well.
Mother nature can take care of us more than any machine or technology invented in this world. The more you switch to the fruits and vegetables in season, more healthier you will become. So, eat smart and have a healthy life.