Aztec baby boy name
Did You Know?
The Aztecs got their name from the Westerners who named them after the place that they lived in during the twelfth century - Aztlan. They used to originally refer to themselves as Mexica, which is where the name "Mexico" originated from.
The term "Aztec" refers to the peoples belonging to the ethnic groups of Central Mexico, especially the ones who spoke the Nahuatl language, during the 14th to 16th century. Today, the language is spoken by 1.5% of the Mexican population, mostly in the mountainous areas of Central Mexico. Due to the quest of choosing a unique name for one's baby, Aztec names are gaining rapid popularity. And these names are indeed unique. Not only do these names sound different, they also have a very unique meaning attached to them, which makes them even more special.
Name Meaning
Achcauhtli Leader
Ahuiliztli Joy
Amoxtli Shelter
Atl Water
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Name Meaning
Chicahua Strong
Chimalli Protective shield
Cipatli Crocodile
Citlali Star
Cualli Good
Cuetlachtli A wolf
Name Meaning
Ehecatl A wind serpent
Eleuia Wish
Etalpalli Wing
Eztli Blood
Name Meaning
Huitzilli A hummingbird
Name Meaning
Iccauhtli One's younger brother
Ichtaca A well-hidden secret
Iconoyotl Friendship
Ihuicatl The Sky
Itotia Dance
Iuitl A feather
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Name Meaning
Mahuizoh A cheerful and glorious person
Manauia To defend oneself
Matlalihuitl A blue-green feather
Mazatl Deer
Moyolehuani The enamored one
Name Meaning
Nahuatl The Nahuatl language
Namacuix A King
Nelli The truth
Nochehuatl Someone who is consistent
Name Meaning
Ohtli Road
Ollin Movement
Name Meaning
Patli Medicine
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Name Meaning
Quauhtli An eagle
Quetzalcoatl Mythological Name for God of sky
Name Meaning
Teoxihuitl Precious and divine
Tlanextic Light of dawn
Tlexictli Fire
Tochtli A rabbit
Tonauac One who possesses light
Name Meaning
Ueman Venerable time
Uetzcayotl The essence of light
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Name Meaning
Xihuitl A comet
Xipil A noble fire
Xipilli Jeweled prince
Xochipilli A flower prince
Name Meaning
Yaotl A brave warrior
Yayauhqui A black smoking mirror
Yolotli Heart
Yolyamanitzin Someone who is considerate
Name Meaning
Zipactonal Harmonic light
Zolin Quail
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