Aztec name for your baby girl
Quick Fact
According to an analysis of ancient Nahuatl names that was performed by Bob McCaa of the University of Minnesota, the top five Aztec names for girls are:
» Teyacapan
» Tlaco
» Teicuih
» Necahual
» Xoco
The Aztecs were native American people who were predominant in northern Mexico during the early 16th century. They are believed to have originated from Aztlan, somewhere in the north of modern Mexico. The Aztecs had their own language called 'Nahuatl', which was a form of pictorial writing. Nowadays, there is a popular trend among parents to give unique names to their kids. Aztec names qualify as being unique since Nahuatl is an agglutinative language, which means, very long words can be formed by adding many different kinds of affixes to a root. This characteristic makes Aztec names a popular choice of uncommon names, especially for baby girls.
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Name Meaning
Amoxtli Book
Anacaona Golden flower
Atl Water
Atzi The rain
Name Meaning
Centehua Only one
Chalchiuitl Jade
Chicomecoatl Seventh serpent
Chimalma Shield-bearer
Cihuaton Little woman
Citlali Star
Citlalmina Shooting Star
Coszcatl Jewel
Cozamalotl Rainbow
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Name Meaning
Eleuia Wish
Eloxochitl Magnolia
Eréndira The one who smiles
Name Meaning
Ichtaca Secret
Itotia Dance
Itzcali House of beauty
Iuitl A feather
Ixcatzin Like cotton
Ixchel Mayan goddess of the earth, moon, and medicine, meaning "rainbow lady."
Izel Unique
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Name Meaning
Malinalxochitl Grass flower
Metztli Goddess of night
Miyaoaxochitl Maize tassel flower
Mizquixaual Mesquite face paint
Name Meaning
Necahual Survivor
Nelli The Truth
Nenetl Doll
Noxochicoztli My necklace of flowers
Name Meaning
Ohtli Road
Name Meaning
Papan Flag
Patli Medicine
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Name Meaning
Quetzalxochitl Queen
Name Meaning
Teiuc Second-born
Tepin Little one
Teuicui/Teicuih Younger sister
Teyacapan First-born
Tiegan Little princess in the big valley
Tlaco Middle-born
Tlacotl Osier twig
Tlalli Earth
Tlazohtzin One who
is loved
Tonalnan Mother of light
Tozi Aztec goddess of healing and sweet water
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Name Meaning
Xilonen Hairy one
Xiloxoch Calliandra
Xitllali Goddess of the moon
Xiuhtonal Precious light
Xochicotzin Little necklace of flowers
Xochiquetzal Most beautiful flower
Xochiyotl Heart of a gentle flower
Xoco Youngest sister
Xocoyotl The younger one/youngest child
Name Meaning
Yaretzi You will always be loved
Yolihuani Source of life
Yoltzin Small heart
Yoloxochitl Flower of the heart
Name Meaning
Zeltzin Delicate
Zyanya Always; forever
Before you pick an Aztec name for your girl child, try to know the correct pronunciation and meaning of the same.