Problem and solution for Apple iPhone 5s
Blockbuster Weekend!
According to figures released by Apple, the company sold more than 6.95 million iPhone 5s units in its opening weekend.
Apple's iPhone is now part of legend because of its trend-setting design, impeccable build quality, superior hardware, and fantastic software implementation. The latest in the line of the iPhone series, the 5s, takes the legacy of its predecessors forward without getting overshadowed by their momentous achievements. In fact, the iPhone 5s sets the benchmark really high for all upcoming Apple phones and smartphones from other manufacturers. The phone reintroduced the long-lost fingerprint sensor to mobile phones. Such has been its success that all manufacturers have followed its lead, and they have plans to introduce the feature in their latest flagships. Apple calls it 'forward thinking', and the phone sure brings in some fantastic features and has set the tone for future models.

But this mighty knight wearing a beautiful aluminum shield is not without chinks in its armor. The 5s has its own set of problems, but the good news here is that most of these can be fixed rather easily. The others which cannot be fixed at home will require a quick visit to the Apple Store. Here's a look at some of the most common problems with the iPhone 5s and their fixes.

My iPhone reboots automatically/The phone does not respond and shows a blue screen.

Probable cause: Software issues

Possible solution:
» Keep your apps updated to work with iOS7.

» Do not leave apps running in the background. Exit the app and then hit the Home button.

» Turn off iCloud sync for iWork apps. Follow this path
Settings > iCloud > Documents & Data > turn off Pages, Keynote, and Numbers.

» If the problems persists, contact Apple customer service, or take your phone to an Apple iStore.

Touch ID is not working for iTunes purchases.

Probable cause: Software issues

Possible solution:
» Update to the latest firmware for your iPhone. Follow this path
Settings > General > Software Update

My iPhone's battery drains out quickly./My iPhone tends to heat up.

Probable cause: Faulty app/hardware issue

Possible solution:
» Using iTunes, take a backup of your iPhone. Restore the data. Install apps one at a time to single out the app that might be causing the heating on your phone. You could also use apps like System Activity Monitor to help you with this.

» If the problem persists, contact Apple customer service, or take your phone to an Apple iStore.

My iPhone's microphone is not working.

Probable cause: Hardware issues

Possible solution:
» Make sure the microphone is not covered by any protective film or screen guard.

» If the problem is only with a certain app, ensure that the app in question has permission to use the microphone. Follow this path to make sure
Settings > Privacy > Microphone

» If you are using a case for your iPhone, try removing it and use the microphone.

» If the problems persists, contact Apple customer service, or take your phone to an Apple iStore.

My iPhone rattles each time I shake it.

Probable cause: Hardware issues

Possible solution:
» Take the phone along to an Apple iStore. If your iPhone's battery is loose, the issue can be resolved easily.

My iPhone's sensors are not functioning properly.

Probable cause: Software/hardware issues

Possible solution:
» Upgrade your iPhone to the latest available firmware.

» Take your phone along to an Apple iStore and have it checked.

These few teething problems aside, the iPhone 5s is making waves in the market and is selling like hotcakes. With these few fixes in mind, the iPhone 5s is all set to be the apple of your eye. Cheers.