Causes of Overpopulation

Overpopulation is one of the most serious threats to mankind. It's high time we identify what's causing it and take concrete steps to stop the overgrowth of population.
Causes of overpopulation
By definition, overpopulation is a condition where the number of organisms exceeds the carrying capacity of their habitat. The world population has crossed 7 billion and we are having to deal with the adverse effects of this excessive growth. Overpopulation leads to scarcity of resources and economic inflation. The day is not far when we won't be left with sufficient resources to meet life's basic needs. Overpopulation is a serious issue, more serious than it seems to be. To nip it in the bud, we need to understand its root causes. The main factors contributing to excessive growth of population are:
  • Increased birth rate
  • Increased longevity
  • Reduced infant mortality
  • Decreased death rate
  • Lack of education
  • Cultural influences
  • Immigration/Emigration
Another reason behind growth in human population is that there is no particular breeding season in human beings. They can mate and have children any time of the year, unlike other animals whose mating season is restricted to only a particular period of the year. Also, developments in the medical field have increased the average lifespan of human beings, thereby boosting population growth. Let's take a closer look at the different causes of overpopulation.

Decline in the Death Rate: Reduced mortality rate is one of the leading causes of overpopulation. Due to medical advancements, many of the once incurable diseases have cures today. Owing to advances in both preventive and curative medicine, diseases have either been eradicated or have more effective treatments now. There are effective ways to control epidemics and there are better measures to treat critical health ailments, thus leading to a drop in death rates. Developments in medicine have led to reduced mortality and increase in the average life expectancy of humans. Infant mortality rates are very low and cases of deaths during childbirth are less frequent. Good prenatal care has improved the chances of survival for both the mother and the baby.

Rise in the Birth Rate: Once again owing to advances in medicine, the average birth rate has gone up. Due to various fertility treatments available today, there are effective solutions to infertility problems, which increases chances of conception. Due to modern medicine, pregnancies are safer. In case of conception after a fertility treatment, there are chances of a multiple pregnancy, further contributing to increasing birth rates. In addition to this, there is a social pressure to have children. This further contributes to overpopulation. Early marriages also contribute to population growth as getting married at an early age increases the chances of having more children. And especially so with the uneducated class where family planning is not adopted.

Lack of Education: Illiteracy is another important factor that contributes to overpopulation. Those lacking education fail to understand the need to curb population growth. Modern methods of birth control and family planning don't reach the illiterate sections of society. Furthermore, due to lack of awareness there is resistance in adopting such methods. The illiterate are unable to understand what impact overpopulation can have. The educated class can make more responsible decisions about marriage and childbirth. Thus education is an effective tool to curb overpopulation.

Cultural Influences: The concept of birth control is not widely accepted. Adopting birth control measures is considered taboo in certain cultures. Some cultures foster beliefs where marrying at a certain age or having a certain number of children is considered to be ideal. In some cultures male children are preferred. This indirectly forces couples to produce children till a child of the preferred gender is conceived. Plus, there is a pressure from the family and society to have children. Social norms influence decisions of starting and extending one's family. In cultures where a woman's role is considered to be that of a child-bearer, large families become the norm.

Migration: Immigration is a problem in some parts of the world. If the inhabitants of various countries migrate to a particular part of the world and settle in that region, the area has to face the negative effects of overpopulation. If the rates of emigration from and immigration to a country do not match, it results in increased population density in that country. The area becomes thickly populated. People inhabiting the area experience scarcity of resources. This leads to uneven distribution of natural resources which is a direct consequence of overpopulation. Though migration of people between regions does not affect the world population figure, it does lead to something that can qualify as localized overpopulation.

Increase in population is an increase in the number of human resources which means more working hands. But we cannot ignore the fact that an increase in the number of producers implies an increase in the number of consumers too. We need to strike a balance between population growth and resource consumption. Resources are limited, population growth needs to be controlled. We need to take steps, now.
Last Updated: July 11, 2012
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Overpopulation is a serious probem that our country is facing today. In india the number of people overpowers the resources. We face a lot of problems. to meet the needs of ever growing population millions and millions of trees are cut every year and there is a shortage of fresh air, as trees help to purify the air as a result our environment gets polluted. Many birds and animals extinct due to the loss of habitat,the forests.We suffer a lot!
So we should help to overcome the problem and protect our environment and also protect ourselves bcoz if there is no environment there are no human beings
- Pooja Shah [June 7, 2011]
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About a year and a half ago Science Daily noted that overpopulation was the biggest threat to our world. Global warming was second. Obviously overpopulation increases the use of the irreplaceable natural resources; increases the waste and pollutants that affect our air, water and land; reduces the amount of water for drinking and farming; reduces the amount of arable land available for each person; increases famines and poverty; and increases illegal immigration to escape these problems. Uninformed people criticize Malthus, but what he said is true. His Britain is a net importer of food today. For skeptics, rather than saying that the facts are not true and hoping you are right, it would be wise to look at the evidence and criticize it with evidence rather than with hope. I suggest that you read Book 1, especially the sections on skeptics, in "In Search of Utopia" It is authoritative, documented, and free.
- ProfBob [April 22, 2011]
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By definition, overpopulation is the condition where the number of organisms exceeds the carrying capacity of their habitat. We are facing the effects of overpopulation in our daily lives. Overpopulation has impacted the life of common man and has proved to be one of the gravest difficulties that have to be fought. Overpopulation implies scarcity of resources and economic inflation; these are the monsters which can make life miserable. Living through the negative effects of overpopulation have made us realize serious problems associated with it. It is high time we wake up and find the causes of overpopulation and work on them - dhruv mathur [March 1, 2011]
If this keeps up, this planet will become a giant wasteland. Like Mars or worse. - Die human race [February 16, 2011]
Wouldn't it be ironic that the human race self destroyed itsel for reproducing too much?

It is happening here, and now. Humans do not adapt to their environment, humans adapt the environment for their twisted needs of survival. We are like a virus, destroying our ecosystem until there is no more, and then we move to, another country or ecosystem to it. Every human being needs enough terrain to cultivate and be independent, but is that space available?

The answer is NO! And if we do not do something, we will all going to suffer, and it will be too late!
- Mr. X [February 16, 2011]
Another factor of overpopulation is welfare. Welfare should have limitations so that the baby making machines that are the welfare leeches stop overpopulating us with criminals and lazy, useless human Check the overpopulation solutions of this website and read the comments. - Welfare [February 16, 2011]
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BUT before we swallow the little red pill thats prescribed by the Medicare Panel maybe we should debate the truth about fertility in the world, close the gaps in this Link and study the rates around the world , w w w .cia. gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/rankorder/2127rank. html , what countries are REALLY Needing a reality Check about population sustainability before we forfeit our right to FREEDOM of Choice , FREEDOM period , just because of the Agenda that seems to be lacking in evidence that America is over populating the world !
If we had immigration law enforcement in the USA we would have zero Population growth so the capitalist self reliance model that the USA uses for its Economic system is working great , as the fertility charts and Census reports show .
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I find in reading those sites that say that population problems are a myth that their evidence is very sparse and inconclusive. Recently I read Book 1 of the free e-book series "In Search of Utopia" (, it blasts their lack of evidence relative to their calling overpopulation a myth. The book, actually the last half of the book, takes on the skeptics in global warming, overpopulation, lack of fresh water, lack of food, and other areas where people deny the evidence. I strongly suggest that anyone wanting to see the whole picture read the book, at least the last half. - ProfBob [July 6, 2010]
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S.Henderson makes some good points. We need to get at the root of the problem. I agree with Derrick Jensen when he wrote in Endgame about Civilized humans deifying themselves, seeing themselves as gods having domain over all the cosmos. This creates a separation from reality placing Civilized humans at top, as we try our best to impose this worldview onto non-civilized humans. The things you mention are symptoms of this worldview: Modern Med= Immortal gods. Even science subscribes to this worldview. If anyone is interested in understanding the causes of the Human-god complex read Columbus and other Cannibals by Jack D. Forbes. And to anyone who believes Over-population is not a problem: Whenever a species that has dwindled down to a population small enough for them to decide they should place them on some extinction list, they (civilized people) often take them off that list as soon as they see the population go up a few measly thousand… Yet here we are over 7 billion. Almost all civilized people own cars, we require food, that food often comes from factory farms- more land, malls, roads, factories, landfills, houses, cities, airports… As the population grows so do our conflicts, our problems, the stress of traffic, finding jobs, walking down the street… In this case, Less would be more. Less people would mean a higher quality of life for those living, as tribal peoples used to enjoy until civilization comes along. Civilization is another symptom of the god-worldview, but it’s getting very top-heavy and will topple soon. The sooner the better. By no means am I saying tribal life is utopia, just the other day I saw on the news something about witch doctors in some tribe telling people to kill albinos so they can get their magical powers… But is that very different then a civilized person killing another civilized person for money? Civilized people like to think our ways are so much better and lead to less suffering, but tell that to the animals on extinction lists, the tribes we force off their lands, cancer patients, people driven insane by the stress of living in civilization, anyone killed so that corporations can thrive… Most people hate their jobs and are Wage Slaves. Again Henderson made some good points and so do you, but population is not the root of this, it’s a symptom. I suggest you read Endgame by Derrick Jensen. - T Bolha [October 9, 2009]
it's just because of knowing the birth control method. - Mark [October 8, 2009]
I think one of the most important factors that have led to overpopulation is over excessive food production. The world is constantly producing food to feed drastically more than what our population needs -yet there are stil starving people all over the bizarre. As long as people have food, as long as they can maintain this basic need, they can continue to populate the earth and will continue to do so. - Evon [October 1, 2009]
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when the population will continue to grow, certainly we will be facing more demands of foods and products. i think if that happens, there will be possibility that our necessities will also be facing extinction. - nica [June 30, 2009]
I choose to not have kids so I am doing my part to control overpopulation. - Pablo Diablo [June 19, 2009]
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This article has one thing right. Overpopulation is the gravest difficulty we now face. As for the rest, it is completely contradictory and is merely referring to the the drastic increase in the RATE of growth for the total global population. Advances in medicine and standards of living in the last 150 years are the cause of sudden, MASSIVE population expansion. This does not allow for the fact that since the advent of totalitarian agriculture, some 12,000 years ago, and the accompanying culture in which almost all of us now are part of, population growth has increased steadily, unceasingly and exponentially, except for the years of the Black Plague, which caused a very slight and short lived dip in the growth curve. I am so tired of reading short sighted articles that deny the truth - the human population has been increasing for thousands of years, almost without stopping, and we need to find the cause of THAT and solve it, now, today. Lack of education? Come ON! Seriously? Do you really believe that the majority of people in the 1600's were better educated than us? How on Earth then, did they manage to keep their populations from growing as fast as it has in the last FORTY years, given that their level of education and access to family planning (er, that's ZERO access) were so much less developed than ours? Perhaps you will attempt to explain this away by trotting out the old standby, high death rates. But then, the populations of the poorest nations on the planet (I assume that's who you are referring to when you mention the 'ignorant, unable to understand, 'illiterate lot of the world') should be doing just fine, given that AIDS is ravaging these suffering nations like no other disease of our time? One final gripe that I simply must mention - this article also makes it sound as though we have somehow cured people of death! All we have succeeded in doing is improving longevity and creating aging populations - as wonderful as a long life is, it is not the cause of overpopulation. Overall a pathetic article; guaranteed to spread misinformation, confusion, xenophobia and apportion blame where none is necessary. - S Henderson [April 14, 2009]
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Over population: Exposing the Myth

Kenya population 37.9m
Japan population: 127.3m
UK population: 60.9m

Kenya total land: 569,250 sq km
Japan total land: 374,744 sq km
UK total land: 241,590 sq km

Kenya population density 59 people per square km
Japan population density: 339 people per square km
UK population density: 246 people per square km

With the highest population density Japans GDP is twice that of the UK and Kenya put together. If Japan’s population were to drop to that of Kenya could it maintain its economic strength? In which country are the people most likely to suffer from lack of the basic necessities of life and which have the highest standard of living? Which country has the highest and lowest literacy rating? Note also that while most of Japan is impenetrable mountain the UK and Kenya are to a larger extent undulating plains or fertile valleys.

Exposing the myth of overpopulation will challenge the most literate and educated among us. It will demand of you a more investigative and analytical mind which will not just accept and echo perceived notions but will ask questions of those who put forward these ideas. Who is putting it forward? What are their objectives? Who is it directed at and what are the outcomes? Which of my three nations has active policies to increase or decrease their population?
- Tambo Mkutengo [August 3, 2008]
The biggest disaster that humans face now,is the out of control human population,that will destroy the very fabric of the human civilization.The earth has its limits to what it can provide,and this population that reaps that demand from the earth has stepped over that line of an irriversible disaster that now no one can stop,due to the arrogance of the world system,that is driven by money.
Theirs only one answer to the saviour of our exsistence.To abolish the monatary system,and to replace it with a system,where the world will be united as one.The monartary system,segragates people.A system of unity will intergrate people that will be in harmony with the surroundings.
- Bob Giles [July 29, 2008]