10 Best Zombie Books Ever Written That'll Scare the Eff Out of You
4 Best zombie novels
Zombies have always been popular among horror lovers. The dead coming back to life is a concept that has been used and abused many times. However, not everyone does it as good as the writers that are listed in this Buzzle article....
Rohonc Codex: The Baffling Mystery of the Historical Book
Rohonc Codex - the historical mystery book
Rohonc Codex is a book which literally cannot be read, at least till now! Confused? Read this Buzzle write-up to find out why.
10 of the Most Engaging Books That are Sure to Make You Cry
Books that made us cry
Those who enjoy reading, consider books to be their friends. True friends that make us happy, and at times, also make us shed tears. For now, here's a collection of some outstanding tomes, bound to make you misty-eyed.
The Best Parenting Books That All New Parents Must Read
Must-read parenting books for new parents
To-be parents have so much to look forward to―dirty diapers, squeals of sorrow and joy, gurgling, and that oh-so-heavenly baby smell. There's nothing as immaculate as a mother's love, as she creates within her a life that is...
World's Best-selling Books of All Time are Simply Excellent
Best-selling books
There are so many books in the world that are simply waiting to be read. As Frank Zappa rightly said, "So many books, so little time". So grab a copy of the genre that interests you and give it a read today! If the world...
The Most Engrossing Classics That Every Book Lover Should Read
Italo Calvino quote on classic books
Books not only make you a well-read person, but are also an excellent source of entertainment. There are so many good classic books, covering various genres like romance, suspense, horror, fiction, science, travel, etc. Here is a...
87 Creatively Appealing Name Suggestions for Your Book Club
Creative name suggestions for your book club
So, you and your friends have come together to form a book club. The very first thing in line would obviously be to find an apt and appealing name for your book club.
8 Unique Feelings All Book Lovers Can Completely Relate To
Feelings of a book lover
Curling with a book needs no reason nor season. Now, if this is your moto of life, then you fall in the shrinking group of people who love their books.
8 Exciting Fantasy Books That are Similar to 'A Game of Thrones'
Books similar to 'A Game of Thrones'
For the fans of the Game of Thrones books, life is but a long wait for the release of the next installment. Hope springs in the form of George R. R. Martin; though he's nowhere close to publishing his next, he is telling you what...
10 Books That You Won't Believe Actually Predicted the Future
Books that predicted the future
They say, "truth is stranger than fiction", but we take your pardon to disbelieve it. We have presented a list of 10 amazing books that predicted future events with unerring precision.
10 Best Fantasy Books of All Time for Every Dreamer Out There
Best fantasy books
Do you like reading about wizards and dragons or lands far, far away? If you do, here are some of the best fantasy titles of all time.
List of Top 10 Books By Enid Blyton We All Just Loved as Kids
Top books by Enid Blyton
Who doesn't remember being all hooked up to the Famous Five series as kids! Enid Blyton is undoubtedly one of the most favorite authors among children. Buzzle features some of her most notable work.
Smart, Witty, and Helpful Discussion Questions for Book Clubs
Sample discussion questions for book club meetings
The only way to better a reading experience is to share it with someone like-minded. Book clubs help you do just that. Here are some interesting questions to discuss at your next book club outing.
10 Best Books to Read When You're Going Through a Breakup
Best books to read while going through a breakup
Single again? Relax in your favorite chair and comfort yourself with a good book that will help you get back to "being yourself". Here are a few books to read when you're going through a breakup.
The Best Sci-Fi Books of All Time
Best Sci-Fi books
Science fiction books have, throughout history, enthralled its readers. They make one of the best things to indulge in at any age. Here is an account of some of the best science fiction books ever written.
Must Read Books
Great books to read
"A man, apart from doing his normal work, should also have a hobby of reading books!" This is a small review on some of the must read books of all time.
14 Books Every Entrepreneur Must Read
Books entrepreneurs must read
However skilled an entrepreneur might be, he always needs to learn something new, and this vast expanse of knowledge is provided by renowned books on entrepreneurship. The Buzzle article below enlists 14 books every entrepreneur...
10 Books That are Banned By Governments
Books banned by governments
Books always enlighten us by giving information, but sometimes, they do more harm than intended, and get expelled in the process. Here is a list of books banned by governments, and the reasons for the stamp-down on them.
14 Books with Mysterious Endings
Books with mysterious endings
Thrill, mystery, surprise, and suspense are the key ingredients of books with puzzling terminus. This Buzzle article enlists some books with mysterious endings. You must read them for their engaging content and inscrutable closing.
20 Best Books For 10-year-old Boys
Best books for 10-year-old boys
A book is a man's best companion. Reading as a habit, if inculcated at an early age, helps improve vocabulary and also fuels the imagination. This Buzzle article enlists 20 best books that are great reads for your 10-year-old boy.
Summary of N. Scott Momaday's 'The Way to Rainy Mountain'
Summary of N. Scott Momaday's 'The Way to Rainy Mountain'
Tracing back his heritage to its roots, N. Scott Momaday provides a thought-provoking account of the history of the Kiowa tribe in his book, 'The Way to Rainy Mountain'. This Buzzle article provides a summary of this piece of...
Summary of Jared Diamond's 'Guns, Germs, and Steel'
Summary of Jared Diamond's 'Guns, Germs, and Steel'
Scientist Jared Diamond in his Pulitzer and Aventis-prize winning book, Guns, Germs, and Steel decrypts seemingly cryptic questions about civilizations and continents. Through this summary, we discuss Diamond's viewpoint of...
A Complete List of Books by Robert Kiyosaki
List of books by Robert Kiyosaki
If you have been seeking financial advice that can take you miles, it is time that you get the right advice from the right person. Robert Kiyosaki, the father of the Rich Dad Poor Dad series, has written amply on this subject. Read...
10 Books Similar to The Fault in Our Stars
Books similar to The Fault in Our Stars
The Fault in Our Stars is one of this generation's finest examples of young adult fiction, and with the release of its movie adaptation recently, it has only gained more popularity. Join Buzzle as we explore other interesting reads...
The 17 Best Medical Mystery Books Ever Written
Best medical mystery books
With so many gripping, thrilling, goosebumps-inducing stories to choose from, how does one decide which are the best medical mystery books of all time? We, at Buzzle, have listed out what we are certain, unquestionably must-reads.
List of Lauren Conrad Books in the Order of Release
Lauren Conrad books
When a stylish and sassy reality star gives a firsthand account of the Hollywood life, complete with gossip and glittery stardom letting the readers get hooked onto the world of fame, a glam read is born. One such individual who...
List of 10 Best Books to Read about Greek Mythology
Best books about Greek mythology
The characters, stories, lessons, and themes of Greek mythology have molded art and literature for over thousands of years now. Scroll below to find out the best Greek mythology books to read.
List of Kathy Reichs Books in Chronological Order
Kathy Reichs books
Kathy Reichs is a famous American crime writer, forensic anthropologist, and an academic. She writes two main novel series: Temperance Brennan and Virals. Buzzle provides you with a complete list of Kathy Reichs books in order of...
List of Books Written by Robert Crais
Books by Robert Crais
Robert Crais is an ace crime-fiction author credited with creating the unconventional private-eye characters Elvis Cole/Joe Pike, who are the central characters in a series of detective novels. This Buzzle article enlists the list...
List of James Patterson Books in Chronological Order
List of James Patterson books
James Patterson is an American writer, and is popular for his novels on crime and science fiction. Refer to some of his most popular series and some stand-alone novels from the James Patterson book list provided by Buzzle in this...
List of Books in 'A Song of Ice and Fire' Series in Chronological Order
List of books in 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series
George R.R. Martin, best known for his 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series of fantasy novels, has enthralled readers all over the world with a story that depicts human lust for power and the butchering that follows. This Buzzle article...
List of Best John Green Books to Read
Best John Green books
When one talks about bestselling author John Green, the first thing to come up would be 'The Fault in Our Stars'. Most of his books are well-loved by readers everywhere. This Buzzle article gives you a list of the best John Green...
List of Harlan Coben Books in Order
Harlan Coben books
Harlan Coben is the author behind the highly successful Myron Bolitar thrillers. This Buzzle article brings you a list of Harlan Coben books in the order of their release.
10 Recommended Dean Koontz Books to Read
Top Dean Koontz books
Dean Koontz is probably one of the best writers of his time. With so many page-turner novels to his credit, no further introduction is really needed. This Buzzle article lists the top 10 books by Dean Koontz, which are must-reads...
A Complete List of C. S. Lewis Books in Chronological Order
C. S. Lewis books in chronological order
When you hear the name C. S. Lewis, the first thing to pop into your head will probably be 'Narnia!'. Yes, he is the famous author of this much-loved series of books and movies. This Buzzle article provides a list of all the books...
List of Nicholas Sparks Books in Chronological Order
Nicholas Sparks books in chronological order
Reading Nicholas Sparks is falling in love all over again, or rediscovering it. The magic his books ignite seldom misses to grip his readers. Here's a list of his books in chronological order for you to enjoy them from start to...
List of Ayn Rand Books in Chronological Order
Ayn Rand books in chronological order
An author and philosopher who was always shrouded in controversy, Ayn Rand never deterred from getting her point across to the masses through her written and spoken words. A chronological list of her work should help readers gain a...
List of Sherlock Holmes Novels and Books in Chronological Order
List of Sherlock Holmes novels in chronological order
Sherlock Holmes is a world-famous fictional detective. His cases have gained countless fans, and still remains popular. Here is a list of all the titles written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in the Sherlock Holmes book series.
A List of Popular Iyanla Vanzant Books
List of Iyanla Vanzant books
Iyanla Vanzant's body of work spans over three decades that includes many books, CDs, television appearances, and radio performances. Buzzle presents a list of popular books by this truly inspiring person.
List of John Grisham Books in Chronological Order
List of John Grisham books in chronological order
As the undisputed master of legal thrillers, John Grisham has been among America's favorite writer for over two decades. This Buzzle article compiles a list of best-selling John Grisham books in chronological order.
List of Zecharia Sitchin Books in Chronological Order
List of Zecharia Sitchin books
Zecharia Sitchin is known for his extensive research about human-alien connections, and the series of seven books that resulted from it. This Buzzle article features the list of Zecharia Sitchin's books in the order of their year...
A Complete List of Jack Reacher Books in Order
Jack Reacher books in order
This fictional character has won the hearts of millions of people all across the globe with his superhuman-yet-believable qualities and his advanced fighting skills and military intelligence. If you have been wanting to read about...
List of Daniel Silva Books in Chronological Order
List of Daniel Silva books
One of the most intriguing writers of all time, Daniel Silva has about 16 books to his name. But they have to be read in a certain order to derive the best out of his work.
Best Wine Books for Beginners
Best wine books for beginners
If you've ever tried to understand the world of wines, you know how intensely complex it is. Wine experts across the globe, with the intention of simplifying this subject for us, have brought forth various guides. Let's take a look.
Great Books to Read Aloud to Kids
Books to read aloud to kids
Reading aloud to kids is one of the best ways to increase their vocabulary, introduce them to new things, and get them hooked on to books. This Buzzle article provides a great list of books for kids that they are sure to enjoy.
Best Coffee Table Books of All Time
Coffee table books
Enjoying a cup of coffee with a nice book is one of the most relaxing things to do. There are many books and magazines that can be read in such situations, some of which are mentioned in this write-up.
Books to Read Before they Become Movies
Must read Catching Fire
We may have gone gaga over The Great Gatsby's cinematic outing earlier this summer, but it is time we moved on to other literary treasures that await their big-screen release. Buzzle brings you a lineup of the books that are a...
Best Selling Nonfiction Books
Nonfiction Bestsellers
The best nonfiction books that are making it big on the bestsellers list are those that you need to be stacking up on for a lazy day of reading, or when on the move. You'll find some great reads here, that you wouldn't want to miss...
Famous Books
Famous books
Did you know that the Harry Potter series is the most read fictional book series in the world? We tell you which other books are as famous as the one that feature 'the boy who lived'.
Most Popular Business Books for Women
Business books for women
Sometimes even the best businesswomen in the world need some advice on business matters, and it is essential that the advice should be taken from a source which is reliable and informative. In such instances, popular business books...
Famous Short Stories
Famous short stories
Short stories are much loved by people of all ages and there are some famous short stories that have enthralled people of all ages. Here we are going to give you a list of the most loved and well-known short stories.
Best Thriller Books of all Time
Best thriller books of all time
The best thriller books of all time are those that keep you on the edge of your seat, biting on your nails as you progress from one page to the next, and ready to have a second go at it once you read it from cover to cover. Find...
Must Read Books of All Time
Must read books
Check out these must read books of all time, brimming over with mind stimulating stories, with books that will keep you coming back for more...
Books You Must Have in Your Library
Books you should have in your library
If you are building and working on a new library in your home, here are some books you must absolutely have in your library. There are many things you need to take into consideration while preparing this list of books. Know more...
Spectacular Books You Should Definitely Read Before You Die
Making a list of books to read before you die is can be very exciting. There have been some great pieces written by brilliant authors. This article names some of the most celebrated books of all time.
Best Books for Young Adults to Embrace the Long Journey of Life
Quality books are those that enrich adults with imagination, creativity, and some doses of wisdom. Nothing compares to the joy of reading, when it comes to avid readers. This write-up provides information on books that young adults...
Lesser-known Interesting Facts About Interactive Books for Children
The following article will shed more light on the topic 'Interactive Children's Books' and will get into a little more detail of the subjects that surround it. Read to know more.
Best Vampire Books That Will Virtually Suck Up Your Blood
Vampire novels are all the rage today, thanks to the popularity of Twilight. However, the best vampire books had already captured the imagination of the literary world before the aforementioned vampire romance series had the...
The Best-selling Books Meant Especially for Young Adults
Which are the most popular books for young adults? Take a look at the list of timeless classics that have been popular among young readers.
Excellent Books That Everyone Should Read at Least Once
Whether you are an avid reader or an occasional reader, there are a few books that you should just not miss. The following article will cover a list of such books that everyone should read at least once in their lifetime.
Vampire Books for Young Adults to Discover a World of Fantasies
Vampire fiction has gained immense popularity among the young generation readers, since the publication of the Twilight series. If you are looking for some interesting picks in this genre, Buzzle offers you some valuable...
10 Brilliant Books That Will Unbelievably Change Your Life Forever
Reading the title of this article, you might think this is a summary of ten self-help or philosophy books. Well, most of the books on the list do belong to the self-help genre, however, there are also books from other genres that...
Fun, Emotions, Twists - The 100 Best Books That Have Got Everything
The following article contains a list of 100 most popular and best books of all time written by noted writers from around the world.
Impressive Recommendations for You to Own a Successful Book Club
Book clubs are getting more and more famous in the last couple of years. The following article give you some book club recommendations for that great 'book clubbing' experience.
Really Good Books That are Meant for Women to Read
Reading is one of the best pass times ever, and here, in this article, we will tell you about some good books for women to read. Go through the list and you can decide which one you'll be reading next!
Most Influential Books That are Simply a Source of Inspiration
This article provides a list of the most influential books - if it's inspiration that you lack, then look no further.
Take a Break From Reality With These Best-selling Fiction Books
People love to read fiction. Knowing the fiction bestsellers will help you to decide which books to read.
How to Sell Your Book Like a Pro to Different Types of Audiences
If the question of selling your book intrigues you, then in this Buzzle article, I have discussed ways and means to do it, by utilizing the least of your financial resources. Keep reading to know more...
Essential Tips That You Should Follow for Library Shelving
For those of you looking to start a library of your own, these library shelving tips should help you get started in organizing well-maintained rows of books.
Do You Know the Best Ways to Sell Your Used Textbooks? Find Out
The shipment of used textbooks to a distant book depot, for the purpose of selling, is processed on the day of arrival. This ensures that payment is prompt and timely, to meet your needs. Here's more...
Check Out the Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Book Online
Simple words written in a format that pleases the soul of the reader, is what the essence of a book is. It brings to the fore tears, smiles, and fears. Books have found a place for themselves even on the Internet. Here is what you...
Ever Wondered Which are the Most Difficult Books Ever Written?
It is common to judge the difficulty of a book by how easy or hard the sentences are to understand. However, if you're the type of person that knows how to read that type of sentence, you might find that a notoriously difficult...
Good Books on Frugal Living That Surely Deserve to Be Read Once
Frugal living is essential for families so as to manage their income. There are various books that show ways to avoid wastage of resources. Scroll down to learn about some good books on frugal living.
Good Books to Read That You'll Never Get Out of Your Head
Reading a good book is joy forever! If you are looking for some interesting and all-time popular books, here is a list, with some brief information, that will be helpful to you.
Best Books of All Time
If you are planning to go on a reading spree, why not read some of the best books of all time? In here is a handpicked list of fiction and non-fiction books that are waiting to be explored.
Must-have Psychology Books for Beginners
I'll be honest: not all the books I mentioned are exciting. But they provide a wide insight on what you will be doing when you start off your education in psych. As you eventually decide whether you want to concentrate on...
Best Books on Metaphysics
There is frankly no end of the list of best books on metaphysics. But instead of focusing on quantity, you should choose a few books and read them to grasp their ideas. So which books are the best read on metaphysics? Keep reading...
How to Get a Book Published
Not many people think about getting a book published, but the fact that it is an effective way to reach out to the people, does imply that it is worth giving a shot.
Books to Read in 2012
The books to read in 2012 will have you engrossed and indulging your mind in some of the most well thought out, and written books released thus far...
Great Fiction for Young Adult Readers
Sometimes it's hard to find great books for your teenager. Here are some ideas to get your teen reading.
Types of Book Genres
Any real reading aficionado will know that there is a multitude to choose from when it comes to the various book categories. For those who don't know all about it, today you can take a look at what they are.
Books to Read to Babies
Experienced parents and children's doctors all know the importance of reading to babies and toddlers. There are many benefits of doing so, and there are a number of great baby books to pick from, for this very purpose. In this...
Best Book Series
There have been many book series till date. But only a few can be considered as the best book series of all time. In the following article, we are trying to find those book series that have made a world of difference to many...
Good Books to Read for Teenage Girls
There's just so much choice out there as far as books are concerned that getting confused about the same is pretty natural. It can be a very, very daunting task to choose the kind of books to read. Let's help you out a little and...
Top 10 Books to Read
Most of us pick up the habit of reading at an early age. However, we miss out on reading some of the books that have made a difference to the world at large in humdrum of routine. But, here are is a list of top 10 books that one...
Good Books for Teenagers to Read
What to read, what not to read. There's just too much of a choice out there. Maybe a little help then? In this following piece, I'll be taking you through some of the best books that teenagers can read and come to love.
Top 10 Books of All Time
If you plan to spend your weekend reading books, why not improve your creative side by reading the top 10 books of all time. Read this article which gives you a list for the same.
Greatest Books Ever Written
Have you missed out on literary treasure by not reading some brilliant books? This article gives you a subjective list of the 100 most brilliant books written till date so that you can grab a copy of the ones you have missed.
Good Books for Men
If you are looking for great books that men will enjoy, then go through the following article and find some interesting literature for men, both young and old.
Top 10 Books Every Man Should Read
Whether self-help or best-selling, these top books for men make for a great addition to the library or a collection. Check them out!
Top 10 Books for Young Adults
Have you been on the lookout for the top 10 books for young adults? This article is meant for you. Take a look at what are the best picks...
I Ching Hexagrams: Interpretation and Meaning
The I Ching can be a powerful source of helpful advice on how to understand and cope with any situation that you faces in your life. However, in order to get the most out of an I Ching reading, it is important for the correct...
Best-selling Authors
Looking for a list of best-selling authors? Look no further. This article will give you a comprehensive overview of the writers that made it.
Classic Books for Kids
It is good to instill the habit of reading in kids, right from their childhood. Of course, it's not easy; however, you can begin with the classic books especially meant for them. Read the following article to find out the best ones...
Good Books to Read for College Students
The college library is a sea of knowledge and swimming about in the waves of words can be a difficult task. If you want to know about some good books to read for college students, then here are some suggested reads that I have...
Vampire Books for Kids
Wondering which are the good vampire books for kids so that you can keep up with your kids when they're rambling on about how awesome vampires are? This article will give you just that!
Top 10 Best Selling Books of All Time
It is no wonder that a list of top 10 best selling books of all time will receive a grand welcome from books lovers. This article provides a list of these books at a glance.
These are the Best-selling Books Meant Specially for Children
Right since childhood, we listen to many stories from children's books which we never forget. Go ahead and refresh your memories with a list of a few of the well-known children's books, mentioned in the coming up article.
Watch a Book Character Come Alive! List of Books Made Into Movies
For all those who love to watch movies based on books, and want to know about the popular books that have been made into movies, this article has some information related to it.
Agatha Christie Books
For all those Agatha Christie maniacs, here is a complete list of the books authored by her for you to refer to whenever you go on a book shopping spree.
Books Bound in Human Flesh Offer a Unique Glimpse Into History
A few libraries and private collections in the United States contain books bound in leather. But it would be strange to know that a few books bound in leather, are actually made from human skin. Am sure it would sound really weird...