The use of biodiesel fuel has an important advantage over crude oil in two aspects - it's non-polluting and available at a lower price. Biodiesel can be made at home from waste or used vegetable oil at a very low price. Current industrial research on oil from crops, algae, fungus, coffee grounds and palm tree may open commercial grounds for biodiesel fuel. Further, a comparative analysis of crude oil and biodiesel fuel on the air pollution shows the arc of biodiesel fuel on the graph much below crude oil. Read more on the biodiesel fuel as a boon to you as a person and the society as a whole and in all likelihood may replace crude oil.
How to Make Biodiesel at Home
Steps for making biodiesel at home
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Biodiesel vs Diesel
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Jatropha Curcas Plant
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Biodiesel Facts
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Biodiesel Fuel Pros and Cons
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Vegetable Oil Diesel (Biodiesel)
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