Here, We Highlight What the Bible Says About the Antichrist
A Bible verse about the Antichrist
All the prophecies of the 'last hour' say that unless you have an unwavering faith in Christ, the spirit of the Antichrist will leave no stone unturned to make you oppose the teachings of Christ.
Take a Look at Some of the Most Famous Biblical Allusions
Allusions form an intriguing part of our conversations, where we aren't aware of the things we say as part of its context. The Bible in particular, holds a lot of phrases and names that we use today, to imply certain things as part...
Bible Trivia Games That are Educational And Fun
Bible trivia games are a fun way to teach kids and youngsters religious studies. The following article will cover some interesting games that you can use as an alternative to traditional teaching methods.
Motivational Bible Verses to Reinforce Your Willpower
Motivational Psalm 27:14
Problems are synonymous to life. Whenever you find yourself facing a challenge which is deterring you from your faith, smile and say, "Hey problem, I have a BIGGER GOD". You will see miracles happening right before of...
Words of Encouragement from The Bible: Never Give Up. Ever.
Words of encouragement from the Bible
During times of trouble, when the waters seem to sweep over us, we can find solace in the words of encouragement from the Bible. Agonizing events can debilitate one's faith, however, constantly reminding yourself of the promises of...
Under the Spotlight: Info on the 10 Angels Mentioned in the Bible
Angels in the Bible
Angels are known as God's messengers; however, they have other responsibilities too. Ever wondered, how many angels are there? Buzzle lists out the different types of angels mentioned in the Bible.
Go Through the Bible and Read What it Says About Loneliness
Bible verse on loneliness
Loneliness brings with it unsaid sadness and grimness. The Bible however, gives strength to cope up with this distress, and becomes the guiding light to a new relationship with God.
Find Out What the Meaning of 'Maranatha' is, in the Bible?
Meaning of 'Maranatha' in the Bible
The word 'maranatha' gains the attention of many Christians due to the ambiguity that lies in its origin and connotation. Buzzle explains what is the meaning of 'maranatha' in the Bible and what does it signify.
What the Bible Says About Cremation? Here's the Answer
Bible on cremation
In the olden days, the practice of cremation was not followed by Christians. However, this practice is neither criticized nor supported in the Bible. Here is more on what the Bible says about cremation.
Know What the Bible Says About the Sacred Deed of Organ Donation
What the Bible says about organ donation
All life comes from God, and each of us is called to be a good Samaritan. This only goes to prove that, in our own simple ways, we can help mankind. This includes donating an organ that will help another life. Let's know what the...
You Should Be Aware of What the Bible Says About Guardian Angels
Biblical take on guradian angels
The image that one conjures up when one speaks of angels are cherubic creatures with wings. Well, you would be surprised to know that, that's not how the Bible actually describes them. Nevertheless, there are angels entrusted to...
Featured Points: What Does the Bible Say About Vegetarianism?
Bible on vegetarianism
To be, or not to be a vegetarian is a question that often hounds a Christian. While there is nothing that either advocates or condemns an individual's eating habits, we, as Christians, are to remember not to judge another on either...
What is the Meaning of 'Fishers of Men' Phrase? Elaborated Here
Meaning of 'fishers of men' phrase
Jesus showed us the way through many sermons, using phrases that were left to be understood by those who have ears. In this Buzzle article, we shall be explaining what is the meaning of 'fishers of men' phrase in an elaborate manner.
Speculations Galore: What Does the Bible Say About Wormwood?
Bible quote about Wormwood
Wormwood is an extremely bitter plant that has been mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible for the very same reason―its bitterness. However, the Book of Revelation in the New Testament states a different connotation of...
A Brief and Laconic Overview of Spiritual Gifts in the Bible
Spiritual gifts in the Bible
When we walk in the light of the Lord, each and every moment of our life is bestowed with the gift of His grace and mercy. The Bible also asks all believers to seek for spiritual gifts, rather than the gifts that belong to this...
What Do Different Colors Theologically Symbolize in the Bible?
Amber color symbolism in the Bible
Everything that we see around is God's glory, and His glory is copious with colors. The Bible makes references to colors that hold symbolic meanings. In this Buzzle article, we unearth the symbolism of different colors in the Bible.
Queen Vashti - An Epitome of Bravery and Feminism
Queen Vashti
The beautiful Queen Vashti, the wife of King Xerxes, did not feel like responding to her husband's request; however, this was an act of public humiliation, and the king was advised to issue a punishment accordingly. What would you...
You Have to Read This Piece That Unveils Some Bible Fun Facts
Fun fact about the Bible
Some of us find the Bible difficult to comprehend and tag it as complicated. On the other hand, some of us feel we know the Bible inside out. Well, this article lists down some Bible fun facts that will challenge our knowledge of...
Women of the Bible - Deborah, Whom the Almighty Used
Are you a woman who loves God? God has already prepared a great career for you! Just as He used Deborah, God can use you too!..
Ye Gods! These 10 Bible Games for Adults Will Expel Your Boredom
Bible games for adults
Whether it's conducting a youth retreat or a congregation party in the parish, these amazing Christian games are sure to increase everyone's scripture knowledge while you are having a fun time.
Visions from God: What Does the Bible Say About Dreams?
What the Bible says about dreams
What according to the Bible are the causes of dreams and nightmares? What does the Bible say about dreams? Does it endorse the concept of interpreting dreams? Let us find out.
Easy Bible Trivia
Use these easy Bible trivia to test your knowledge of the Bible, or turn it into a quiz for the kids at Sunday school.
Old Testament Vs. New Testament
Old Testament vs New Testament
While the Old Testament is considered to be a means of preparation, the New Testament speaks about the fulfillment of promises. Both are equally essential because the Bible, in reality, is a progressive revelation. Through this...
Bible Trivia Questions and Answers
Bible trivia questions and answers will help you to not only help your child to know the Bible in and out but also enable him to know the origins of a lot of present day traditions.
Biblical Meaning of Numbers
Biblical numbers are used in prophecy of time and cycles. The interpretation of numbers in the Bible is quite different from how numbers are interpreted under popular numerological methods.
Books of the Bible in Order
Reading the books of the Bible in order daily would help you understand the Holy Bible in a better manner...
Bible Study Lessons for Children
Sunday school lessons are challenging for the teacher. To prepare a lesson which encompasses fun as well as teaching every Sunday, is not an easy task. This article dwells on the different Bible study lessons for children that can...
10 Strange Things Mentioned in the Bible
Strange things in Bibble
Bible is humankind's manual to leading a righteous and purposeful life, agreed. But if one is to solely abide by it, we are sure one would be left with no wife, no children, and not even a dog, for our spiritual guide prescribes...
What is the Meaning of the Number 666 in the Bible?
Meaning of the number 666 in the Bible
The number 666 is considered to be very unlucky and is called the number or mark of the Beast in the Book of Revelations. We discuss the different interpretations of this number, according to the Bible, in this Buzzle article.
What Does the Bible Say about Racism?
What the Bible says about racism
We have always heard that God is just and loving. Would God then like to discriminate between his own children? Let's find out what the Bible has to say about racism, in this Buzzle article.
What the Bible Says About Drinking Alcohol
With Jesus himself consuming wine, you would think the Bible supports consuming alcohol. But, the truth could be otherwise, drinking could well be a sin. Let's burst the bubble shall we, through this Buzzle article.
What Does the Bible Say about Exorcism
Biblical take on exorcism
Yes, it is true that where there is good, evil follows. But the Bible tells us we need not fear, for we have the protection of the Almighty, and it is with this protection that we can fight and ward off all evil.
Bible Trivia Questions
Read this article to know about some interesting Bible trivia questions and answers for the kids and youth. Test your knowledge on the Bible and learn more.
Interesting Facts about the Bible
Longest and shortest chapters in the Bible
Getting to know some interesting facts about the Bible is a good way to start off with Bible reading. This article concentrates on interesting Bible facts.
Why Read the Bible?
Even non-religious people read the Bible for many different reasons. Knowledge of the Bible can help you in many ways besides the obvious implications for religion.
What Does the Bible Say about Fortune Tellers
We live in the modern age, but still believe in God. Do we believe in his powers and have enough faith? If yes, why do we believe in the stars, numbers and cards to reveal destiny? Most of us believe in fortune telling, at least a...
The Love Commandment
Is the capital commandment of Christ achievable? If so, how? How can we love our neighbor as ourselves? Discover for yourselves in the article below.
The Fifth Commandment
What does the fifth commandment of God ask us to do? Something apparently very easy to do: "Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord your God is giving you." (Exodus 20:12)
What Does the Bible Say About the Judgment Day
With Harold Camping making the claim that 21st of May is the Judgment Day that is mentioned in the Bible, a lot of people have been asking the question, what does the Bible say about the Judgment Day. In this article, we try and...
Strange Bible Facts
The Holy Bible tells us a lot about how to live in life and overcome any problem we encounter. It has some interesting as well as strange facts, which makes the reading exciting.
What is the Rapture in the Bible?
One of the most important and most divisive topics in the Bible is the Rapture. Read on to know more about it...
The Ten Commandments in the Bible
This article lists the Ten Commandments from the Bible, along with a short synopsis of the story behind them. Have a look...
How Many Books are in the New Testament
The New Testament has many written texts and smaller books in it. If you wish to know how many books are in the New Testament, and a few more details about each of them, then read on ...
How Many Books are in the Bible
The Holy Bible is known to be the holy book of Christians. Read on to find out how many books are in the bible, mentioned in the coming up article in the proper order.
What the Bible Says About Tattoos
Thinking about getting a tattoo but worried about violating the Bible? Find out what the Bible has to say about tattoos, from this article.
The Rapture in the Bible
What does the Rapture in the Bible mean? How is it related to the Christian faith? This article contains some information regarding this Biblical prophecy...
Bible Trivia for Kids
The Bible is full of good things to teach your kids. So, here is a very helpful quiz for kids, where you can get them well versed with this beautiful teacher.
Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for Kids
Bible trivia questions and answers for kids is a wonderful way to make them learn more about God. By solving such questions, they can learn more about our Almighty Father and the innumerable sacrifices that He made for all of us.
When Was the Bible Written?
Contrary to popular assumption, the Bible is not a single book but a collection of religious scriptures pertaining to Christianity and Judaism.'When was the Bible written' is a question that has provided fodder for speculations and...
Catholic Bible Vs. Protestant Bible
There is a well-known difference between the Catholics and the Protestants with regard to their beliefs and a few foundational issues. Given below is a short discussion about their minor differences.
Prosperity Scriptures
Scriptures about prosperity in the Bible encourage one to thrive and flourish, especially in financial respects. The following article will introduce you to some writings that help seek abundance with the blessings of God.
What the Bible Says About Reincarnation
What does the Bible say about reincarnation? Does the holy tome of Christianity believe in it? Although not mentioned directly, here are the verses found in the Bible and the concept that it portrays.
A Classic Example of How Not to Live a Godly Life
If you're looking for a Biblical character to use as a role model, don't consider Samson.
Meaning of Numbers in the Bible
The Holy Bible has a consistent reference to numbers, from the Book of Genesis to the book of Revelations. Other than the regular page numbering, numerals are used throughout the passages.
What Does the Bible Say About Prejudice
"Don't judge, so that you won't be judged. For with whatever judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with whatever measure you measure, it will be measured to you." The following article mentions some scriptures from...
Joy In The Bible
Let's go together in a little journey through the book of Psalms to see where we can find joy, and how we can manifest it.
How did the Bible Appear? The Old Testament
The most known book of all times, the Bible has been spread all over the world and has remained the same, as we know it today. But, how was it written?
Meditation and Quotations from the Bible
Meditate upon God, meditate upon His Words, and keep your focus on Him! This way you will have the calm you need in the middle of any storm.
Medicine From the Bible
Is stress from your day-to-day activities eating up your health? This article tells you what God advises us to do to manage this problem. His advice would surely serve as your medicine from the Bible.
Biblical View on Angels
What are angels? What is their duty? You might have seen an angel or been in the presence of one without even knowing it. In this article we will see what the biblical view on angels is.
What Does the Bible Say about Hatred?
If you have hate as motivation, remember that it will first hurt your own being before it hurts any others'. The following article mentions the scriptures regarding hate from the Bible.
Are Bible Predictions Reliable?
Think and look at things from perspective―over 10,000 Bible prophecies fulfilled up to this day, some under our own eyes. What makes you think the others won't come true? They will, because the Creator has spoken.
Facts about the Bible
The Bible is still counted amongst the best sellers of published books. Given here are some more interesting facts about this holy book.
Lessons Kids can Learn from Bible Stories
The Bible is replete with different stories that can teach kids about various virtues. Know more about the various lessons children can learn from Bible stories from the following article.
Standing on the Promises
God has kept his promises so far and he will until the end, so we can rely on him with full trust. Cast all your worries upon him as he undoubtedly cares for you.