8 Facts About Baby Sleep You Need to Know
Fact about baby sleep
You get up in the middle of the night to soothe your little one and wonder why she gets up every other hour. Babies are just wired to get up at night as their sleep cycles are smaller. As they spend more time in light sleep, they...
Toddler not Sleeping Through the Night
Separation anxiety can disturb a toddler's sleep
A toddler may not sleep through the night for a variety of reasons - some of them being as simple as them being light sleepers. As a parent, you can learn a few techniques to regulate the toddler's sleeping pattern, such as...
Lullabies for Babies
Lullabies for babies
Lullabies help to soothe babies and make them fall asleep. They also reassure the babies by the warmth in their mother's voice.
How to Get an Overtired Baby to Sleep
Warm bath to soothe an overtired baby
As young parents, getting an overtired baby to sleep is the most difficult thing to deal with, isn't it? When babies are exhausted, they find it very difficult to fall asleep. In order to bring the baby close to sleep, create a...
Tips to Wake a Sleeping Baby
Tip to wake your baby up
Sleep is very important for health, and it is so for babies too. It is difficult to put a baby to sleep but with the constant changing sleep patterns in babies, waking up a sleeping child, without tickling him to tears can be a...
Family Bed Pros and Cons
Benefit of co-sleeping
Is having your infant sleep with you on a family bed a good idea? Or should he be made to sleep separately? Sharing a bed with your infants, many a time, saves you the effort of having to scamper to your kid's room when your baby...
Tips for Making Co-Sleeping Safe
Fact about co-sleeping
There have been numerous arguments in support of and against co-sleeping. Also, many people consider co-sleeping one of the reasons for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and that the high energy waves of the mother's body may...
Infant Sleep Patterns
Sleep cycle of infants
Infant sleeping patterns can be quite erratic, preventing parents from having a good night's sleep. However, the baby's sleeping patterns go through several changes till she adapts a normal sleeping pattern, similar to that of...
Getting a Baby to Sleep Through the Night
White noise to get a baby to sleep
Getting a baby to sleep through the night is a task for most first-time parents, who are wary of trying different methods for this purpose. Be patient while sleep training your child as it is an important phase of his/her...
The Ferber Method of Sleep Training
Dr. Richard Ferber, a renowned pediatric sleep specialist proposed a sleep routine for infants through his book, "Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems", published in 1985. Let's drill down the famous Ferber's method of sleep...
Can a Baby Sleep Too Much?
Newborns will spend a majority of their time sleeping. We all know that. But is it considered to be a problem if a baby sleeps too much? We shall find out more in the following article.
Positional Asphyxia in Infants
Positional asphyxia, a condition in which breathing activity is disrupted can occur in infants sleeping in an unsafe position.
Co-sleeping Safety Products for Your Baby
New parents might be curious to know if there are co-sleeping safety products for your baby that make co-sleeping easier. So here are some recommended products for co-sleeping with your baby.
Getting the Baby to Sleep in a Crib
Many first-time parents may find getting their baby to sleep in a crib a difficult task. But, it is essential so that the baby takes her first step to be independent.