Does Cruise Control Really Save Gas? Read on to Know More
Cruise control saves gas on highways
The usefulness of the cruise control mechanism in saving gas has been under debate for long. Some believe that it does help in cutting down gas expenses, while some say that though it can make long journeys pretty comfortable, it...
What are Hazard Lights in a Car? When Should They Be Turned On?
Hazard lights, as the name suggests are a way to inform passersby about a potential hazard. In this article, you'll know more about these lights and their functions.
Simple DIY Instructions for Heater Core Replacement
Tip for heater core replacement
Heater core replacement is quite interesting and simple, that is if you follow the right instructions. You need to be a bit careful and patient while removing and replacing a heater core, as spilling the coolant can cause staining.
Detailed Guide on the Functioning of Body Control Module in Cars
Functioning of the body control module in cars
The body control module is central to all the electronic systems in a car. We'll take a look at the various body control module functions.
Body Lift Vs. Suspension Lift: A Comparative Analysis
Comparison between body lift and suspension lift
Vehicle lifts help gain an increased ground clearance and aid towards a better off-road experience. Buzzle does a body lift vs. suspension lift analysis, and reviews the two techniques to determine the benefits both have to offer.
Ever Wondered How Does a Powertrain Control Module (PCM) Work?
Functioning of a Powertrain Control Module (PCM)
Powertrain control modules are often touted as being the brain of the engine control system. We take a lesson in automobile-neurology, as we explore the functions and working of this system.
A Look at the Difference Between Exhaust Manifolds and Headers
Difference between exhaust manifolds and headers
Although exhaust manifolds and headers seem to perform similar functions, they have substantial differences between them. This Buzzle post undertakes an exhaust manifold vs. exhaust header comparison to understand the differences...
Sunroof Vs. Moonroof
There's nothing quite like putting your head out through the roof of your car and enjoying the wind blowing through your hair (mind you, you don't want to be driving while trying this!). Call them sunroofs or moonroofs, they...
Tachometer Troubleshooting
If you are looking for guidelines on tachometer troubleshooting, this article will be helpful. Read on, to get an idea about how to troubleshoot a tachometer on your own.
A Brief Explanation of How Adaptive Cruise Control Really Works
How Adaptive Cruise Control Works
Also known as autonomous or radar cruise control, adaptive cruise control is an added safety and comfort feature in top-end road cars. How it works and the technology used for it is explained in this post.
Understanding the Purpose of an Intake Air Temperature (IAT) Sensor
Purpose of an Intake Air Temperature (IAT) sensor
An Intake Air Temperature (IAT) sensor is essential for good engine performance and fuel economy. But what does this IAT sensor actually do? Buzzle answers this question, along with telling you about the location, working, and...
Understanding the Purpose of an Idle Air Control Valve in Your Vehicle
Purpose of an Idle Air Control valve in your vehicle
The small idle air control valve, placed inside the throttle of your car's engine, keeps the engine running smoothly while idling. Buzzle throws light on the idle air control valve function.
Cool Car Accessories
Use some cool car accessories to give your car a snazzy new look. Read about some, in this article.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Independent Rear Suspension
Advantages of independent rear suspension
The suspension system in a car does more than just soak up road bumps. It plays an important part in the vehicle's performance and response as well. In this Buzzle write-up, we find out how one particular suspension...
What is a Neutral Safety Switch and How to Test and Replace It?
Fact about neutral safety switch
A neutral safety switch, as its name suggests, is an important safety component in vehicles. But what does a neutral safety switch actually do, and how to test it in case of a malfunction? Hold on, as Buzzle answers such questions,...
Advantages and Disadvantages of Independent Front Suspension
Pros and cons of independent front suspension
There is a good chance that your car has an independent front suspension system installed in it. What is this system, and what are its pros and cons? This Buzzle article will answer such queries.
What is the Purpose of a Sway Bar Link?
Automobiles are carefully designed by experts to help the users experience a smooth, comfortable, and safe ride. A sway bar link is a small but significant part of the complex mechanism that serves the purpose. Buzzle traces out...
Working of the Clock Spring in a Car Explained
Working of the clock spring in a car
The clock spring is such an essential part of the car, that it becomes extremely difficult to drive if it gets damaged. Buzzle enlightens you about the need for and the working principle behind a car's clock spring, and also...
Panoramic Sunroof: An Incredible Multi-panel Car Roof
Fact about panoramic sunroof
Car sunroofs that are oversized, with a single or multi-panel glass as the covering rooftop, are referred to as panoramic sunroofs. Read on to know more about this incredible car roof.
9 Best Places to Buy Girly Car Accessories
Best places to buy girly car accessories
Where can a girl who loves her car too much, shop for the perfect seat covers, steering cover, floor mats, or license plate frame for it, which are just the right combination of classy and cute? Buzzle has compiled a list of...
What is the Importance of a Drive Belt in a Car?
Importance of a drive belt in a car
A car's drive belt is an essential part of the engine, which ensures that the efficiency of the mechanism is maintained at recommended standards. It works many peripheral accessories and helps reduce the friction generated inside...
10 Most Expensive Auto Repairs and How to Prevent Them
Auto care tip
Anyone who has owned a car will definitely know the pain of taking the car to a mechanic. We, at Buzzle, have put forth a list of 10 auto repairs that can burn a hole in your pocket, and have given you simple ways to prevent them.
Best Oil Filter
An oil filter is as important as any of the cogs that run your vehicle. But when you are gushed down with so many choices, it becomes difficult to go for the best oil filter. So here's an article to help you zoom in the right one...
Stickers for Cars
'Car stickers' are the first thing that comes to mind when we think of making a car fashionable and giving it a customized look. Read on to know more on stickers for cars.
How to Use Cruise Control
Cruise control is a very important feature to be considered if you are on a long drive on the highway. This article puts light on using cruise control effectively...
Blower Motor Resistor
Well, a blower motor resistor happens to be a very important part of the cooling and heating system in a car. So with this take, imagine if it needs a replacement, it will need an immediate one!
Keyless Entry System for Cars
Using a keyless entry system has made it all the more convenient for drivers to operate their vehicles. This article gives you more information on these systems...
What is a Tachometer?
One of the most vital components of a vehicle is its engine, and a vital part of the engine is a tachometer. What is this device exactly? Let's see...
Tachometer Installation Instructions
The following article contains instructions on installing a tachometer, and the importance of installing it in a vehicle. Read on.
Car Accessories for Girls
Want to surprise your daughter on her graduation day? Try some of these car accessories! I'm sure she'll love them!
Muffler Tips Installation
Want to have trendy muffler for your car? Here's information about choosing the right muffler and further installing it.
What are Tread Wear Indicators?
Regular monitoring of tread wear indicators is one of the best methods to figure out the degree of wear and tear in tires.
How to Repair a Sunroof
A broken sunroof fails to serve its purpose and starts becoming more of a hassle. Here's how to replace a defective sunroof, or fix a leaky one.
Sunroof Installation
Sunroof installation is a task that can be done either by yourself or by a professional. However, the latter alternative is recommended. This article will tell you more on how to go about installing sunroof on your car...
Car Exhaust System
A good exhaust system of a car gives it power, reduces exhaust noise, controls emission, etc. Read on to know more about this system and its various parts.
Remote Starters for Cars
Who wouldn't want to enjoy the luxury of being able to start a car, without having to sit inside it? Well, that is what remote starters help you achieve with regard to cars. Surprisingly, they are not just used for starting the...
Power Car Antenna
For a youngster who is used to small and compact products built with advanced technology, it is difficult to digest the fact that the first car radio antenna was 45 inches in length. To know more about power car antennas, read the...
How does a Torque Converter Work
A torque converter is an altered form of fluid coupling. This device is used to transfer power from a prime mover, like an electric motor, to a circulating driven load. Scroll down through this article to gain knowledge about the...
How to Polish Aluminum Wheels
Polishing aluminum wheels can be cumbersome if you don't know the best method to go about it. Scroll down to know how to eliminate grime and polish aluminum surfaces.
Decorative Car Floor Mats
Using decorative floor mats can be a great option for customizing your car. There are different kinds of car mats available in the market.
How to Replace Cabin Air Filters
Cabin air filters fitted in the vehicles are meant for our safety and protection. It is, therefore, necessary to understand how to replace them, and it doesn't even require any technical knowledge.
How to Increase a Car Engine's Horsepower
The engine enables a vehicle to accelerate and carry large loads. To enhance this ability, one can make modifications to the engine to improve the vehicular performance.