Rising (Ascendant) Signs of Astrology and Their Meanings
Fact about ascendant signs in astrology
Is your Leo friend flamboyant, or your Libra pal difficult to deal with? The way one behaves in social situations depends upon their rising sign.
Planetary Symbols and Their Astrological Meanings You Never Knew
Planetary symbols and their astrological meanings
As per astrology, celestial bodies have a strong influence on our lives. Our feelings, traits, circumstances, conditions, wealth, success, sorrow, marriage, etc., all can be impacted by the movement of the planets.
Is Astrology a Science? Let's Put an End to This Debate
How accurate is your horoscope?
Astrologers and believers may shout at the top of their voices calling astrology a science, but skeptics think otherwise, and they have plenty of reasons to do so. That this so-called science is doing more harm than good to the...
Astrology and The Forer Effect: An In-depth Analysis
Skeptics have often argued that the so-called credibility of horoscope readings is nothing but the Forer effect coming into play. But what is this Forer effect, and how is it related to astrology? The following write-up on...
Exploring the Unknown! Different Ways to Know Your Future
One of the most commonly heard phrases all around is "I want to know my future!" So, how does one go about finding out what the future holds in store for him/her? Buzzle answers this elusive quest by discussing ways to...
The Intricate History of Astrology and Its Various Beliefs
Celestial bodies, such as the stars and planets, are believed to influence life on Earth. Is there a scientific basis to this belief or is it just superstition? Let us try to find the answers in the history of astrology and the...
Astrological Signs and Meanings
Astrological signs and their meaning
Delving into the zodiac signs can give us some hints on the personality and characteristics of the individual. With the help of this article let us unravel the mysteries of the astrological signs and meanings.
Astrology Houses and Their Meanings to Feed Your Curious Mind
Astrology has never failed to arouse the curiosity of mankind. There are several theories backed with sound scientific proofs, ones that have supported the thesis of astrology. 'Astrology houses' is one such concept that is often...