Animal Testing Facts

It is sad that the self-proclaimed 'superior' in the animal kingdom should use products and medication at the expense of the death and abuse of lower species. It is important to stay updated on the facts about animal testing.
Animal testing facts
There are live animal experiments authorized, and around the world, animals are now used as objects of experiments, to test a variety of products. The product range is as diverse as skin creams and shampoos to cancer prevention drugs and vaccines. In certain countries, the law specifies that a new drug should essentially be tested on at least two different species of live mammal, one of which must be a large non-rodent!

Even though the Animals Act specifies that there should be no animal experiments conducted if there is a realistic alternative, almost every medication in the market has been tested on animals. Animals have been used in the development of anesthetics to prevent human suffering during surgery!

The Extent of Damage Through Animal Testing
It is very important to be sensitive to the treatment meted out to these lower species. In fact, it is our power of discrimination and reasoning and sensitivity that actually makes us superior. It is disgusting to note that less than 2% of all human illnesses are on record in the animal kingdom, and yet we use them to find cures to self-inflicted illnesses that have been invited upon us with unhealthy and re-structured living and eating habits.
  • Research reveals that only 5 to 25% of the animal tests and human results are agreeable! Most of the drugs passed by animal tests are now discarded as useless to humans - then why test in the first place?
  • The conditions under which the animals are subjected to human experimentation have caused tumors in rodents, while the animal test results were declared to be of little relevance for humans! The only explanation being offered for this declaration is the fact that there are anatomical and physiological differences between animals and humans.
  • It is important to note that although animals are almost always used in cancer research, they never get the human form of cancer which affects membranes like the lungs. Almost 9% of the anesthetized animals in the laboratory die!
  • It is interesting to note that 83% of substances are metabolized differently by animals and humans.
  • Most medical experts agree that data from animal tests cannot be extrapolated safely to human patients.
  • In animal testing, while lemon juice, which is safe for humans, is a deadly poison - arsenic and botulin are safe.
  • Genetically modified animals cannot be models for human illness. A shocking fact revealed - 88% of still-births on record are caused by drugs that are passed as 'safe' in animal tests.
  • Out of the recorded number of deaths attributed to medical treatment via drugs passed post-animal testing, the truth is that majority cases were hospitalized due to faulty procedure adopted and wrong method of application.
  • 40% human patients display side effects as a result of prescriptions and most of the medicines released post-animal testing, only a very small percentage is essential. A small percentage of fatal illnesses and a negligible percentage of organic based illness are caused by medications that have animal tested.
  • Contrary to the 'lifesaving' epithet used when referring to science and medicine, the operation for ectopic pregnancies was delayed due to vivisection!
  • It has been proved that the discovery of anesthetics has nothing to do with prior experiments on animals. In fact, the fluroxene has been universally recognized as a dramatic example of 'misleading evidence from animal data'.
  • While aspirin fails animal tests, insulin causes animal birth defects. Despite the global aplomb and Nobel prizes to dedicated vivisectors, less than half of them agree that animal experiments are crucial.
  • An interesting as well as an utterly gross fact to be digested, is that an estimated 103,800 animals are not administered with any medication to cease partially or completely, the pain caused due to animal testing. The pain by no means is minimal. The procedure being conducted on the animal may be extremely painful. When humans are petrified at the proposal of getting 'poked' by a medical practitioner, wonder what happens to animals at the idea of being tested upon?
  • An animal is used for the conduction of not more than one experiment, however there are several instances when a number of tests are conducted on the same animal without any anesthetic aid. Unfortunately, and without doubt, these animals have to be euthanized at the end of the scientific procedure.
  • Most animals are packed in a cage-like environment to execute the experiment. In a world where humans are entitled to practice their right to freedom and independent living, it is saddening that animals are at the lab assistant's and the tester's mercy.
The world of science has on record more than 400 methods that can effectively replace animal experiments. It is important to consider the options since at least thirty-three animals die in laboratories each second worldwide. There is no doubt that medical progress can be achieved without abusing animals.
Last Updated: December 26, 2011
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I don't understand how animal experiments are still legal. Without including the obvious cruelty, it is undoubtedly unscientific! For this reason I will not be donating my money to cancer charities. I can't afford to anyway but I wouldn't even if I could. - CHERYL WEEN [June 28, 2014]
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shockingly vague article, n m nt sure abt many of d stats!
ppl, if nt for animal research, do u know how many diseases we wud have to deal with more than now? No? thot so!
- lord ned stark [August 17, 2013]
animal testing should be ban because the animals don't like it just like us people - ashdog [April 18, 2013]
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I am fighting against animal testing, if you really would like to test it then have a small group of three or four animals, that's all you need - Emma [February 1, 2013]
animal testing is wrong to do i know that but why cant we test on plants like flowers . because it cant hurt use and the animals - alicia [January 17, 2013]

why do people test the medicines on animals first before people
- gadof [August 24, 2012]
i dont agree - fanyu [August 24, 2012]
animal testing is like testing on your child..animals have feelings too..its unGodly and terrible - idufgwf [April 26, 2012]
i think animal testing is dumb and patheitc. to me people who test on animals have no life. they are worthless people who like to hurt animals. idgaf if they are figuring out how to cure POLIO or HIVS orWHATEVER... its a cruel cruel thing - UNKNOWN [April 26, 2012]
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Its all very well doing animal testing for human benefits but what about all the illnesses animals are suffering from? Who is testing humans to see if there is a common link? Our animals are being treated without due car and attention as no data is held to show what illnesses they are suffering from! In most cases they are showing the same illnesses as humans! This is being missed big time! So much for professionalism! Time to get back to bsics and do the job properly without causing unnecessary harm due to ignorance! - vetinarystats [October 20, 2011]
Animal Testing is VERY CRUEL. Animals have as much rights to living as human beings do. :( :( :( :( - LIVVYCAKE [October 14, 2011]
I really think anyone should do animal testing i'd rather get tested than those poor inasent animals if we have a right to speak for ourselves then they should to. - April K [August 31, 2011]
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- SOMEONE [May 3, 2011]
ok there has to be more side effects then just that - shae ;) [May 3, 2011]
I AM A animal freak i love animals... if i see someone hip a animal, i will say something... i am doing a animl help thing, and im going to send some money to a place called, STOP ANIMAL TESTING. would you please send some money to me and i will send it to them... by the 10 july 2011.. - victoria [May 3, 2011]
thank you naomi smith...
what are people doing about it? because because im trying to set up a sponserd walk and i dont know how to.. can you give in some info please...
- vicky allen [May 3, 2011]
After serving in the military, I know what it feels like to be a test subject. That being said, I am PRO animal testing. Most facilities that experiment on animals have scientists that are working to cure both human AND animal diseases. The research done helps save animals too. - Kellie [April 28, 2011]
Although many animals die in research labs, a grossly amount MORE die in animal shelters everyday because of old age, or the fact that no one will adopt them, so it is more cost effective for the shelter to put them down. Maybe the answer is to work on getting more animals adopted to safe homes than to stop the progress of curing HUMAN FATAL DISEASES such as cancer, aids, and others. Is it sad that some animals die during these experiments? YES. Would you be so against it if YOU had cancer or aids? Probably not, since that research is essential to developing cures for such things. THINK before you SPEAK. - kellie [April 28, 2011]
Animal testing is wrong I hate this happening to animals its not there fault they didn't do anything.ANIMALS SHOULD NOT BE TESTED THEY ARE ALSO LIVING ORGANISMS!
When i am older i want to be a vet and i will stand up for animals even though there is positive and negative things. Lets stop these now before we end up with no animals come on people. :(
- Almarosa [April 11, 2011]
Good information and I think it was splendid but, I wish there to be more facts on what happens in certain cases when animals are tested and they turn to something weird. - alma [April 11, 2011]
animal testing is wrong - carmen [April 8, 2011]
i think they should do it on the people that kill and raped, or people that get life in prison.. animals are not human, so things like this sould be happending - victoria [April 6, 2011]
animal testing is so cruel i can't believe anyone could hurt or kill animals - Aliya [March 31, 2011]
well i reckon the information was good but why put animals under that much stress the scientists should be sued in my opinion - Casey Wood LT [March 30, 2011]
I HATE animal testing its UNFAIR and CRUEL - Angel [March 25, 2011]
people shouldnt be hurting a liiving thing - sergio [March 25, 2011]
i am cool - jop S [March 25, 2011]
I love the last part and I do think that animal testing could be ban. I think it should. I am against animal testing because we don't need makeup, God made us the way he wants us to be... we shouldn't need to change what God thinks. I am doing a paper to try to make people stop animal testing, I hope it helps a little. - A caring person [March 24, 2011]
Why must people cause all this pain onto animals. I suggest we strap those horrible scientists to chairs and test on them to see if they like it. - Goth [March 20, 2011]
i think animal testing is bad - SOMEONE [March 11, 2011]
brianna - hii [March 11, 2011]
i think its wrong they should stop thisss - bob [March 10, 2011]
i think people who love animals should help stop animal abuse - jesus [March 7, 2011]
i love men - ashley lay [March 7, 2011]
Animals are not used for testing of make-up etc, testing cosmetics on animals has been illegal for years and hence saying we scientists do such things is complete nonsense.

Secondly, most scientists DO agree animals are necessary, that's why they are used, because they save lives. Less than 2million animals are used in the UK for animal testing were as 90 million chickens are are killed for food each year, which is the biggest issue?

Finally, there are no alternatives to animal research, you cannot programme a computer model etc, without knowing the answers already and to know the answer you must experimentally test it. - Scientist [March 6, 2011]

This was very helpful in my speech - A 7th grader [March 3, 2011]
cool - GRace [March 2, 2011]
I Think That The Scintist That Test On Anilmals Are Abusers. I Am A 7th Grader Looking Up Infermation About Scientist Testing. I Am Willing To Try And Stop Animal Testing. Plus If 25% Of The Things That Are Tested On Animals Usless To Human Its Pretty Much A Useless Murder. - Destinee [February 23, 2011]
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who would do such evil things i hope scientists know what its like to be a helpless animal and be tested on they should know how it feels :) - lia didzena [February 22, 2011]
why are we still testing on animals if it isn't even helping the human race?
i mean yeah it's better for a RAT to lose its life in the name of science if it will benefit us but seeing as how it is NOT.. WHY ARE WE STILL DOING THIS?!
- Bryce Phillips [February 20, 2011]
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helloo im against animal testing whos with me? i think it is very creul you hurt and treat animals (if you was in there position you wouldnt like it?) and immiture people on this website this is a very serious point! - against animal [February 10, 2011]
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animal testing is animal abuse! - omgitsme21 [February 8, 2011]
Animal testing is WRONG! and now they got to go use animals to test guns? one gunshot, the poor animal is dead! and now they goin after the animals to go test make-up! so they just gonna kill thousands of poor animals just to add some freaky shine on ur lips? or to just look pretty? And i heard it wuz the circle of life, not pain. So, whoever is out there, please just stop this thing! - omgitsme21 [February 8, 2011]
Animal testing is the worst thing that can happen to animals besides animal abuse!STOP ANIMAL TESTING! We don't need make up, ppl always say you are beautiful without makeup. Then we dont need it! - Holly [February 8, 2011]
i dont need agree with animal experimentation. - M.M [February 8, 2011]
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GET A LIFE SCIENTISTS! - MANAR [February 4, 2011]
i think it's so not fair and if u made shampoos,conditioners,creams,dioderants THEN TRY IT ON YOURSELVES! - manar [February 4, 2011]
I dot like the thought of animals suffering but if your mother was terminally ill and a surgeon/consultant came up to you with a syringe and said I believe I have a cure for your mother but first I need to test it on your rabbit/cat/mouse, how many would say 'no thanks, push off, mum can die cos you're not testing it on my rabbit/ cat/ mouse!' - Sally Willletts [February 3, 2011]
you should not test drugs on animal - manar [February 3, 2011]
animal testing is wrong cosmetics realy come on vaccines yeah sure to save a life but skin cream no any thing that couldnt save a life no - kitty [January 28, 2011]
I think Animal Testing is a issue and could cause harm to these poor animals. All animals have rights and I think animal testing is animal cruelty. I hope people stand up for animals, if not, then I will. - Cheyenne [January 28, 2011]
Animal experimentation is inhumane! - looloo88 [January 28, 2011]
I beleve we should switch over to mircotesting. It safer, more effective, and would end animal testing altogether. - Abby Wells [January 26, 2011]
I think that all this testing should never of been thought of.
The weirdos that invented it would be much nicer if they tested it on things like plants and natrual things but just NOT animals! :(
- Natt Lala [January 25, 2011]
dudes this article is so true thats its not funny! makes us so sad but mad at the same time! - kk and adri [January 24, 2011]
This article has helped me INCREDIBLY for a school debate im doing, i cant thank whoevrs behind this enough - Student [January 24, 2011]
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I strongly agree. Great and accurate information! - :) [January 18, 2011]
people shouldnt test on animals because its cruel. what if they were being tested on? we wouldnt like it so i think people should stop now! - Theresa Alvis [January 13, 2011]
i think that we should not
be tested on
- nikita [January 13, 2011]
this was not very helpful if you LIKE animal testing you are just cruel ( did i spell that right) - waynepoo [January 12, 2011]
Is this a website that people can comment on? thanks for the help :( ! - waynepoo [January 12, 2011]
I think this article is ridiculous and it doesnt make sense! Animal Testing should be illegal! you people are insane! ... - Courtney [January 7, 2011]
yeah what does the human ankle have to do eith animals - noneya [January 6, 2011]
Animal testing should be BANNED !
why test on innicent animals
- Robert Thompson [January 6, 2011]
Animal testong for cosmetics: WRONG animal testing for medical benefits: WRONG animal testing for scientific knowlage: WRONG bottom line: ANIMAL TESTING IS WRONG! - Jordan [January 4, 2011]
i enjoy forums as they are a great way to get a good debate going, this is shown through the previous comments, to this, i salute you ! :D - well done guys. [December 20, 2010]
helooo - Erin [December 20, 2010]
so lets make the peace. kill animals (L) - arse bandit [December 20, 2010]
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Puppies are cute - Gilroy [December 20, 2010]
okay on a serious note, our computers will probably be tracked and this is all a giggle, so please dont give us a row? (yn)(L) - jobby jabber [December 20, 2010]
I love animals. I LIKE PUPPIES...l...I like deformed people not like me yay not syndrome sad - Mr Not Syndrome [December 20, 2010]
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I like ORANGES - Syndrome [December 20, 2010]
All of you need to stop having normal conversations. this is a serious chat site about animals. i am reporting this to the police - Unknowen [December 20, 2010]
i personally feel that animals are nothing in comparrison to the human race and should be tested until they come to an unrulley death, in great pain and quantities of suffering.

thankyou for your views, though none are valid.
- to stephen. [December 20, 2010]
hi am bak - Bob [December 20, 2010]
yo dudes - Stephen Mc [December 20, 2010]
"In animal testing, while lemon juice, which is safe fro humans, is a deadly poison – arsenic and botulin are safe." you spelled ^ wrong. O and R should be reversed. - Edd I [December 10, 2010]
I think animal testing is wrong. Yeah, we need to test products to make sure its safe for human use, but they can be another way around it.
They use the poor innocent animal to test they may or may not be harmful to them but after they used them for testing, they put them down because they already got what they needed.
Testing on animals is worst than having them in the animal shelter or pound and may have the possibility to be put down. In the pound or shelter, at least they have the possibility of getting adopted and finding a great home to live. But at the lab, they will have no hope of seeing the beauty of the world and the love and care in a warm home.
- Angie [December 10, 2010]
this facta are perfect and on piont - bob marley [December 6, 2010]
wow! i never knew this - sarah [November 28, 2010]
This site is for your opinion on animal testing not for a genral chat! - naomi smith [November 26, 2010]
I think this is sick, who ever has the guts to sit and stab a poor, deflencless animal with a needle, should have the same treatment done to them and see how they feel. Its such an inhumane method to use. Humans are the ones who need the products so test it on them! - naomi smith [November 26, 2010]
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Animal Testing is a crime! , It should be banned and find another olternative ! - Jimmy [November 18, 2010]
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I feel that animal testing should be illegal. A life is a life, which means animals aren't just objects for humans to use. Also, it would make more sense to test things on HUMANS, not animals. Scientists could do the testing on prisoners on death row, or on volunteers (for things that wouldn't be as harmful). - Hannah [November 15, 2010]
i hate animals experimenters! D: - somebody [November 12, 2010]
how is the test fai when animals dont have the same skin as us ? - h.k [November 11, 2010]
animal expirimintation is verey cruel and unusual punishment for something animals didn't do wrong if you were an animal and you had to go through this what would you do? i know after they killed me i would haunt their nightmarers and make them pay - susy [November 11, 2010]
i think it is horrible what people do to animals and i hate animals getting hurt. i may not be a vegiterion but i will not use anything made on animals all of my make-up is not tested on animals. its just descusting what we can do. - Holly Carroll [November 10, 2010]
OMG im so sad animals deserve to be treated like people because they also hurt and they dont like pain so i think animal testing should be illegal in every state and country - Nikki [November 8, 2010]
none of my questions were answered i advise you to put more info up - someone [November 8, 2010]
i think that its not nice because animals are not doing any think to the humans for them to be doing this its very hard for the animals to live ...omg stop hurting this animals please ...please...please ...people do not need makeup they need to be then self how god made then and not like u need make up and most people do not use their make up they just get it just to get it and its wrong too animals bye i have nothing else to say its wrong animal very hard for me too explain and i can not say what i want and i think that if u going to test on a animal test on cats or snakes u test on animals that people like test on cats...please please please...please...please...please - winslow [November 8, 2010]
i think animal testing is the right way to go the government states that its only legal if there isn't any other alternative.
im 12 and im doing a speech on how animal testing should be aloud
- crazicow1234 [November 7, 2010]
I think that animal testing should be allegal!
i hate animal cruelty i am sick to death of hearing about it.
i was crying so...
i hate it!
- Mikki [November 2, 2010]
helpful.Animal testing is wrong.. - Sonya.L [November 2, 2010]
its really sad what they do to them - alex [October 31, 2010]
What the heck why are they doing this? Honestly its cruel its horrible can u imagine them taking your poor animals and letting strangers test on your poor babies. - Emily [October 27, 2010]
this is written by some anti animal testing activist - Adam C [October 25, 2010]
i want to know who wrote this - Jim H [October 25, 2010]
I think animal testing should be stopped completely. It is just no fair, - 12345678910 [October 22, 2010]
if they want to do testing for products why don't they do it on their selfs you need animals that some people love and don't want to give up i love! animals i would never let my dog be tested - gabby [October 20, 2010]
people should stop animal testing - gabby [October 20, 2010]
Yeh i agree with lia didzena about they should b tested on - Amber Lloyd [October 20, 2010]
i absolutly think its disgusting tht anyone could do something like that just for the sake of us :( - Amber Lloyd [October 20, 2010]
help me stop this horrible thing go on stop animal testing - lia didzena [October 19, 2010]
i h8 animal testing anyways it is wrong i hope u scientists get tested on and die to show u how it feels to b tested on and dioe - lia didzena [October 19, 2010]
I think that you are completely correct and that medical progress can continue without harming or testing on animals. I wrote a paper using your facts and information and recieved the highest score as well as persuaded my teacher to read the fact to the class and make them take notice to what is actually happening to animals in the world today. - Christina [October 18, 2010]
Personally I think animal testing is harmful. Most the medicanes they get from testing is unsafe to humans. Not only that, the animals are harshly abused while they are in custody and almost all die. The ones that dont stay captive for the rest of their lives. Not to mention all the other alturnatives out there besides animals experimentations. - Lil ASH [October 13, 2010]
Hi, I feel that Animal Testing is wrong and should be stopped. You would not like to wake up and realise just to have some mere makeup animals have died? - Iceskater1234 [October 13, 2010]
I agree with Jeremy A. Would you rather your pets die or your parents. You are SICK if you pick your pets. - Sunshine [October 13, 2010]
I am not sure whether to agree or disagree with animal testing. Ok it is against animal rights but would not you rather it were an animal being tested on rather an inocent human. I do not know which to route for. - Dancer [October 13, 2010]
ANIMAL TESTING BAD! - Diln [October 11, 2010]
if you think it is right you can just go away. it is so wrong in many ways. animals dont wear makeup so why test on them? their only doing it so they can make the right color but did you know animals die from that! they also inject genes into them tat just muetate them its only kills them... there is makeup and skin creams that are NOT tested on animals they may not be the namebrand items you want but they all work the same way... - TaelorJW [October 7, 2010]
animal testing should be stopped - animal [September 30, 2010]
You rock! - Sam [September 24, 2010]
i dont think they sould not get tested on - Lauren [September 22, 2010]
i think that animals shouldnt be treated liker that they should be treated how we would want to be treated . i think this information is really helpful thank you who ever made this - clare [September 18, 2010]
thats cool - tomis [September 16, 2010]
hellooo x - demii gray [September 16, 2010]
animal testing is cruel and im gonna start a petition to stop it for good! - payge [September 15, 2010]
sad - tim smith [September 5, 2010]
wow interesting - james simon [September 5, 2010]
ITS SO SADD! :( - Gabbi [September 2, 2010]
i think animal testting is bad becuase there usig lil animals to test for stuf and its sad - i dont know [September 1, 2010]
animal testimg should not be allowed - Rachel [August 27, 2010]
Has animal testing always happed? - Jamie [August 7, 2010]
animal testing is very wrong an it needs to stop NOW!
even if im a 12 year old i know that it is the worst thing a human can do to an animal
- jess [August 5, 2010]
NO! - gzvbdbvsafbbshb [July 25, 2010]
its only ok for life saving drugs - Jeremy A. [July 24, 2010]

- JEREMY A. [July 23, 2010]
my life has been saved by animal tested drugs! - jeremy A. [July 23, 2010]
its a big and dangerous field of science - jeremy A. [July 23, 2010]
this is a bad thing to do to the poor animals - max [July 22, 2010]
im 14 yrs old and im doing a speech on animal testing and how its so wrong u all have helped me so much thnx xx
- theresa [June 21, 2010]
animal testing is cruel everyone one who really cares about animals people who are animal lovers need to stand up for these animals.animal dont have voice that humans can animal lovers we need to be the voices for animals - Jourdan Thomas [June 15, 2010]
i think animal testing is so wrong , its horrible and needs too be stoped ! - Bob [June 13, 2010]
dont u no enything u r hurting animals i am ashamed if i ever meet enyone who tests on animals i will slap them across the face cause its crule get that so becarful if u meet a lilly :) - lilly [June 7, 2010]
i think animal testing should be baned its crule - lilly [June 7, 2010]
need more facts about the animal side effects. - Bob Dole [June 4, 2010]
Its do in 4 days so i need it really quickly. - nothing [June 3, 2010]
Ok my project is being on the affirmative side (with animal testing) and I have to find strong facts about why animal testing should be allowed. I need names of sites if u could link or something. - nothing [June 3, 2010]
animal testing is very bad! - LB [June 3, 2010]
animal testing should stop. - LB [June 1, 2010]
Face the facts bob. Scientists have discovered 400 different ways to test medicines and other products WITHOUT using animals. Yeah we eat meat, but personally I don't wear fur. We eat other animals and they eat other animals. It is the way of life. Is is bad that birds eat worms? No! Because that is the way of life. - Gaby [May 27, 2010]
I just want to say thanks because I'm taking a debate class and my partner and I are negatives (against animal testing) and the affirmatives give us crap about how if animals deserve the same rights as humans they should be able to vote, be president, drive cars, own houses, ect. But we will win because of your facts. It is cruel how only 5 to 25% of products tested are used. - Gaby [May 27, 2010]
i think animal testing is cruel and should be stopped! - c.louise.s [May 26, 2010]
i agree with everything thats against all these inhumane actions that ppl are doing...!... - diana guzman [May 26, 2010]
when the biscuits fruity apple licks a wire will the pen fall? - im ready [May 25, 2010]
hello nice - yaun L [May 25, 2010]
i really did like your information i just hope that it was reliablle cause i am using it for a project

- Tamika.R [May 24, 2010]
not what i was looking for - dortha warren [May 24, 2010]
if they test on animals they should go to hell. - katie [May 21, 2010]
it kool 2 lern about those - saradjine [May 20, 2010]
Bob i'm with you animal testing happens 24\7 and with out animals testing we would not have medicine! Sorry people look at the facts! - Monkey [May 20, 2010]
Ooops i spelled start as stat. sorry - Adam [May 20, 2010]
This isn't Myspace so stop putting weird stuff Pony and Chelsey
and stat caring about animals you too Bob you are the fool!
- Adam [May 20, 2010]
Shut up Bob, Animals don't have freedom of speech so they don't have a say in things. If animals could talk they would tell you, you have a sick and mean evil mind. - Stephanie [May 20, 2010]
Animal testing is not right no matter what! Instead of using animals they should use the clons people are making, because either way and an animal is an animal and a human is a human. We have diffrent DNA and are reaction is different from thiers. ANIMAL TESTING IS WRONG! - Stephanie [May 20, 2010]
I Dont Think Testing Is Right. Its Just Sad What They Do To Them The Animals - Rachel [May 20, 2010]
Animal testing is cruel. I'm in grade 7 12 years old and doing an edditorial, and I found info that says that the scientists found other ways to find test stuff on. ex. Blood donations, and they don't even use that method. WHAT THE HECK - shaelyn [May 18, 2010]
i dont think scientist should test stuff on animals. - Diana [May 17, 2010]
i tottally think that using animals this way is so low, how could a scientist sit there and hurt an animal and be able to accept that.. we deff need to stop this. - Keitha Robinson [May 17, 2010]
OMG animal testing is not awsome - kalvin [May 13, 2010]
animal testing is bad really bad - kalvin [May 13, 2010]
bob is such a DUMMY because if he thinks that animals testing is OK then why doesnt he just test things on himself. GOSH what is wrong with you . bum. i am TOTALLY AGAINTS IT! :( - Dominqe [May 13, 2010]
i think that this is all really bad how could they do this to living breathing animals - izzy [May 13, 2010]
I believe that they should not be doing experiments on animals. There are plenty of other ways to do experiments. Humans actually volunteer to get testing because maybe the have a family member that has died from cancer and they want to help out as much as they can wso that scientists can find a cure for cancer. What people dont know is that animials are just as important as humans, - Ashley [May 13, 2010]
stop animal testing im tired of people talking about it STOP IT NOW!NOT RIGHT! - macie [May 13, 2010]
stop animal testing! - rea. [May 13, 2010]
how many cows, chickens, and pigs die each day for food? get off the soapbox and realize that without animal testing there wouldn't be... never mind, ppl opposed to animal testing don't listen to reason. - chris [May 12, 2010]
"Ask the experimenters why they experiment on animals and the answer is: 'Because the animals are like us.' Ask the experimenters why it is morall ok to experiment on animals, and the answer is: 'Because the animals are not like us.' Animal experimentation rests on logical contradiction."-Professor Charles R. Magel

For those of you who are so stuck on putting animals through hell because you feel they are lesser, let me propose that you research what happens in labratories and also learn about the Three R's which have already been implemented into our animal rights legislation.
- Tamara [May 11, 2010]
I loved your article! Good informtion that i was unaware of. When i hear people say they agree with animal testing i wish the would go watch some videos online or read some stories of the cruel suffering man of them have gone through. it just sickens me. - Tamara [May 11, 2010]
this is awsome - brad [May 11, 2010]
This is unbelieveable! Those poor animals. i am doing a huge project in animal testing. my 7th grade class is looking up topics and i chose this one. i cant believe this. - lizzy [May 10, 2010]
stop animal testing - Lauren [May 7, 2010]
My real name is Josephine - unknown [May 5, 2010]
Id like 2 save animals, mice, rabbits, and all to keep as petz, not dolls to PUT NEEDLES IN! Id like to know who invented that. im going on strike and will write a letter to the president about this, who cares about make-up, some of this stuff we dont need, and there are other methods than using CUTE ANIMALS! - Unknown [May 5, 2010]
How would you like to be a lab animal getting a needle stuck through you? - Unknown [May 5, 2010]
im a vetitarian - fred [May 5, 2010]
let meh tell YAH something! Animals should NOT be tested on. because, if its for hUmans then test it on humans! its not right for animals to go through pain that they dont even take or wear! for example: medicaine or perfum! they don"t wear it we do so test it on us! - Alexis Barnett [May 4, 2010]
supercalifragilisticexpidaliouscious - alex [May 4, 2010]
i dont know what u r talking about - Joe S [May 4, 2010]
this is jus stuped u lose ur key and get locked out of the house lmaooo... - kaylee [May 3, 2010]
its a school project but I also know not think animal testing is wrong, after I get an A I plan to keepgoing - Vivian [May 3, 2010]
fantastic facts and statistics. Best ever. Thank You very much. Just the information I needed. - Jade [May 2, 2010]
Im with u Hiba c. thank you
/the rest of you people if you were for animal testing you wouldn't be on this sight!
- Chasity [May 2, 2010]
Kohle you to are an idiot u are hartless think of how many cute little bunnies are killed and gutted during testing. Do you think that would hurt u. - Chasity [May 2, 2010]
I recently bcame a veggitarian because of the horrible things they do to them. I allso don't use products tested on animals. - Chasity [May 2, 2010]
I am entirely for animal testing. It's not because I'm heartless, it's not because I am an animal hater, it's because the advancement of the human species should be all humans top priority. Without animal testing, we would have thousands of more deaths a year from diabetes alone.
Saying that animals have the same rights as humans is completely ridiculous. We are much more cognitavely advanced than any animal on the planet. We are the rulers of the planet, as evolution, or creation, take your pick, has made us much more powerful than any creature on the planet. Also, I am 16, yet smarter, and more egotistical, than most of the people i know.
- Kohle [April 30, 2010]
The world of science has on record more than 400 methods that can effectively replace animal experiments. It is important to consider the options since at least thirty-three animals die in laboratories each second worldwide. There is no doubt that medical progress can be achieved without abusing animals.

^is there a source for this?
- Kohle [April 30, 2010]
ANIMAL TESTING IS WRONG! - megan [April 30, 2010]
By the way, has anyone noticed that people for animal testing seem to use less caps locks. - Name Again [April 30, 2010]
First of all, this is a horribly written article. This is formal writing, get ride of the exclamation marks. Anyway, I believe that animal testing is a regrettably necessary part of society. Without animal testing, Pavlov would not have discovered classical conditioning, and our knowledge of the brain would be cut in half. While it might not be justified in all cases, regulated and scientific animal testing is a benefit to everyone.
Also because you all seem to care, I am 18 years old and am currently a senior.
- Name [April 30, 2010]
very good article, i am strongly against animal testing. it is wrong, but i will admit it is helpful. we should stop testing animals and start looking for alterative faster, - hayley [April 29, 2010]
im in this after school program n were a debate team n right now were in teams for pros and cons and were debating about animal experimentation and im on the pro team and this gave me alot of facts about animal expermentation for my pro team - marconi school [April 29, 2010]
no one should tes on animals - joe [April 29, 2010]
I FEEL THAT ANIMAL TESTING IS VERY WRONG! no animal should be hurt like they r being hurt through testing...if we have to be this selfish just to know that we r safe WHICH SOMETIMES DOESNT EVEN WORK DUE TO DNA AND HUMAN AND ANIMALS NOT BEING COMPLETLY THE SAME... then we need to take a stand against it... if cute litlle animals r being hurt thats when we draw the line... animal testing is wrong and to stand against it we need to start to buy products that have the label on it that says...THIS PRODUCT WAS NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS...even no u arent the one testing the animals you r the one that is buying the product that couldve hurt an animal life... just because they cant walk and talk like we can doesnt mean that they cant feel pain like we can! STAND AGAINST ANIMAL TESTING DONT LET LITTLE POOR HELPLESS DEFENSELESS ANIMALS KEEP GETTING HURT LAKE THIS! maybe you need to think how you would feel ifyou were the animal and you ewere being used as t test experiment and you could lose your would b scared too! - izzy [April 28, 2010]
Well if you think animal testing is wrong? Most of you Eat meat so dose not matter your killing animals to and EATING THEM FOR THEIR MEAT SO THINK ABOUT THAT BEFORE YOU COMMENT THAT TESTING IS WRONG AND YOU WEAR FURS WHICH IS MADE FROM ANIMALS AND ARE SKINNED... ALIVE SO think about that fools - Bob [April 26, 2010]
UGH YOUR FOOLS Without animal testing you would have less medicine oh yeah Hiba.C Its not just for makeup you fool its for medicine and vaccines You should of thought about that and Hiba if your Dad was dying and you had to give up your pet to save him would you that's what i thought fool. - Bob [April 26, 2010]
UGH YOUR FOOLS Without animal testing you would have less medicine - Bob [April 26, 2010]
Why do we even test animals? It makes me so mad. Just for makeup? something we dont even need! STOP MAKEUP , STOP ANIMAL TESTING . Save an animal PLEASE help me stop animal testing on my new website which I will post soon . Thanks
- Hiba.C [April 24, 2010]
Animal testing is a cruel and inhumane procedure. How could somebody cause an innocent animal so much pain and suffering, when in the long run, a good percent of it doesn't even work? It's not worth it. What's in the mind of these people, I may never know. - Megan E. Onnen [April 22, 2010]
I think that ALL animal testing should be stopped. Testing on animals is completely wrong, and gets us no where. Don't you see the number of perscription drugs that have those side effects, that could even possibly kill you? Yeah, those are the ones tested on animals, and the side effects are there because animals are nothing like us humans, so doing tests on them to see how we would react to it, is just plain stupid. - Kaylene Rood [April 21, 2010]
i dont think that any testing should be done on any animal at all i think that the animals should be allowed to do what they wanrt to that way the animals are not harmed in any way also i think that any one that tests/harms an animal should go to jail - jessica ford [April 21, 2010]
I think animals should not be tested on and I strongly agree with this article. Animal Testing Is the EXACT same as animal cruelty and I am against animal cruelty. But the real question is " Why do the do it" ? - Benjamin Cela [April 21, 2010]
It's a great lesson - Calvin [April 20, 2010]
I am doing a report about why animal testing is wrong. Can you help me? - Bobby L. [April 20, 2010]
i agree with your position, but i would love to see some sources in these articles. - wendy [April 20, 2010]
I'm in 6th Grade and I'm 12 years old,
Did you know that about twentyfive to thirtyfive million animals are used in the United States each year for laboratory testing and research. Reasearch involving testing donne on animals is unnecessary and cruel. ANIMAL ABUSE NEEDS TO STOP BE GONE AND MAKE IT ILLEGAL!
- Autumn [April 19, 2010]
i cant beleive that they would do this! Why dont they stop using animals and go with the alternatives? - marie [April 19, 2010]
people are way to mean and for themselves! it is wrong and you people need to forgett about yourselves! think about in the long run what could happen no one knows and that's not good a species could be lost or worst it could grow into somthing dangours and hurt more than what it has helped!:((((( youm peole who think it's wright should be tested upon let the prouducts hurt you if that's what you want but know it's wrong and i pray if u do get teasted upon then i wont hurt u - against it [April 19, 2010]
I feel if we are going to use animals it doesn't need to be for shampoos but for much more important reasons. It is wrong to use animals for non-important things,however people still do this and they need to be stoped. What happens when we put the wrong creme or somthing more to spread a reaction through out the DNA chain and we don't realize this untill they reprouduce causing a reaction even we don't will be too late and we might not be able to stop it. this is what could happen so we need to take wareness to stop it! - Anonamous [April 19, 2010]
Yes humans have been tested. People suffer just as much as animals do. Think about cancer.. I agree that its wrong to test animals with make up products and things of that sort, however, if it can help the human race so be it. Medical advancements will benefit our future. If you people were given the choice to suffer from an illness that can be helped with a substituted animal part or product that was tested on an animal, would you do it? or would you rather suffer because you felt that some poor bunny got hurt in the process? - AnmlLvr [April 18, 2010]
ANIMAL TESTING SHOULD BE ILLEGAL! I don't care if it will set back the advantages in medicine. HUMANS ARE ANIMALS TOO! We are the more advanced species so we can get over the fact that we wouldn't have animals to test on. - Grace [April 16, 2010]
This is a cruel punishment - jessica ritchie [April 16, 2010]
did a human get tested - josue bonilla [April 16, 2010]
Animal testing is the result of medical procedures today that have benefited many humans who have suffered from painful illnesses. Take the pig for example, its cardiovascular system is so similiar to that of a human. Heart transplants where the heart is taken from a pig and put into a human has saved many lives. Yeah it's sad that the pig had to die but they have litters of about nine piglets per birth. Consider that when you are deciding on whether it's right or wrong to use an animal who can double its population in 4 months. I live on a farm, I have many pets, and i do know that they do serve a purpose. For everybody who says its wrong to test animals, put yourself in the shoes of someone suffering from a cardio related illness. Would you rather die, or be saved from a result of animal testing? Think about it. - AnmlLvr [April 16, 2010]
i think that its horrible that they do that to poor little animals. I wish someone could stop the madness. You dont Necessarily have to sell makeup that test's on animals. This is just a personal opinion. - Gina [April 15, 2010]
im 14 years old in 8th grade - cindy valentine [April 15, 2010]
so many animals are abused nd killed. there are about 640 alternatives for animal testing. go to to see a video. why do we act like were the boss of every living creature? we are not the ones who decides if they live or die. we act as if we can do whatever we want to animals just becouse were smarter or bigger. animals didnt anything to us yet we ruin their home, kill their familys, and torture them. if you just imagine if it was the other way around, and we were the ones being testeed on everything would be different. i bet if it was like that people would change the way they do things. we cant just blame it at the scientists if you think about it we all are involved with it in some sort of way. humans are the ones who should change. hopefully one day we would all live together in peace. even though some people might say its impossible little by little we can make it happen. one step at a time. just stop testing on animals. - cindy valentine [April 15, 2010]
Does anyone have a web site on ANIMAL TESTING? - DOES [April 15, 2010]
I am doing a speech on Animal testing and i think that more people should be awar of what is happening behind the doors.! And how animlas should not be tested on for your oun beauti! THINK ABOUT IT BEFORE YOU BY! - me 2 [April 15, 2010]
animal testing is wrong and bad! i am 5th 11years - esperanza baca [April 14, 2010]
I think you should tell people what 9% is. - Janet Williams [April 13, 2010]
i like kittys - seth johnson [April 13, 2010]
i just needed info for this essay at school hahaha - Alyssa [April 12, 2010]
i mean really why test on animals? when you could really test on ppl who dont think they have a right to live... like prisoners who have murdered, terrorists, ppl in jail, etc. - Danielle [April 12, 2010]
You know what! Animal testing is wrong! Animals are created by god and they should not be used for death! Its inhumane beacause the animals dont give the scientist consent and that makes them helpless. - Sharay Montgom [April 9, 2010]
i think that scientists should not use animals to test. but at the same time i dont think that you should not use people either. although my opinion probly dosnt matter because apparently im just a 6th grader. - chloe [April 8, 2010]
I think animal testing has helped save more human lives than cost animal lives plus it may help in animal vaccines - 841995 [April 8, 2010]
this is so mean to the animals of our earth! its cruel and we should stop it. what did these animals do to us? - BOBBY THE DOG [April 7, 2010]
i think animal testing is wrong and very evil they should test cosmetisc on humans not on poor help lees animals - james williams [April 7, 2010]
THIS IS MEAN x( - BOBBY THE DOG [April 7, 2010]
There ARE NO beniefits to humans from animals testing. i personally think that we test on animals to be evil. If we was to take better care of ourselves half of these illnesses would exsits at all. - kelsey [April 6, 2010]
Animla testing is wrong and it needs to be stopped. Im Shelbi and im sixteen and i have to write a paper for my Speech class and im giving my speech on how animal testing is wrong and cruel. i dont think people realize whats going on in those labs...even GRASSHOPPERS are being tested on! i mean for real? Cats dogs monkeys and rabbits all being tested on just so we dont have to test it ourselves. i think if you want to test something test it on a human that volenteers to do it. animals have done nothing wrong and they havent hurt us at all and this is how they are repaid? I say we all come together and protest this and get a law passed that Animal Testing is illegal! - Shelbi [April 2, 2010]
i think animal testing is the worst thing any body can do! - Jasmine [April 1, 2010]
i love this place omg baby - pony [April 1, 2010]
Make sure you use spell check before you publish "useful" information on the internet. I thought this website was credibile until I saw the word "for" mispelled. - Chelsey [April 1, 2010]
death row inmates... - another person [March 30, 2010]
get confortable places 4 animals - joe m [March 25, 2010]
animal testing sux! - joe m [March 25, 2010]
animal testing is cruel, but think about it... it helps save your life! Almost EVERY DAY! Sure its sad, but more humans would be dying if we didnt have animal testing. - Brad [March 25, 2010]
its still wrong - william [March 24, 2010]
this artical is HILAIROUS! - austin shoppa [March 18, 2010]
I think it should be stopped it kills milliobs of animals - jogre [March 16, 2010]
it sad what they do to those poor things they should a shamed of themself - wldvc [March 16, 2010]
okay ... as i was reading everyone else's comments it seemed that everything was so biased, so many fallacious outbursts like strawman fallacy, false analogy, ad misericordiam to name a few ... and this article lacks a lot of details and doesnt even sight any important sources or correct authorities ... btw, i've got like 6 cats at home and would shout at my mum if she ever mistreated one of them ... so please, let us not make hasty generalizations or oversimplification and skip the rest of the information - Guest [March 16, 2010]
then why do they continue? if there really are 400 other methods besides animal testing then how about giving us a few. - student [March 16, 2010]
i think its crucel for animals to be tested on because its just not right im saying if animals could talk like humans they would say something about thing about this and they say alot because animals are helpful cute cudly and some are friendly but theres no reason for them to be tested on some of them dont even make it after that tragic moment and ifthey do they get ill after that its just NOT RIGHT! - PHILLIP [March 11, 2010]
i agree with aprl 100% & yes people should swap places with the animals (: , i have snake & Four cats!, if anyone tried to touch em i would kill then (: - Tania [March 11, 2010]
I think that peoplw qho enjoy animal testing arnt right in the head!, if you enjoy annimal you should be looked up you sicos!... you are all gay & i hate you!, those poor little animals!.. write back all you want i will merk you all little sados! - April [March 11, 2010]
animal testing wrong and inhumane. Anyone who thinks that animal testing is right should switch places with a animal that is being tested on for one day to feel the pain and suffering that they go through and then tell me that it is still ok. - amber [March 8, 2010]
yo, yo. animal testin is supa insaaane. i jus' dont undastaand it at ALL. like, why are they takin tests and stuff? are they like in school? - Latonya [March 8, 2010]
I think that animal testing is ghastly. Why isn't it completely out-lawed? - Jen V. [March 8, 2010]
meds need to be tested. Shampoos being tested on animals is weird. - person [March 5, 2010]
animal testing is unethical and just plain wrong! i am writing a controversial paper for my english class on whether or not this is right and i think we all know the opinion im giving. If companies need test subjects, find people who are willing to dedicate themselves, get paid, and possibly die for the good of the company. but dont sacrifice poor and unsuspecting animals for it! - Kim [March 4, 2010]
this is crazy i cant belive it. these are the things that you dont hear on the news - cherry [March 3, 2010]
Cant find any info about certain topics. - morgan [March 2, 2010]
that is unfair 2 test on animals - jojo [March 2, 2010]
this is an outrage... animals react differently to experiments than humans do... if they want to do an experiment, do it on themselves! - Courtney Bruce [March 2, 2010]
good facts - jose rasya [March 1, 2010]
It is fair and right - qu [February 26, 2010]
Hi my name is andrew and a would just like to say that iif we didnt have meat we wouldnt have mcdonalds :O! - Andrew [February 26, 2010]
bad 2 animal test - joe s [February 23, 2010]
how many animals die - deshawna [February 22, 2010]
what r u doing - deshawna [February 22, 2010]
do they torcher the animals - deshawna [February 22, 2010]
Animal testing is wrong especially when it has completely different effect on animals than humans. the amount of animals that die each year from testing, which is pointless, is disgraceful... mice and rats may not be the most pleasent animals, but they do not deserve to be killed by scientists that think they are the perfect solution... As for larger animals, such as cats and dogs, i completely disagree that they should even be thought of for experiments! all them non-rodant animals that die each year could have been in a home where they get treated properly and NOT get killed by scientists.. JUST STOP IT, IT WRONG AND SICK! Your meant to be smart people, think of a different way to do experiments instead of using INNOCENT animals! - Ashleigh [February 22, 2010]
i think is bad to use animals in experiment that no work with human - no [February 21, 2010]
animal testing is bad and nothing but bad test it on fruit of some kind of food - not announced [February 11, 2010]
hey , whoever thinks that is right , u should get punish and see how it feels lets see if u like it u mean people , they shouldnt do that to the poor animals. - noelia ravelo [February 9, 2010]
i think that they should stop testing on animals ,those poor animals suffer a lot ,if they were animals would they like to be treated like that i dont think so is just not a good thing to do they should get punished for that. - shelby quintani [February 9, 2010]
WUT IS EMMA AND DANEIL TALKIN BOUT. IT IS NOT FUN. AND OUR SURVIVAL DID FINE WHEN THE IDIANS DIDNT TEST ON ANIMALS! IF WE WORK TOGETHER WE CAN FIND A WAY TO NOT USE ANY KIND OF ANIMAL OR HUMAN. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! i understand how people dont think we should waste time on animals but we ARE just like them! they are just like us, its like testing on our own kind. plus if we need to test on an animal y cant we just do it to people? AND if people are getting arrested for animal cruility how is animal testing different? they might not die but they still have tubes and crap all over their body that shouldnt be there. our world has gotten out of hand if they think animal testing is the right thing to do. WE CANT JUST START KILLING ANIMALS FOR A STUPID REASON!THE products are good to use and they are common but this cant keep going on! i really want to put an end to this. i am like martin luther king jr. I HAVE A BIG DREAM TO END THIS ONCE AND FOR ALL! !FIGHT FOR ANIMAL RIGHTS, AND BE POLITE - HAYLEY [February 9, 2010]
i think animals testin is wrong if you need to find out anythin ask a human to help coz some humas want to help animals want to run and be free so why should be stop them coz what would be do if there want anythin such as animals IT IS WRONG! - JESS [February 9, 2010]
I think that animal testing is worng no animal shuold go through such a thing. - iysha owens [February 8, 2010]
Where does animal testing take place? - Anne [February 4, 2010]
I strongly agree, if we can stop & restart a human heart, then why can't we decide on one of the 400 methods to save the animals. Also, humans are suffering the consiquences that scientists aren't fixing. We need to make a change. - Kelly [February 4, 2010]
animal testing is fun - danielle [February 3, 2010]
Well I read your facts and i thought it was really sad..we should put a stop to this..animals have as right as we do too you why do we do it..its like hurting people in our own way..animals are like put a stop it...please... - Kianna castel [February 3, 2010]
i think animal testing isn't so cruel after is needed for our survival - emma [January 31, 2010]
i think animal testing is very wrong. How can you think it is right to use an animal to test product that humans are going to use! THAT IS SELFISH! one thing we are two totally different species so how can you exspect the result you got from testing the animals to be the same when you put the product out for human use. secondly if its so important for the human race we should therefpr test it on humans. See here is the biggest thing to me humans have will power animals dont but that doesnt mean that they cant feel the pain and the fear. humans can say yes, i dont mind the tests or no, i do mind the test. Another thing i hear that animals are only taken from pounds where they are going to die any ways. That is so not true they are breed in factories were the animals are taken as puppies and experimented on and the only reason the conditions in the factories or where ever else are even semi ok is because of the AWA which is the only law helping to protect these poor animals. so for those of you out there who are for animal testing you really should think about what i just wrote or d o the research your self but hopefully one day this can be an animal testing free country - marie hankins [January 28, 2010]
i think this information answers all my questions ana others to .
- Amanda [January 25, 2010]
Animal testing is rong and crule and should be stoped - Marie s [January 25, 2010]
This article states that we have inflicted most of the diseases that animals are tested for with our reconstructed diets but animal testing has been dated back to ancient greeks egyptians and indians. I believe that we should work harder on finding new alternatives but for now, other methods are way less advanced than animal testing. When it comes down to the end, would you pick your life over a lab rat's life? All I'm saying is that this article should state some of the good factors of animal testing. - HB [January 21, 2010]
hi my name it brittany molina and im 14 years old and i have to do this paper in history class and writing class about animal testing and we have to debate on it but my team has to go with it but in real life i hate it and when i grow up im going to start this company that will stop animal testing and the other day i went on this web site that are trying to stop animal testing and there had alot of stuff that people do to them when they do alot of mean stuff to them and stuff that they dont need to do and do you know somethig cats ,dogs, and other animals are not like humans and they dont react the same like humans do so animal testing it just plan dumb and they dont need to do it and i think that they know that they are doing bad and that they have no heart:( - brittany m [January 21, 2010]
i hate animal testing - brianna [January 20, 2010]
Animal testing is wrong! This should be stopped ASAP! Animals don't deserve to be treated like this. I want to be a vet and want to get this stopped. - Kayla [January 19, 2010]
i love to learn so i will tell gud facts bout animal testing - amirah [January 19, 2010]
i hate it when people test on animals and they could test on other somethong else(eg., human tissue) - taylor [January 15, 2010]
ok so lets say animal testing got banned then what someones pet gets sick and no one can do nothing cause they dont know about the sickness and they dont know how to do a surgery lets say your family dog gets hit by a car it could of lived if it had proper treatment that was learned from animal testing animal testing may look bad but in the end it saves animals and humans and does allot of good in the world you cannot hate on people for this if these tests were never done simple things like rabbies would be in curable you cant make a drug with out testing it its the only way shure its hard to see and not feel bad for these tests but with out them the world would be in a ruin more animals would die then ever and in just as bad of ways not everything can be natural deseases and virus's change cures have to be made some how it looks bad but its science it does good in the end for animals of all kinds and humans ! - goba [January 15, 2010]
it is like slavery to the animals - 1478 [January 15, 2010]
animals have a right to live if we have a right to live than they do - Faith [January 13, 2010]
Absolutely WRONG! you shouldnt do these things to poor helpless animals! - Karley [January 5, 2010]
its sad that they kill pigs chikins and cows for meat :(***
- raina [January 4, 2010]
animal testing is cruel and unaccurate and should not be allowed - james [December 16, 2009]
There are a few grammatical and sentence structure errors in your essay, but I have to say that I find animal testing appalling as well. Did you know some testers tested an eye medicine on some rabbits, and when they put it in their eyes they actually screamed? Or that many broke their necks and backs just trying to escape? If these experiments were done on humans, I bet they would really be illegal then... - Jenna [December 16, 2009]
Here's an excellent a speech about it:
Over 100 million animals in North America alone will be killed in cruel animal tests each year. Animal testing has been going on for years, alot of companies test there products on animals, some of these tests consist of restraining animals and dropping chemicals into there eyes, the scientests also forcefully pump the chemicals into the animals stomach though a tube to see how it reacts to the chemical, this is extremely painfull for the animal. After observing the reactions for a number of days the animal is ither destroyed or re-used in other expariments, most expariments consist of burning, stabbing and drugging animals. The animals are in pain the whole expariment. The thing is that animals react to drugs differently then we do so the results cant accuratly be applied to people so why do scientests do it?

Most companies test on animals, did you know that the mars candy company tests on animals? They have spent money on a deadly experiment on rats to discover the effects of chocolate ingredients on their blood vessels. Experimenters force-fed the rats by shoving plastic tubes down their throats and then cut open the rats' legs to expose an artery, which was clamped shut to block blood flow. After the experiment, the animals were destroyed. Mars has also funded cruel experiments in which mice were fed a candy ingredient and forced to swim in a pool of water mixed with white paint. The mice had to find a hidden platform to avoid drowning, only to be killed and dissected later on, these teats are going on right now. None of these tests are required by law and they are unessesary.

During a raid on April 20, 1985 by the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) rescued numerous rats, ferrets, monkeys, dogs and cats from a lab in California. There was 1 baby monkey they came across, they found that this baby was ripped away from its monther and put though a horrible expariment, he had its eyes sewn shut the day of his birth and a sonar device taped to its head, the device would give off a high pitch beep every 5 minutes and the beep would last for 30 seconds, this baby was in isolation in a tiny glass cage. The baby who was laiter named britches was only 4 weeks old when they found him. Britches was going to go through that expariment for a full 3 years and in the end they would destroy him, all this expariment would prove is how the monkeys brain developed without a mother and they wanted to see if Britches would have over developed hearing due to being blind, they tested this with the sonar device. The animal liberation front rescued him along with all of the other animals and the healthy ones all found homes, after they took Britches to a vet and they removed the stitches from his delicate eyelids, for the first time on 4 weeks he could see again, britches was cared for by some volinteers and he would scream for no reason and he would have short seazures witch he edventually grew out of. Britches went to a monkey sancuary when he was 4 months old where he was put with a surrogate mother and laiter grew up to be a normal monkey.

Not all animals have the happy ending that Britches had, most animals are destroyed after the painfull expariments that they are put through. The thing is that scientests have been able to reciently clone human skin and cells, these cells and skin can be used in tests instead of testing on animals and these tests are more accurate. This way the animals would not have to suffer in the name of science. Most companies have decided to test on human cells and skin but some companies are still testing on animals, please do not support the companies that test on animals by not buying there products. Animal testing is unessesary and dosent have to go on any longer.
- Animal lover [December 15, 2009]
Why do people cruel animals !? Animals are just like us they are humans expect the only difference is that they can't talk. We should treat animals the same way we treat our loved ones. Imagine if we were the animals and they were the humans. Imagine how diffcult it might of been . WE MUST STOP ANIMAL TESTING AND CRUELTY. - Animal lover [December 15, 2009]
do not test on animals! - lee [December 14, 2009]
animal testing is so wrong - ashley [December 12, 2009]
I think that this piece of work deserves a thumbs up! It tells you a ton of facts that have been concealed from the people on the outside. Good job! - Becky [December 10, 2009]
i agree it is wrong - thomas pass [December 10, 2009]
I think that animal expiremtentation is WRONG! - Connor South [December 10, 2009]
Y DONT YOU JUST STOP ANIMAL TESTING! - kate [December 7, 2009]
i think animal testing is wrong and they should of put a stop to this years ago now its just getting worse and worse animals are getting tested on and dying while the rest of the animals are being extinct - Erika [December 4, 2009]
Animals shouldn't be tested. It is cruel! Its rude as well. Just because animals can't talk to do things like humans can, doesn't mean they have to take the pain/death!
Its makes me so angry to look up this stuff and find dead bunny rabbits.
- MonsterBaby.(: [December 3, 2009]
It's wronggggg! - Your mommmm. [December 3, 2009]
i dont like that fact of killing animals - katielynn:) [December 3, 2009]
i think it is very cruel that they test almost every product on animals but i somewhat understand that they have to its extremely sad though - lakeridge-girl [December 3, 2009]
i think it is very cruel that they test almost every product on animals but i somewhat understand that they have to - lakeridge-girl [December 3, 2009]
Animal testing is cruel and outdated. More and more poor innocent animals are killed a year for no apparent reason. This needs to stop now! People are so sick minded these days. If you think animal testing is ok, you obviously think it is ok to make humans sick. Read the article, you'll know why I said that. I'm a animal activist and proud of it. Haters can back off! - Victoria [December 2, 2009]
i agree - abs [December 1, 2009]
that its cool - bob [November 30, 2009]
omg i read though comments and thought alot of people want to stop this and there are alot of people on this site s owe should come together and sign a petition or protest or something. any ideas? - mary m [November 30, 2009]
yay, i am reading this because i am writing a persuasive essay in lit and i chose the topic stop animal testing no one else did but i love animals and want to help them. i think that its disgusting how the people who do this for a living can still sleep at night. i saw a short video on peta and it is horrifing i really want to help out in some way. i think that i am going to write a letter to the president. hopefully he will look at it. - mary m [November 30, 2009]
i think animal testing should be baned around the world...animals dont have a voice to stop this, so some people think they can say what the animals want. But they dont want to be used for testing, just let them be... - Alice [November 28, 2009]
I HATE ANIMAL TESTING! - JENNA [November 27, 2009]
I think ur so write i mean how could people do this... and good research ive found out alot for my report... thx :D - Mystery Girl [November 22, 2009]
people dont need sourses when it come to hurting another living thing they just need feelings - i care [November 19, 2009]
animal testing is disgusting it should be illegall - rachael [November 19, 2009]
Where are your sources? I have done a lot of research and a lot of your facts seem blatantly incorrect. - Jordan [November 18, 2009]
I love animals, and I think this is a little messed uppp. - Iola [November 18, 2009]
Animals were put on earth for a purpose, not to get treated bad and tortured. They should pay volunteers instead. - Bri [November 18, 2009]
Ummmmm... Little bit biased, but whatever. - Erika [November 17, 2009]
I think that sciencetist should stop testing product on animals because they are suffering and pain. So I think you should STOP NOW! - miranda [November 12, 2009]
i really hope that soon animal testing will stop - jenna [November 11, 2009]
it's very harsh for people to take animals' lives for makeup and stuff like that! sham :( - Emma [November 11, 2009]
kayy. so how would you like it if we people tested stuff on you that could kill you? not very much right? right. so why test on animals? now im all for eating meat and deer hunting, but seriously, animal testing? horrible. i could hurt someone because of it :] - Nikki [November 10, 2009]
im not sure on where i stand on animal testing because on some things its wrong but on other things its ok - nada [November 9, 2009]
i think that people who test drugs on animals are confused and have nothing better to do animals dont hurt us why would u hurt them - nana [November 9, 2009]
I love animals and animals have feelings too. - maria [November 3, 2009]
Animal testing is horrible it is mean and sad. - Jessica [November 3, 2009]
its cruel - fmh [November 3, 2009]
I think that they should stop using animals because it is a health risk for humans! - Sophia [November 1, 2009]
this was a lot of help to me thanks. please fix a couple of the typos though. - Destiney [October 29, 2009]
i love animals and they are cute and cuddly...HOLLA IF YOU HEAR ME!:) - ashley watkins [October 29, 2009]
i love animals - bruce acio [October 29, 2009]
I'm 100% against. But there's too many people who don't even care! They're just too busy living their stupid lives without even knowing what's going on in the world.
US, you and me, the few who REALLY CARE, Have to stand together to save this innocent creatures! otherwise this will never end... ='{
- Elizabeth [October 29, 2009]
Animal Testing is sick and cruel it should be illegal! it is an unessassary evil! - Taylor [October 17, 2009]
yikes, its a bunny in a beaker! :( - Sarahbear [October 15, 2009]
wow, i had no idea what a big difference humans were from animals. why must we insist on continuing with animal testing if there are so many other ways for us to get the results we want without hurting animals in the process? with the rate of fatalities due to the testing, something must be done to stop it once and for all. ): - Juliet M [October 12, 2009]
how can i help - zoe [October 12, 2009]
i do not think this is right all of these animals are soffering because of the dameg it leves to the animal this is a sighn of animal apusse we have to speak for the animals - krystal [October 7, 2009]
animal cruelty is sick, and wrong, they never vollunteered for this, just like a human wouldnt. so y dont humans get treated bad by other humand=\\?/ - mad at scientis [September 28, 2009]
ahhhhhhhhhh so mean - dot [September 28, 2009]
hi guys - josh r [September 24, 2009]
hi josh - ryan j [September 24, 2009]
how are all u people doin today - ryan j [September 24, 2009]
hi i like animals - ryan j [September 24, 2009]
I don't like the way this page is layed out. The facts should be bulleted and more simple. Or an alternative page for teens. Because what teen would want to read through all of that? None! Other than that, its a great page. :) - Smockley [September 23, 2009]
when you experment one or more aniamal can get sick and its not right. - morningstar [September 21, 2009]
i think that 'animal' testing should be carried out on criminals that are serving a life sentence, such as paedophiles,murderers and rapists. this would solve two common problems-1: animal testing would stop or at least be cut down and 2: there would be no overcrowded prisons. - Rhianon grinter [September 18, 2009]
i love this, helped a lot with my report ! thanks! - heather murphy [September 1, 2009]
where is this information from? - Jake [August 29, 2009]
micheal jackson... RIP - MIKE123 [July 15, 2009]
this is just crual i mean cmon these animals have no say in this... unless they test my plesure toys on me i have no problem - mike litorus [July 15, 2009]
dude! - wow [July 15, 2009]
im for it! - hell yes [July 3, 2009]
im currently doing my Year 11 NCEA speech on animal cruelty tihs has been a great site, thanks - ben [July 2, 2009]
animal cruelty should be stopped, it is a cruel way to test things, im sure there is other ways then to hurt the animals... why cant they just spend time and money on finding them then time and money on killing animals? - ben [July 2, 2009]
animal cruelty is sad... - bem [July 2, 2009]
heelo my name is zara i am writing to say this website is brillant i think because it has got lots of info on what ever you are looking for - Zara [June 29, 2009]
- Jade [June 17, 2009]
i think animal texting is so not funny and should be band for everr and ever i shouldn't do it on animals...
i love animals i have a rabbit,ginnie-pig and a dog.
i love my animals to bites and u should do the same not do animal testing.
- jordonne [June 17, 2009]
i think animal testing is so wrong and they should STOP it fall stop! - jordonne [June 17, 2009]
i think that animal testing should be bannd for EVER and we need to save these poor animals from a life of pain and mysery - 123 no coment [June 15, 2009]
I think animal testing is wrong and sad and sick - hannah [June 5, 2009]
there should be testing - Amy R [June 4, 2009]
animal testing is bad - jknkj [June 1, 2009]
Animals, You look just as stupid wearing there fur.. Animal testing is cruelty, We humans are animals and we are not tested on, So why should others be?

- Victoria [May 30, 2009]
We are all God's creations. - Timothy Peterso [May 26, 2009]
this article has been very helpful for my reaserch - jagoda gigante [May 25, 2009]
animal testing is just wrong and mean! - sarah [May 25, 2009]
although i agree with what you said i think that your facts are a little skewed. i have done some research and i think either some of your facts are wrong or your resources are wrong. i agree with a lot you said and i think animal testing should be prohibited but in order to make a good and effective argument your facts need to be true. - unknown [May 20, 2009]
u know what people that think animal testing is something to laugh about, when the time comes you'll be experimented on and then you'll see what those poor animals went through - Karma [May 19, 2009]
Most animals aren't even on anestetic when being tested on! - Yuki Johansen [May 19, 2009]
i think that doing tha to a poor animal is really mean - coool [May 14, 2009]
Very interesting facts that i didn't know. - Taylor [May 14, 2009]
animal testing is wrong and ppl should not do it. there are other ways of finding out if a product works or not. STOP ANIMAL TESTING NOW! YOU ARE HURTING ANIMALS AND THAT IS A CRIME! ANIMAL CRUELTY IS WRONG! - Beatrice N [May 14, 2009]
under the paragraph understanding the extent of damages is a good paragraph because it has a question that should be anwsered by a expert of taking a stand to not animal test - makayla lucas [May 14, 2009]
stop please actuly my dad tests animals in a lab so u guy please thank me you guy want it to be tested on you exacly so all of u shut up - fang [May 13, 2009]
you know what i think that aniaml testing is so wrong and it should be illegal its wrong and there losing there lives for nothing because 61% of the testthat passed on animals hramed or killed people - caybree [May 12, 2009]
testing - Joe [May 12, 2009]
Animal - Joe [May 12, 2009]
I agree with bob (at the bottom) when he says that animal testing is bad, like me in bed. - Ben Dover [May 12, 2009]
Animal testing is incredibly cruel and unimaginably horrible1 It should be stoppped immediatly! Those poor, helpless animals suffer and die every day! - Sam [May 12, 2009]
Animals are beautiful creatures on earth and they don't deserve this kind of torturing!what have animals done to us?!testing these unnecessary cosmetics on animals so you can hide the UGLY-NESS with pimple care that DOESN'T WORK? - anime4eva [May 12, 2009]
animal testing really blows ,,,, just like me :)

but seriously its really cruel and stupid.
- yes [May 7, 2009]
Mayne you animal testers should be the ones testing all that type of crap its messed up to test on animals.They need to make a law against animal testing,i hope all of you testers learn your lesson.I WILL FIND YOU :P -Ben Dover (lights out!) - Ben Dover [May 6, 2009]
Why cant they use people who volunteer instead of using hopeless animals,its messed up.Maybe thats why most of the animals are going extinct :P - Jack MeHoff [May 6, 2009]
i think that animal testing is very bad and wrong. i think we should stop all of it and test on something else... some of the animals used anually for testing are going extinct. STOP ANIMAL TESTING! - bok [May 5, 2009]
I think the website is awsome - reshell26 [April 27, 2009]
I believe that people should stop animal testing. Because animals are not the equivalent of a human so even if it doesn’t affect the animal it might affect the human that consumes the product and also I don’t think that people actually need a new hairspray or new cosmetic items or anything

There are live animal experiments authorized around the world, animals are now used as objects of experiments, to test a lot of products. Some products are skin creams and shampoos to cancer prevention drugs. In some countries, the law says that a new drug should be tested on at least two different species of live animals especially mammals, one of which must be a large one that’s not a rodent such as monkeys or dogs.

The conditions on which the animals are put in to human experimentation have caused tumors in animals, while the animal test results were declared to be of little help for humans. The only explanation being offered for this declaration is the fact that there are a lot of differences between animals and humans. It is important to know that although animals are almost always used in cancer research, they never get the human kind of cancer which affects body parts like the lungs. Almost 9% of the animals in the laboratory die. if you read this i took stuff from your website thanks
- javier [April 23, 2009]
I think animal testing is wrong cause its like tacking a human and testing it on them. Every living thing has rights. - laura [April 23, 2009]
thats the worst thing ever testing should be baned - Awesomer [April 23, 2009]
i'd be quite interested to know your sources for the facts you qoute, as i can't find a few of them anywhere. i'm doing my A level coursework on this subject, and need concrete statistics, so if you could mail or publish them..? tommyboyjo *at* yahoo . co . uk - tom [April 23, 2009]
i think this is wrong what they are doing to the animals - josy [April 21, 2009]
so wrong peeps ¬.¬ thats a no No! - Zam [April 17, 2009]
animal testing is just wrong and should not be preformed. i my eyes the animal is already dead. the animal has no self defense and the people that are doing the animal testing should have the testing done on them. Me as an animal lover it breaks my heart. - brienna [April 13, 2009]
"There is no doubt that medical progress can be achieved without abusing animals."
Yes, this is true-- but in order to do so, it would involve immediately jumping to testing in humans, which people will never, ever accept. The entire basis of animal testing is to show that something is safe enough to make the jump into humans. Yes it is sad that animals are killed in the name of human medicine, but people are not willing to give up medical progress in order to stop animal testing. People want new drugs, new devices, new procedures in order to live longer, less painful lives and the truth is that without animal research (or without a drastic shift in both governmental regulation and people's willingness to test products on institutionalized individuals, etc (because no human is going to willingly volunteer to take the place of a lab rat when a new drug or device has NeVeR been tested in a living thing before)) medical progress will stop.

People like to talk about how we can now replace animal testing with cells in test tubes or computer simulations, but the truth is that THESE ARE NOT ENOUGH. Yes animals are different from humans, but cells in a test tube are arguably just as or more dissimilar to what happens in a complete human body as animals are. There are whole-system dependent interactions that we cannot even begin to predict using cell cultures. As for computer simulations-- where do the parameters that are used to build the models come from? The data that is fed into the computer has to come from somewhere, or else the model is something that looks pretty in a computer but bears little to no resemblance to how things work in the real world, and thus are USELESS. Humans will not consent to being operated or given otherwise untested drugs just so researchers can get data points in order to build their computer models, so animals are used instead.

People outside of the scientific community have a very skewed view of animal testing, mostly because they do not know about it. There are innumerable regulations placed on any institution looking to do animal research, such that animals must be treated as humanely and made as comfortable as possible at all times. The animals are treated with respect, not abused-- the animals that are bred for medical research live MUCH better lives than those that people had as pets before dumping them into shelters or onto the streets to live as strays, etc. What about the ones that are processed for food? If I were an animal and given a choice, I'd choose to be a lab rat over a "farm animal" any day...

People opposed to animal testing: volunteer for clinical trials for things that will not necessarily benefit you. Better yet, volunteer your children. Either that or never take any drugs/ never get any surgery/ never receive any kind of modern medical both governmental regulation and people's willingness to test products on institutionalized individuals, etc (because no human is going to willingly volunteer to take the place of a lab rat when a new drug or device has never been tested in a living thing before)) medical progress will stop.
- madambutterfly [April 8, 2009]
wow bob this is a serious subject! - abra [April 7, 2009]
Animal testing is wrong. If you want to test your products do it on humans like the sick or mental instead of hurting the animals on this planet. Humans can be sickining. - Riley [April 3, 2009]
Yes, it's true that animal's bodies and human bodies react and behave differently, but that helps us make new discoveries as well. - Anonymous [April 2, 2009]
i think that knowing all this we should all get together and safe those poor animals - ana [March 29, 2009]
Everybody knows that Animal testing is wrong, but you see people still putting lip stick on monkeys and they make them smoke. Poor bunnies suffer so your hair can be curly, monkeys get hurt to make sure you lip gloss holds up or to make sure your mascara is dark enough. Why put animals through all this stuff that kills them and makes them suffer more than it makes you, when you can put it on you and see if it hurts you. Animals get put through so much to make your life "good" when you can easily do that yourself.
Would you really want animals to suffer for your well being? Don’t you think it’s wrong to let animals have to wear make-up or to smoke. If you know something is bad for you why would you put a living creature, (something god put on this earth to make us happy ] through the same pain? Why would you want a monkey to take up smoking? Why would you want a bunny to get hair spray sprayed in his eyes?
- Tiffany&Joshh [March 26, 2009]
STOP ANIMAL TESTING - autumn [March 26, 2009]
BUZZLE BEE SAYS SAVE THAAA ANIMALS! - BuzzleBee [March 26, 2009]
I think animal testing is just NON SENSE! - BuzzleBee [March 26, 2009]
I think it is important for others to know about the cruelness of animal testing! Keep up the good work in informing people, especially those who are pro-animal testing. I just think it is cruel and unnecessary. As you said, there are more than 400 methods to replace animal testing. So why don't we do it then. Besides the chemical makeup of animals and humans are different so tests on animals may not depict a humans reaction at all anyways! - HaveAGoodDay [March 25, 2009]
So flippen sad testin on animals how bout if those were ur animals gosh animal criality - Bob [March 25, 2009]
i think animal testing is wrong and that most animals die from the testing. so i think someone or people should stop the animal testing its bad for us and the cause of animal extintion. - courtney [March 19, 2009]
If animal testing is for medical reasurch i am for it, but if it is for something stupid like makeup i am against it - aliea [March 18, 2009]
The infomation is great. And i totally agree animal testing is that it is wrong and cruel and think those cute little bunnies and wide adorable eyes of a guene pigs are killed. - -hurtfulwords- [March 17, 2009]
The infomation is great. But my oppinoin on animal testing is that it is wrong and cruel and think those cute little bunnies and wide adorable eyes of a guene pigs are killed. - -hurtfulwords- [March 17, 2009]
mann fo r3alz iim ganna prot3st agaiinst thiis $%#! thiis iis wrong oh y3ah animal cruiilty iis own3rs not giiviing aniimals food or l3aviing th3m to dii3...what iis th3 diiffr3nc3?! - M3h Norma Mtz. [March 12, 2009]
thiis iis aniimal turtur3 and youh n33d to quiit3 your $%#! - m3h [March 12, 2009]
i think animal testing is wrong they kill animals and its wrong if we did testing on them they wouldnt like please stop animal testing - kayleigh i [March 12, 2009]
What did those animals ever do to us! animal testing needs to stop! - Tiffany [March 9, 2009]
I think animal testing is HORRIBLE! - Casey [March 4, 2009]
I am doing a essay for shool on animal testing and i think it is abusive - jack [March 2, 2009]
Animal testing is cruel and unnecessary and should not be done. - jack [March 2, 2009]
At first i did not care about animal testing but now you have showed me that it is wrong and cruel they should stop animal testing right away :( - casey [February 26, 2009]
I think it is cruel and stupid to test on animals, people need to grow hearts because they are just concerned about themselvs.
they need to be stoped, and stop harming animals for our benifit
- Tori Willis [February 26, 2009]
my name is lindsey bradley and i smell like poopie so i know what its like to be tested like an animal - katie donnel [February 25, 2009]
i completely agree with you, this cruelty has got to stop! - poopie [February 25, 2009]
i think that animal testing is wrong and that it should not be used for cosmetics. - Cc [February 22, 2009]
I am doing a letter in school on it and it is like the WORST thing to do. i cant believe what people do to the poor little animals. i am against it - Aloyssa [February 19, 2009]
i think it is horrible to test animals. they are poor inicent animals. they are mostly put to death! sure it helps us BUT they have done nothing to us :(:(:(:(:( - Alyssa [February 19, 2009]
i think that animal testing is horrible. its like someone taking your animal if you have one and testing on it. there are other ways to find cures. animals have rights, its wrong.its just like some one taking away our rights. - crystal [February 18, 2009]
Sad... :( - Bridgette [February 11, 2009]
animal testing is cruel - animal luvva [February 9, 2009]
animal testing is cruelty to animals, I'm against it 100%. - kayla [February 7, 2009]
animal testing is the worst thing i have ever heard of whats wrong with people hurting animals - kayla [February 6, 2009]
animal testing is the worst thing i have ever heard of whats wrong with people - kayla [February 6, 2009]
yeaeh with the technolgy we have today why cant we test it on a robot or somthin that has the same charestics and properties of a aniaml instead of doing it on poor defenseless animals. or why not test it on people who are dead i mean why not do that for the parts about the eyes or somthin becuase its not like to eyes blow up when somebody dies. - Jaguar2020 [February 4, 2009]
you would think with the technology we have today they would leave the poor animals alone they weren't put here for experiments - susan swinea [February 3, 2009]
this website has really good information. the sad part is that its true. - kiera [February 2, 2009]
ANIMAL TESTING IS WRONG BANNED IT...! - Syd W. [February 2, 2009]
i think it is cruel on what they do to the animals. - Jaguar2020 [February 2, 2009]
how would you feel if your mom or dad or loved one had a life threatening disease that can be prevented by a drug tested on animals? then would u like animal testing more? i don't think things like cosmetics should be tested on animals, but drugs for things like polio, aids, malaria, and cancer should be. it saves human lives! - Haley [February 1, 2009]
too much to read all of it im doing a speech and i don't want to read all of this - Brooke Harrison [January 29, 2009]
i think animal testing is just plain cruel stop testing on animals please! - milly [January 25, 2009]

- C.M [January 21, 2009]
I am doing a persuasive essay about stopping animal testing. I used some really nice facts from this site! Thanks! - Gracie [January 7, 2009]
animal testing is wrong - addat [January 7, 2009]
i think this is totally unnecessary and out of order! why test products and drugs on animals when it not going to be used to help them...animals react different to humans and so makes this torture pointless, don't make animals suffer for no reason, there are alternatives to animal testing so use them. it is cruel and evil to make animals suffer and some with no pain relief when the outcome is not going to help them at all. i think it should be banned by law. - catherine [December 28, 2008]
animal testing is wrong to study head trauma they strap animals heads down (usually primates) and they give them massive blows on the head and often give them brain damage! - Laura [December 10, 2008]
Thank you very much for this helpful information. I thought it was fantastic! - Heather [November 17, 2008]
ANIMAL TESTING SHOULD BE ILLIGAL. - annonymous [November 14, 2008]
Why test in the first place? WHAT!?! Do you know how many major companies use animal testing? Look at this list and edit your article, because without some of these companies our economy would dip.
LIST: Adidas, Colgate-Palmolive Co., Clorox, Cover Girl, Procter & Gamble, Arm & Hammer, Bic Corporation, Gillette Co., Braun, Duracell, Johnson & Johnson, Kimberly-Clark Corp., Oral-B, Pantene, Listerene, Playtex Products etc. etc. etc...
There are over 250 more companies that I could've listed!
Really anyways not all of these tests are bad!
I'm only 11 years old but I would whoop you in a debate on our rights to animal testing.
Professor N.
- Professor N. [November 3, 2008]
animal testing is straight up whackk! and anyone who does it should be stung up and have the same thing that they did to the animals done to them! - Julia E [November 3, 2008]
animal testingshould be illegal! - sarah [October 20, 2008]
i think scientist should stop doing animal testing ASAP and so we can have more animals in our wolrd and that you don't KILL all of the animals that we have and we need so we don't have just humans on the earth so i think u shoukd stop right night and let the animals go. You are killing the new animals that have not even been in the world even 5 mins u take them and start right away and me and my friends think u should stop right now if u do u will be a much better person.

Thank you.

Katherine Massimo
- katherine [October 20, 2008]
I think that animal testing is okay in some cases but in ones where the animals are harmed its not okay - annoynomus [October 16, 2008]
i think that animals should not be tested on because the side effects could be different for human. - alyiah [October 7, 2008]
This is terrible i am writing a paper on it and it is just so bad how they treat animals. I love animals and they deserve to be treated better. - hackuray [October 6, 2008]
thats wrong - triniaysha/nia [September 26, 2008]
"In fact 88% of still-births on record are caused by drugs that are passed as ‘safe’ in animal tests"

Where on earth did you get this information? 88% of all still births caused by drugs? Please publish your source data, or is this another example of deliberate distortion of "facts" as used by "antis" to everything from immunisation to fluoridation of water? Don't get me wrong, I am no fan of animal testing either, but this sort of seeming nonsense doesn't help your cause to be seen as credible either.
- Sean [June 4, 2008]
WHAT DO I CLICK ON - STEPH [May 26, 2008]
I think animal testing is outright HORRIBLE! I am soo against it-its not even funny, - Katie [May 5, 2008]
i hope somebody blows those peoples nuts off to show them how they make make thempoor animals feel
- amber [April 25, 2008]
this is horrible and crule what people do to animals - amber [April 25, 2008]
animal testing has got to be the worst thing ever.
i mean honestly making it legal is the stupdiest thing in the world. imagine if i did that to you. like honestly what losers.
- lillian [April 15, 2008]
I strongly belive that all animals have fealings and that they deserve to live and you people are mother f ers - malika [April 15, 2008]
i think that this was a very good and informing article. it has helped me get alot of information for my topic in writing for school. my topic is animal abuse. thanks alot author for all of your help! - rebecca [April 14, 2008]
animal tessting is bad! like me in bed - bob [March 26, 2008]
my name is bob and i am not cool - bob [March 26, 2008]