pinup tattoo as rockabilly tattoo design
Rockabilly tattoos are awesome, but only if you are a big fan of rockabilly music or fashion or the 1950s. So don't just get a rockabilly tattoo because they look cool, get one only if you feel a real connection or love with the era. Else, chances are that you may end up getting bored of your tattoo.
You love grandeur and need some (okay, lots) of drama in your life; you live your life in style and are truly inspired by the '50s; right from the clothing to hairstyle, you like it rockabilly!

Then, why not take your love for one of the most popular fashions of all time to an entire new level. Flaunt your love for rockabilly with an amazing rockabilly tattoo!

Rockabilly tattoos are cool, glamorous, vintage, retro, sexy, colorful, and absolutely you. You can get really small but cute tattoos or even big bold ones with lots of details. So, just browse through some amazing designs like pinup girls, skulls, daggers, or rock star tattoos in this Buzzle article, and make your choice.

Rockabilly Tattoo Designs

Skull Tattoos

A skull is one of the most popular rockabilly designs. You can experiment with a sugar skull, a skull with roses or dagger, or funky and cute ones like those shown in the images. So, take your pick, because skulls are never going out of style. Having a skull tattoo is like reminding yourself to life live to the fullest, because you are going to die one day anyway.

rockabilly skull tattoo

rockabilly funky skull tattoo

Pinup Tattoos

Bold, glamorous, colorful, and sexy, pinup tattoos are perfect for girls. You can flaunt one anywhere; from a cute pinup girl to a sexy damsel, take your pick, and be prepared to receive lots of compliments.

pin up girl tattoo

rockabilly amore tattoo

sexy pin up tattoo

rockabilly pin up girl tattoo

Rock Star Tattoos

Rockabilly tattoos are obviously inspired by rockabilly music. So all you music lovers, or should I say rock stars, flaunt your love with a cool rock star tattoo. Yes, you can even have a tattoo of your favorite music icons. Go, rock it!

rock n roll tattoo

rock star tattoo

Dagger Tattoos

What is rockabilly if not drama; make it striking, make it piercing, make it melancholic. A dagger tattoo is one of the sexiest designs you can flaunt. A dagger through the heart can portray betrayal, hurt, and a broken heart. Sometimes, it could also mean sacrifice. A dagger through a rose can also symbolize letting go, and moving on in life.

dagger through rose tattoo

dagger through heart tattoo

Some more options for you!

rockabilly tattoo design
rockabilly tattoo design

rockabilly tattoo design
rockabilly tattoo design

rockabilly tattoo design
rockabilly tattoo design