2012 End of the World: Is The World Going To End In 2012?

For a long time 2012 has been billed as the year of the Armageddon, but is it really a cause of concern or just one of those conspiracy theories that keep floating around. We will take a look at all the facts and myths surrounding this subject.
Be it Nostradamus, the Quran, the Bible, or any other holy book, or the factual findings of science, there are indications that the world as we know will come to an end, someday. However, will that day come in the year 2012? Well, some agree with this prediction, and some, turn a deaf ear to this hoax! Let us see different explanations and calculations about the Armageddon or end of the world.

The Mayan Prediction

The Mayans are wildly popular for their esteemed calendar. And this popularity is worth deserving too. The Mayan calendar puts forth the end of the world; for it would take place some time in winter solstice 2012. As per the Mayan calendar, a month had 20 days, a year had 360 days, a k'atun was a span of 7200 days, and a b'ak'tun was that of 144,000 days. Now, coming to their prediction; the world is to last for exactly 13 b'ak'tun cycles. That would make it 1,872,000 days. Their calendar started on 3114-AUG-13 BCE with the birth of Venus. After calculation, it was found that the world would end in 2012. The Mayan calendar is known for its accuracy in predictions. It predicted "the rise of White Man Gods from the Sea", on March 5, 1519, which was the exact date of the rise of Cortes and his Conquistadors from the waters.
According to the Mayans - YES

The Papal Declaration

We will see the opinion of the Bible later, however, Pope Leo IX made a very important declaration in the year 1514. He stated, "I will not see the end of the world, nor will you my brethren, for its time is long in the future, 500 years hence." So, on calculations, one can speculate a lot. By this calculation, the world should see its end in the year 2014, and not 2012. Yes, two years after the prediction made by the Mayans, but then, he was the Pope. Which is why, his declaration holds value, doesn't it?
According to Pope Leo IX - NO

Six Hundred Threescore and Six - 666

Triple six is probably this millennium's most mystical number. Belonging to the devil (Satan) and doom, I am sure it has some link to the 2012 end of the world predictions. So after some research, I found that with reference to the 666 calculation, the world was predicted to come to an end in 1998 (clearly, it misfired). Many people sold all their belongings, ignored their work and fields, and rushed for pilgrimages in 1998. However, when the new year 1999 came, they were highly disappointed. However, later it was said that approximately 603,729 died in 6th of July 1998. So, technically the rapture (a concept in Christianity relating to the return of Jesus) did take place. However, because of the vastness of the earth's population, these 603,729 deaths went unnoticed. The rest were to suffer tribulation until the next rapture. The next rapture, as per Eli Eshoh, should be in 2028, following a lot of instability in the world.
According Triple Six mystery - NO

More Biblical References

After seeing what a Pope predicted and declared, now let's understand what the Holy Bible has to say in this regard. As per the Bible, the world will be struck by a certain plague. This plague will cause panic and death. Three years post this plague's announcement, ⅔ of the world's population will have died, either due to the plague or otherwise. This will mark the beginning of the end of the world. In light of this fact, the world has been struck by "H1N1" or "Swine" flu - the plague. As per WHO reports and hospital surveys, it has been observed that at the rate at which this flu is affecting the world, in a span of three years, 2/3rd of the world's population could be wiped out by it.
According to Bible - YES

References In the Quran

The Islamic holy book, Quran, is one of the most respected pieces of literature for its scientific approach and accurate calculations about the future. The Quran has stated that the world will come to an end and there will be signs to show that the end is coming. The first being, "splitting of the moon" which has happened, when parts of the moon were brought back to earth for study. The second being the discovery of the Quran's mathematical code. This has also already taken place. The third, the creature "Made from the earth, it alerts the people that they have been oblivious to their Creator." This "creature" is believed to be the computer. The fourth being, appearance of God's messenger. This messenger to inform the world of the last of all the holy scriptures. This prophecy was fulfilled in the month of Ramadan 1408. Seven such prophecies being fulfilled, mark the certainty of the "day of judgment". As per the complex calculations in the Quran, the world will come to an end in 1710 AH, which will be during 2280 AD.
As per the Quran - NO

The Sibylline Prophecies

...The world will last for 9 periods of 800 years each and the 10th generation will begin approximately 2000 AD. And it will be the last. These things in the tenth generation shall come to pass. The earth shall be shaken by a great earthquake that throws many cities into the sea. There shall be war. Fire shall come flashing forth from the heavens and many cities burn. Black ashes shall fill the great sky. Then know the anger of the Gods...

Sybil was an oracle. In spite of being the best of her time, Sybil is not very well-known in recent times. It was believed that when making a prophecy, Sybil went into a trance like state and the God Apollo would possess her body. This is how her prophecies were always true. She predicted the birth of Jesus as the "Man who would bring peace". In fact, her prophecy predicted His name as well. "Earth shaking" earthquakes have been seen in the past, and the Tsunami in 2004 and the recent cyclones have seen several cities submerged. As such, looks like Sybil's prophecy about the end of the world in 2012, might come true.
According to the Sibylline prophecies - YES

Quatrains of Nostradamus

Michel de Nostradamus is well-known for his expert future predictions. Most of Nostradamus' predictions, extraordinarily, have an odd habit of coming true. Nostradamus predicted that World War III would take place around 1998 in which most of the world's population would perish. The ones who survived would not be able to go on much longer, as the earth would become barren due to the impact of the world war. Well, we are way past 1998, so, seems like this prediction didn't come true. However, it is believed that it has merely been delayed due to the intense tide of prayers (to avoid the war) which took over the world. As per the revisions to the prediction, the war would take place in 2011 - 2012. It is more certain this time.
According to Nostradamus - YES

Scientific Theories and Evidence

Science is probably the most plausible source of information these days. More so, it is logical and can be followed and believed by everyone. As per science, the sun is slowly expanding and will soon expand and become a big huge red giant. In fact, it will expand to such an extent that it will engulf our little 3rd rock. So, much before this "engulfing" takes place, the heat, gravity and chemical reactions will cause earth to become dead and lifeless. However, this phenomenon will take time to occur, 5 billion years to be precise. Before that, there seems to be no immediate threats that would cause mass depletion of the earth's population.
According to science - NO

Many more theories, philosophies and prophecies can be found in this regard. The end of the world is ultimately inevitable but there is no need to become phobic about it. It is better to cherish every moment that you live than to be paranoid about an uncertain future.
Last Updated: December 21, 2011
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No because it is 2014 and I'm pretty sure I'm alive! - Billy [May 21, 2014]
It's 2014! - Pemdas [February 2, 2014]
no its not ending 2012 . the year is 2013, almost 2014. - miniD :) [December 11, 2013]
I think that nobody knows when the world would end, but God and his son. - Wanda Brunson [March 6, 2013]
what evaz - mingeater [December 20, 2012]
its the end - jdfgybfdedc [December 6, 2012]
Now its 2012 nothing happened as such. - aqsa [November 9, 2012]
Buzzle ur next article should be, "what all u wana do b4 the world ends". - A. M. [November 9, 2012]
NO! The world will not end anytime soon, none of us will ever see it in our lifetime... the reason I say this is because its been predicted so many times in the past and none of it never came true so why should I or even any of us believe now that its going to end now or this time. - Jaymie K. [October 9, 2012]
this very usefull info the end of the world - ana m [June 9, 2012]
we have not seen the signs described in the holy Quran.so there is no possibility for the world to come to an end in 2012 - touhid sir [May 26, 2012]
no - poop [May 21, 2012]
I've read all of this and put most of it together and I've come to a conclusion that there will be a nuclear war and end life on earth... It says "world war 3" will occur in 2012 and that "Fire shall come flashing forth from the heavens and many cities burn" that sounds like the work of nuclear weapons to me... World war 3 and fire raining from the heavens sounds like nuclear war. Also I think it was north or south Korea was thought to be testing nuclear weapons not long ago. What if they use them? The world will definitely come to its end and life on earth will perish - Danny Doyle [May 5, 2012]
i wanted to ask u some Rashida aunti - Ahmed hassan [April 28, 2012]
the quran doesn't sit a time for the end of the world. It says that nobody can predict the future including this evenement (the end)... of course there are some signs that shows that this is near - john [April 25, 2012]
It was actually an aztec calender predicting a repeating a longer era of time, we circle months, years, centuries and so forth, so did they. - Anonymous [April 25, 2012]
I dont think so that the world will come to an end in 2012 , because what Almighity Allah thinks and does no one knows , it is his wish when he wants to finish the world so dond b afraid of death , it has to come someday today or tomorrow. - imtiyaz [April 18, 2012]
The Day the heaven shall be rent asunder with clouds,
Did 21 Dec. 2012 shall be the
"End of Time,
End of World or
the Doomsday"
Or else The Day of Greatest change
Gain awareness of reality
Read the book: Heaven V/s Gamma-rays
- Aarif Rasheed [April 12, 2012]
If God wants the world to end in 2012 it will people have no idea what they are talking about - Amy [April 11, 2012]
I believe that the world come to end but no one knows when it be happen, only God the Father knows... even angels in heaven know nothing about time, day, month, year for this to happen. The Bible proclaims. - Dionisio B [April 9, 2012]
is this really going to happin - mymy [April 5, 2012]
you are not sure of your statement you just seek attention brother! - believer [March 19, 2012]
no one knows exactly when the world will end.
in the holy Qur'an its not mentioned that the world will end in 2280 AH
- mosto [March 17, 2012]
so theres only one thing to worry about now a zombie apacolypse!you know right nanobots - jamer [February 28, 2012]
Oh come on guys We could just build a base on another planet with water,light and air Get the ships ready! - jamer [February 28, 2012]
nice but there is this sentence that i didnt understand which is This "creature" is believed to be the computer
would you make it more clear?
- krystal [February 18, 2012]
it is not in our hand. god only save the earth - paddy [January 23, 2012]
If the world will destroys in 2012 means,then which species can live in our world.
our world will be empty. so, is this possible.
- D. NAVEEN. [January 20, 2012]
the world will end if we dont kill all the gay people in the world - fingersinmybum [January 17, 2012]
nobody knows what will happen in the future!. - anonymous [January 6, 2012]
no world should not end - darshini [January 4, 2012]
just hind in your basement if 2012 hapens or not it could be a test from god science vs god i pick god god made scince god made every thing no man knows when the world is gonna end only god knose and i baleva in god - angel [December 31, 2011]
I do read bible and Only God knows when this going to End. So people who say Only God knows, you guys are correct so tell the people (ONLY GOD KNOWS). because he had created the EARTH and everything in it and even us. Ain't that make sense? YES IT IS. Oh for US we don't know! we need to be ready, WE MUST repent for all the thing we done in our pass and also forgive other who do WRONG to us. We need to read bible everyday and also give your problem to the Lord. because he is looking down on US to see who is gonna do the right thing. I do know Jesus Christ and I can't see his because he is spirit. and also the SATAN is watching US too , To see who is gonna do bad thing and to turn away to God.so SATAN can that person to HELL and he will give you pain and suffer and all type horrible thing. and the Lord can't do nothing for you. So don't make it too late you guys still have time to repent. - Noel [December 27, 2011]
well i don't know about what is going in here? and this something very serous - bright [December 27, 2011]
i dnt think 2012 is going tobe an end.khuran dose not says that...maybe! - zara khan [December 24, 2011]
i dnt think 2012 is going tobe an end - zara khan [December 24, 2011]
hey wasth your name i go to chruch shutup someone that thinks there god if you were infront of me I would punch you - andrew [December 19, 2011]
its not going to happen people get a life get a job do do something enjoy your life fyi i'm 12 - andrew [December 19, 2011]
D world "ll end, bt nt nw, nd nobdy, on dis erth can tel u, d tym, only (God) knws, so stp tinkin of such. - Eebraheem musa [December 15, 2011]
It's the end of the world as we know it! It's the end of the world as we know it! It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine! - Vamp [December 15, 2011]
if the world really ends iwill be so sad because i have a little brother thats only 1 years old and i want to make the best for him i never had a brother like him i want him to be happy always and if he crys i will cry too - alaisha [December 9, 2011]
we can't say anything ! - chichu [December 3, 2011]
the end of the world is coming soon zingar the word of end in my language.iam the god. - god [November 29, 2011]
gabe gabe gabe gabe aggebb dn fnncbvn - gabe [November 12, 2011]
im scared of the world comeing to a end and i dont whant to die in 2012 im just11 - kaya [September 30, 2011]
im realy scared - kaya [September 30, 2011]
nobody knows when the end of the world is not even jesus,nor the angels in heaven know,but only GOD - dineo ntidisang [September 29, 2011]
I thank when god wants it to happened it will. No one knows when it will or how its goin to happened. The only thing im worried about is these youngs kids i dont want them to leave this earth with a painful death but ive got 3 kids of my own so yes i worry about that part. - Felicia [September 28, 2011]
its not real cause inthe bible it says "NO BODY NOS AT WHAT TIME AND DAY THE WORLD WILL END" - alondra m [September 27, 2011]
awesome - MPzauro [September 19, 2011]
i sugest we should try and do the right thing as we all know the end is coming - kabiru musa [August 8, 2011]
AWESOMEE! - ADITI [July 30, 2011]
the world is not going end it's golng get WORSTER STAY IN CHIRST - JADA CARTER [July 29, 2011]
yeah right! - dumbo [July 23, 2011]
Awesome topic. I'm gonna say it in ma skul speech. - Jyve S [July 22, 2011]
i do not think the world is going to end - kristy nicole z [July 11, 2011]
Why Would YOU Wanna Die? Why would YOU Think GOD Would kill you? You know That the person that made us would not Go and Let Us Burn To Death So NO I dont think the world will come to an END! - Haley Bradley [June 20, 2011]
Im an 11 Year Old girl. I believe that World is not going to end. My Aunt asked someone thats always reading the bible every minute of the day and it said in Complete Letters...Only God Knows When The World Will End. So therefor Nobody knows cuz God is the smartest person on Earth.! - Haley Bradley [June 20, 2011]
year 2012 is not the end of the earth. It will be happend after the Masihah e Dajjal arrived. But it is true that the World has end but it is not prementioned the actual time but shows some symptoms like no discussion about Allah and religion, brother always jealous to his brother, Rich became richer and poor became poorer, and the person who does not deserve to be rich but he will be rich. After that the Armagadon will come. - Refat [June 14, 2011]
it is not going to end or might only god knows - krishawn royal [June 8, 2011]
what are the odds of almost all world religons pointing to this date? why?
people made big deals about the pass things but the tv/media has twisted the aztexs and nostradoms words and i m not just say the pass events like y2k this is something big can t u guys feel it might not just change right there but it will come to be slowly. nostradomes was using stars to prdict the future but no one has mention his other forms of perdiction he had used like Automatic Writing,or Astral Projection he used these to predicted the future along with his trip to the dead sea i think he discovered the dead sea scrolles from his biograhy that he changed after that trip also those dead sea scrolls have been moved from one location to another they were never in one spot .but he also does not ssay the worlds going to end he belives we are in for bad times that we are going to have promblems that things are going to change like dominos fuels are going to run dry nature going to be more dangours, famine, war, goverments will fall,crime, but! this is also a new beging theres going to be total power changes in the world we are in for the 2 nd dark age like the fall of rome there will be come a new super power in the world like america is now there might be a total new world power coming. like they say its always darkess before the dawn
- corey cey [May 31, 2011]
this grasps my life from accasion but threw worry for my children no mother would want to see there children suffer so it does scar me .. i just think people should keep these things quiet so i doesnt affect peoples lives - kim [May 26, 2011]
well, it did not end on may 21st so what makes you think that it will 2012 SO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO IT WILL NOT PEOPLE NEED TO STOP THAT NOW!OK SO THERE YOU HAVE IT NO ONE KNOWS WHEN IT WILL OK! - kammie thomas [May 22, 2011]
" NO ONE KNOWS THE DATE EXCEPT THE FATHER"- Jesus Christ, as far as christianity is concerned, no one can predict the end of the world. 2012- end of the world is something hard to swallow! - Magdelin [May 22, 2011]
I have been scared that the world will end.
When i think that it will end i begin to be scared.
Idk why because everyone i knows says:'' the world is not going to end, it was suppose to in 2000, did it end there?" Well i have like this over fear of things. One of them is thinking that the world will end. I just hope that it wont and i can go on with the rest of my life.. finly i can relax and not be thinking about this day coming up!.
- Danielle T [May 14, 2011]
wow scary! - Melanie [May 11, 2011]
GOD BLESS US! - Silvia [May 11, 2011]
Jordan S is right - Mike langley [May 10, 2011]
it's so interesting but is it true. - Sokla [May 6, 2011]
aaslam valakum its posible to 2012 is world end day you teling asper quran its right - Rihan khan 9844 [April 26, 2011]
it up to the m an up in heaven the holy one - antoinette [April 25, 2011]
we get to keep our head up do what the lord say have a good life with him he all we got he keep his eyes on us allways in our heart for ever - antoinette [April 25, 2011]
if god want end this world we have to pray for happing we have be happy by him made it not happing to us - antoinette [April 25, 2011]
i dont think so,,,, - Amina [April 18, 2011]
Interesting article. One thing though, Pope Leo ix was not alive in 1514 when he allegedly made his end of the world statement. Pope Leo x was alive. I can't find a source that attributes such a statement by Pope Leo x. Any help in finding a source would be great. Thanks. - Kenny [April 17, 2011]
No. That's just a rumor that goes around to scare little kids. It's NOT true. - Jordan S [April 16, 2011]
okay the world will not end if scientist say so its a lie but if you ask anybody they wll say NO unless they want it to end but other than that nobody doint want it it will not end there are new born babies and they woint have a family wat if a baby is just born on decenmer 28 2011 and it reaches 2012 that will be so sad and there are still little babiew out there so please dont listen to the dog doodo u hear about the world ending god is with us giding us he is always going to be with us the world cant end we want our education RIGHT we want our family RIGHT we want a long lasting life RIGHT we want all those things and god is going to give us thats by keeping us guided that nothing will happen its only getting hot cuz we going in the summer see a while ago we were in the winter it snowed for some of youll shoot i knw it snowed in san antiono texas but anyway stop playing around who ever made the movie 2012 they need to STOP! cuz they scaring little kids if youll saw it doint be scared when you wake up on 2012 be happy have a party that the world did not end doint even think about the opposite please keep thinknig ahead if you do that will get you in life doint listen to scientist other people listen to what u think god will be there everybody who want 2012 to happen or cant wait to happen let me break it down 4 u IT ANT GONNA HAPPEN SO GO ON SOMEWHERE . and youll need to stop listening to them cuz thats all they are doing tryen to make u scared ask ur parents teachers they will all say NO ! so please stop saying that youll are scaring me 4 REAL STOP - :) not saying [April 11, 2011]
This is so great! I love it so much, I used alot of these facts and predictions for one of my student congress speeches in school! - Delila [April 11, 2011]
no only GOD knows when the world will end so its alright trust god and everthing will be alright - sam [April 9, 2011]
yeah i think so too - sam [April 9, 2011]
they said it would end in 2001 but no so it is NOT true so live your live as good as possible so dont listen to them - Briony [April 9, 2011]
no the world is not going to end - paco [March 31, 2011]
please dont end! - kyle [March 30, 2011]
the world has been alive for trillians of years why will it end in 2012 i dont think so so NO! - dave walker [March 25, 2011]
I dont believe that the world's gonna end,it will end but its too early to end,I trust and believe science,dont get me wrong i believe in my god and culture too but still...thatz excatly what sciencist said in 2001 that the worlds gonna end but did anything happen? No! - shreya [March 23, 2011]
omg this is scary! but theres alot of opions and i think i believe science,the world will end but not this soon! - annoymous [March 23, 2011]
Yes, I think that the world will come to an end. - Hamza Habib [March 22, 2011]
Justin wuz here. - Justin S. [March 18, 2011]
so is it or not going to end? - bebe [March 18, 2011]
baka ioty hindi magkatotoo!HAKA HAK A LANG YAN ! ONLY GOD KNOWS ALL OF THES - ANALYN CIROY [March 17, 2011]
the world shurd end in2010 - olivia [March 16, 2011]
People's worlds get taken from them every second of the day due to MURDER,ACCIDENTS,CANCER,HIV,NATURAL CAUSES and the list goes on, so why should we be scared of people's predictions about 2012? JUST LIVE YOUR LIFE THE BEST YOU CAN! - Ant k [March 15, 2011]
No, 2012 wont end the earth, because as per our part of birth as per our knowledge till now we even dont know why we all living or survining then how could we die, my religiou my culture and me myself tells tat unless we didnt get d another level of living or mean d meaning of why we born till then no body can stop us - Sujal Basnet [March 13, 2011]
i hope d world dosent end in 2012 cause i love me life and d peple in it - katelyn phela [March 11, 2011]
i think it is absolute rubbish... if god wants the world to end, he'll do it himself... - roxanne [March 11, 2011]
i think that the world might end and im very scard so if the world does i think that the govener should even give his life to protect us - nayhely hernand [March 6, 2011]
I don't think there is anybody who knows when the World is going to end except our Lord Jesus Christ who knows everything because he is the one who create it - Rambasa E.F [March 3, 2011]
Im...now...scared...to...death... - Ang [February 27, 2011]
we are living! Bcoz 2012 isn't end of the world. Only when the God almighty says so! - trevor mulomba [February 26, 2011]
i love this debate bcoz it helps in my speech in which i was highly appreciated
thanx for such a wonderful debate
- tribhuwan [February 23, 2011]
I'm Muslim and I think that you didn't bring any facts about the (Quraan) part all what you said were wrong i don't even know where did you get these informations from ? - akan [February 17, 2011]
Thats not true OK - cody simpson [February 11, 2011]
If the world is going to end why would we have kids finish school for nothing. The reason I think that the kids should go to school until the beginning of 2012. And the parents are going to keep wasting money down the drain because they are jut going to give money to the school but if it ends it would be a waste so I wouldn't give the money to the school and save it on important stuff. Sdon't get me wrong schppl is important but why waste all your money on school when no is going to use their knowlegde anyway! THE WORLD WON'T END GET IT THOUGH ALL YOU PEOPLES HEADS! - Desiree M [February 9, 2011]
I don't think it will end in 2012 because just because the bible stop being being made doesn't mean the world one the day they stopped writing in the bible so I don't think it will end. THE WORLD WON'T END IN 2012! - Desiree [February 9, 2011]
Very nice article... - Ashish Massey [February 9, 2011]
I think it will end - bob s [February 7, 2011]
lol if you think the worlds going to end you got your head screwed on wrong brotha - george [February 2, 2011]
the wourld is going to end in 8021 scentist say that and i now that because my dads a scentist so the wourld is not going to end in 2012 - joshua [January 29, 2011]
i am scared when the world is gowing to end i am sacking evry night because i saw the videoe it was very scary.i am not lieing.?i am scared - arbeta aliti [January 26, 2011]
i think the world is really going to end ! - BrettPierzc.ect [January 23, 2011]
Il ike this post - bien [January 20, 2011]
no its no the wold will end when god says - gilbert [January 19, 2011]
LIE LIE AND LIE - ELIJAH [January 18, 2011]
Dnt panic Mandy, If Messenger Jesus comes today, You ll have more 40 years to live. - Sayed Khater [January 15, 2011]
well, let me get some free time, i write you the complete story of the Prophet Jesus, when he will return back to this world, and how he will get married... its interesting story... - Sayed Khater [January 15, 2011]
We all know the world will most likely end but what we don't know is that it could end in 2012 or in some other year.

But while we wait to see 12/21/2012, just live life like normal and we will all see what happens on 12/21/2012.
- Hailey [January 14, 2011]
thank you I don't know what will happen but I was starting to freak out a little this has helped a lot! - mandy [January 13, 2011]
Well I am for one a Christian, I am a strong believer in God, and I do believe that one day Jesus will returne. But do I think this will happen in our life time? But if the world does end. Then it ends. Theres nothing anyone will beable to do about it. - Steve [January 12, 2011]
Let me give you a very logical reason which the science predictions is wrong...
Weather forcast is very known to every one and some times the forcast become true.

But, I will never say any thing about it, because its human development that they created such a great machines which can feel the weather and predict.

I 100% believe on the end of the world, but predicting that the world will come to an end on the exact date it impossible. God even not told the exact date to the Messnegers (Mohammad, Jesus, Moses, david and all other Messengers)

If you have any doubt about every thing, please refere to QURA'AN its the best Book for all those answers which you are not able to answer..
- Sayed Khater [January 12, 2011]
Yes, in Qura'an ALLAH(God) said one day the the world will come to an end one day, but he didnt targeted the exact day and no one knows about it.

But, before the world comes to an end, Mehdi who will come before Jesus Messenger of God, Jesus will be living in this earth for more than 40 years, after these 40 years the world will come to an end. Dont beleive on science its only predictions nothing els.

If you want to know more about it...refere to Qura'an and you will get the complete infrmations.
- Sayed Khater [January 12, 2011]
the world so isnt going to end in 2012 who would even want to think that its a horrible thing on bringing some new people to a life and its all gets blown and thats a big waste of time if its real make a comment to this and be honest and if it is god u betta help us by pushing the stop button yeah boi beat that =[ :( - dinomey [January 10, 2011]
Hey jade Please don't worry . You are to young to worry Live your life Love the people around you . And Have god in Your heart . Only god Know's But The world will come to a end I think In 5million year's from now . I do not think It will any time soon And if it does its cause it will be time for god to remake the new world . But there is no need to worry about it .. You know people worry so much about it that they have killed themself over it ? It is true cause people are scareying people when there is no need No will No when the world come to the end . But every one need's to stop worry about it to much stress in your life is not good for you . Live your life to the fullest Stay close to your love one's worry about you your family you are too young to be worry about that . - Hope [January 5, 2011]
i dont know when the world is goin to end and no one knows because only god knows and he didnt say a date...i do know that people need to wake up and realize that weve seen many signs that the bible tells us about...we should get it together and be prepared for anything with gods help...and if u havent accepted jeus christ as your personal savior its not to late ...remember jesus loves you and died for me and you - be blessed [January 5, 2011]
i think that no because everyone when they lived long ago they lived and theirs no way that its going to end in 2012 - marilu [January 4, 2011]
i dont want the world to end! i'm only 9!
this is bad!
- Jade [January 1, 2011]
I don't realy think so although I'm a Hindu i think the world won't even come to an end because i need solid proof so if you wanna belive going it doesn't matter we all bellive in diffrent stuff so bewear - faithfully Arma [January 1, 2011]
Its good think - Adesh [December 31, 2010]
is it really going to end? : [ - fuji [December 29, 2010]
I don't think anyone can really predict the end of the world. I think there is a good possibility of the worst war ever seen.I think it is possible that we will eventually go back to a simpler more moral way of life. - Carrie C. [December 29, 2010]
u r all on glue and im going to mars - l.g [December 28, 2010]
There is no doubt that we have only few days left to ourselves...The world is indeed going to come to an end, and believe me or not we are not far from it. If Mayans popularity has gained a lot of popularity from their previous facts then this calculation of theirs, of the world coming to an end in 2012 should not be ignored. We should all start taking preparations as there are already too many signs warning us! - Anisa Kabir [December 22, 2010]
Perhaps it will be a good thing that mankind will die, we are parasites who take and take and give nothing back. Nature always find a way of balancing the books. - Ianski [December 18, 2010]
i'm totaly confused. very very conFUSED - corn [December 17, 2010]
this something very nice but i dont think the end is very well... any way it is very good... is the world going to end in 2012? i don't know surely... ok then we speak about in 2013
- keerthana priya [December 10, 2010]
nicely said ashley - :-) [December 4, 2010]
its not gunna end noobs its a stupid earthquake movie and dont ask me why everyone one does not wanna die yet and they have to its not fair i was in a earthquake i will cry like forever - lola [November 27, 2010]
I still don't get it. Will it or now. sorry! - LaLa Dancer x [November 26, 2010]
to bad justin b not this year! - mickee [November 15, 2010]
i dont belive the world will end in 2010 besides i am to young to die when the world ends! - mickee [November 15, 2010]
how can the world end why couldnt it of ended in 2003 or sommet :/ - sydney maii [November 3, 2010]
I like it - Vikrant [October 15, 2010]
no - liliy [October 15, 2010]
all of us need to read the king james bible,matthew-chp-24-vess35-to37-heaven and earth will disappear,but no one knows the date and hour when the will be--not even the angels. no, nor even gods son. only the father knows. the and - raymond belasco [October 8, 2010]
i hope the would never end's couse i have a lote to see and a lote to acomplish . - stanley davis [September 21, 2010]
i wont think so,some workless people are creating rumours for their own benifit.it won't happen.no body knows what will happen other than god.dnt wry abt dt. - Rajesh Naidu [September 2, 2010]
the reader should know the opinion of the authour.then it will be littel bit effective. - Raj [September 2, 2010]
i think this is a big fake lie because god is the only who could predict when to end the world not some scientisct or the mayans. But with all of what is happen probably yes we could die in the 2012 because on mexico is just getting really ugly. - maria [August 27, 2010]
do thike the would go to end in2012 - daquan smith [August 24, 2010]
why is the gone to end 2012 i will like live my life 2012 - daquan smith [August 24, 2010]
i dont think so - aaron [August 21, 2010]
i dont think the wold is going to and in 2012 - aaron [August 21, 2010]
Everyone the earth will NOT end in 2012.It's so sad people are spreading rumors Like that because of the many that don't believe it will many people do and will probably suicide which is really sad cause people are costing them their Life for money.ITS A BIG SCAM BY TELEVISION TO MAKE MONEY.So DO NOT worry about it It wont and cant happen the Mayans are no smarter than Albert Einstein or anyone else.So that's why The world is NOT going to end in 2012. - Josh [August 3, 2010]
i do think the world is gonna end - amber [July 13, 2010]
i don't think that the world is going to end, because only god could make it end. - libet [June 22, 2010]
many said that the world was going to end in 2010 and 2000 and 1999 and many many many many many many many many many years - hayley [June 15, 2010]
jusin bebir you or rong - haylee [June 15, 2010]
you know who ever rote this is pretty Stupid becuse the world is never going to end so pepol that worry stop becuse the world is never going to end so all those that or worring stop and remeber the world is never going to end and tell every one that is worrying - hayley [June 15, 2010]
I think that nothing will happen to our earth! and were would it happen - Nimrat [June 12, 2010]
I think that nothing will happen to our earth! - Nimrat [June 12, 2010]
About what it said in the bible, it actually says no one will know when the world will end. Because no one knows, Mayans are wrong. - Dima G [May 24, 2010]
i think that the world is going to end in 2010 - justin beiber [May 23, 2010]
whatever - no name [May 13, 2010]
good info - bilkly [May 13, 2010]
I had a dream about things like Valcanoes and tornadoes happening before and it was very scarey . - Tanya [April 26, 2010]
iv seen and heard alot and i just read every thing here but still i do not think the world will end h1n1 just a fluke nothing more how ever if it does oh well. - bradley [April 25, 2010]
I am a 15-year-old. I have a huge fear of death. I'm so scared! I would like to know for sure what will happen. You should try to get a hold of NASA to see what they think as of RIGHT now. I hope I get to live really old. I wish I wasn't so scared to die.
Thanks for having this website. It has made me think of a lot of things. I just hope it does take another 5 million years for the sun to expand because I want to live forever.!
- PJ [April 22, 2010]
its a fake thing. nobody can see future - ashutosh [April 20, 2010]
hm the debate topics are realy awesome - vijay [April 17, 2010]
- GABRIEL JOHNSON [April 13, 2010]
I Think the world is going to end for judgment day. So be a good human. - Atan [April 9, 2010]
i think the world is not going 2 end - i have no name [April 9, 2010]
well i think the world will end because hey looked at the earthquakes sunamies. also the more earthquakes the water will rise up and the the water will me on land. Aso the prediction os sicien it might happen! - maranda [April 8, 2010]
WHATEVER! - Trinity [March 31, 2010]
i feel the earth will not come to an end. - HARLEEN [March 27, 2010]
craziness wow it could be true - John [March 22, 2010]
I MEAN JULIE IS IT A YES OR NO. - dylanboos [March 18, 2010]
AND YOU ARE RIGHT JENNY IS IT A YES OR NO. - dylanboos [March 18, 2010]
well i don't want the world to come to a end and i been worrying about it everyday. SO! IS! IT! TRUE! OR! NOT!? please answer. - dylanboos [March 18, 2010]
And Nostradamus was Not always correct i'm sure, and how an we go by what a man said thousands of years ago? sure he was a genius for say But he is dead now and has been, he did not know everything that's happened for the years he wasn't around so How can he Know? exactally. he don't Know and Neither do any of us - Alex [February 23, 2010]
The world can end any day, thats why some say "live each day like your last" Noone can tell the end of the world, ANYTHING can happen at anytime so why such a big deal about 2012? I think it is for Publicity? Seariously they are the most rediculous things ive herd in my life, yes i am still young but its so huge because all these movies and stuff. Well it is foolish to worry about the future when your still just trying to get through today. - alex [February 23, 2010]
THE WORLD IS NOT GOING TO END IN 2012!111 - Frustration [February 22, 2010]
it's a lie because nostradamus said it was going to end in 2000 but nothing happen so that means the world isn't endind. - Hernan [February 17, 2010]
Only god knows when the world is going to end. I think people should just stop talking about it and move on with their lives. The end of the world is not something we can avoid so why waste your life worrying about it when you could be living your life while you still have it. - Ashley [February 11, 2010]
Thanks Jenny... - Rashida [January 23, 2010]
helpful - jenny d [January 21, 2010]
I dont think the world is going to end, well atleast i hope not! - CAV. [January 21, 2010]
Applepie: No i don't think it will end either. But, if believing that it will end can help us break the rules every so often, i don't mind claiming that i believe it! - Rashida [January 9, 2010]
um cool.. but i dont believe the world will end in 2012 Rashida, do you? - Applepie [January 6, 2010]
Is the world gonna end or not?! All we need is a simple yes or no. - Julie [January 4, 2010]
there is a lot of false information in this article. for example, the entire muslim perspective is not true. Islam believes that only God knows when the world will end. Another example is Pope Leo IX. It says he made the declaration in 1514, but he died on April 19, 1054. A lot of the information doesn't make sense. - Maryam [January 3, 2010]
assalamu alaikum, the end of the world is depend on the no 786.pls check the magical powers of these no.these no help to determine the secret of my great allah - nahassha [December 3, 2009]
no The world is not going to end . How would we know. They have said for the past 10 years the world was going to end did it no. - lucas [October 11, 2009]
the topic given about is very usefull and i have dout about which have to belive anyhow the topic is awsome thanks givng the information - Sushil & Ajay [October 5, 2009]
is it really going to end - michael [September 24, 2009]
Very well written, covering all the intriguing and interesting perspectives, especialy Nostradamus which is fascinating..Good work..:) - Delaney [September 22, 2009]